July 9, 2011

Clearing Cellular Memory and Karma

 Ascended Master, Saint Germain
Channeled by: Julie Miller

July 9, 2011

Dear souls, its always pleasure to speak with you. This dear soul has agreed to allow me use her as a vessel to speak with you on two areas of ascension. There are many areas, parts, levels, stages, etc., that make up ascension. I know dear ones there is so many articles and messages regarding asension now that the Earth's ascension is on course and so is your own. It delights me to no end, everytime one of you reaches ascension. I am there beside you cheering you on, even if you cannot feel or hear me.

There are stages each person goes through. There is no right or wrong order. Most of you may not even know that you have passed through stage or part. There is no passing as in a test, just means you have Mastered an area that has helped raise your own vibration for ascension to take place.

When you clear cellular memory, you are clearing yourself of negative baggage. The negative baggage drains your good, positive energy and is capable of leaving negative energy in its place.

Any traumatic experiences that has occured either in this lifetime or in other past lifetimes is stored in every cell of your body. If you have the capability of seeing clairvoyantly, you would see a residue that might look like mucous or a dark oily mess. This becomes a blockage in your own energy field.
Some of your are thinking, because I see some of your thoughts already, "But I cannot see". Then you look deep within yourself; have you had emotional or mental problems that ended up causing disease or illness? If you have, think about what was happening around you at the time of the illness, think what was causing you so much upset that it made you physically ill. This is where that blockage lies. Some of you are already dealing with this and know what to do. You seek council with meditation. You ask your guides to help you. You ask others what could possbilby be wrong. You are seeking answers. This is the beginning of clearing and repairing yourself at the cellular level.

Once you find the answers or what could be the answers, dear ones you then start processing what you have learned and see where it fits with you today. There are events from the past that do indeed effect the human body today on a spititual level that can most definately effect the physical body. Events of the past usually come through in dreams or visions dear ones. Maybe you are already having those dreams or visions and need a little help understanding. I am one of many that is here, ready, willing and able to guide you, support you and comfort on your journey.

Dear ones, if the events that are effecting you are from this lifetime, they also have to be acknowledged and dealt with. These can be very difficult and most painful. Often can be quite debilating to some of you. I assure you dear ones, one you deal with what it is specifically that causes you pain from an event that has already happened, you will feel better. And this is where my disuccsion moves easily into clearning Karma. Just as you are learning to clear the pain and suffering at the cellular level you also have to clear your Karma.

When you release the stagnant energy that has cluttered your cellular memory, you are raising your vibration. You will raise your vibration even more by clearing your Karma.
When you clear your Karma, you are clearing the energy of the guilt and harm you or your actions may have caused to others. Both the clearing of the cellular memory and Karma is done by way of Accepting and Releasing to the Source or to the Creator (God). He takes this stagnant energy that you are releasing and recycles it into usable energy. He is waiting for you to release all negative energy.
Sometimes dear ones when in the company of someone that is negative towards you or has a negative outlook, their own Karma can attach to yours. This will in turn require you to release this as it will also hold you down.

All aspects of ascension is important. These two seem to get repeated as one learns new things about themselves. I would like to say dear ones, these two are also areas many ignore or rush from. You cannot rush your ascension dear ones. There are so many important lessons within your ascension and each lesson is to be fully understood. You will also notice dear ones, that as you clean a memory from causing you further pain, your health will improve, and you will become more active. That does not mean beautiful children that you will begin running marathons, you will have and feel more energy that is positive energy.

The way to clear both cellular memory and Karma dear ones is through Love. The purest of all Love, and that is Uncondtional Love. You must be able to accept yourself and love yourself unconditionally. And the events dear ones either past or of this life must also be met with Love. Hatred is a low, negative energy. Loving unconditionally is your way of healing yourself on a cellular and karmic level.
Ascension is my favourite subject dear ones. Each of you will have similar experiences, but all will be slightly unique. There are many ascension books, articles, videos for your thirst of learning more. Even I, Saint Germain have published material. I have worked through another dear soul, Godfre Ray King. Together, we have dedicated a series of reading material. I am not using this fine dear soul to market what is available. I am using myself as an example of the literature that is available to you for your spiritual, and learning pleasure.

I will take my leave of this dear child so she may continue on with her day. She does not choose what it is I or another being chooses to discuss or how the topic will be addressed. She does ask though as she is somewhat conscious of every telepathic experience.
Dear souls go in peace and love. Know that I am here for you as are the other Masters. We love you dearly. Remember I am here cheering for you during your ascension progress. If at any time dear souls, you require guidance along this journey, please seek me out.

And so it is, Ascended Master, Saint Germain

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