July 24, 2011

Soul Evolution and the Supermind

Copyright © 2011 David K. Miller

Greetings, I am Juliano. We are the Arcturians. Today we wish to talk about the soul journey and the way the soul comes into the Earth. One interesting observation is that upon entry into the birth corridor, you experience a memory loss both of past-life experiences and also information related to discussions that you have had with your guides and teachers. This is all valuable and important information. You would think that it would be necessary to retain the memories of your past lives and also the guidance and wisdom from your teachers as well as your precognitive knowledge of events that will transpire when you enter your physical incarnation on the Earth.

Yet, despite the importance of all this information, you go through a memory loss. You go through an experience of memory loss. It has been described that your master guide and teacher touches your forehead, usually around your Third Eye, right before you come into the birth corridor. This action erases those memories. In actuality, erasing is not the correct word, for the memories are placed in a special compartment in the Super Brain, or the Super Mind. In the Super Mind, that information and that energy are accessible. The lost information is only accessible through certain methodologies and through certain spiritual practices. It is not immediately accessible. This also implies that your mind has many levels. Your mind has the Earth Mind, and some people will also call it the Ego Mind. Your mind also has what I call the Super Mind, which is connected to vast pools of information about your soul and about past lifetimes and future lifetimes and about many other aspects of the dimensions and the expansions and evolutions of the dimensions. The Super Mind also contains relevant and necessary information about how to connect to the Creator Light and how to make the highest contact with your soul.
The Super Mind has all of the soul information. When you come through the birth corridor, when you come into the Earth, you lose this contact with the Super Mind, and you lose the ability to access it. That ability to access the Super Mind must be learned. Equally important is the fact that the Earth civilizations and the Earth cultures are not encouraging teaching how to access this vital and important information from the Super Mind. In fact, exactly the opposite occurs. That is to say, such psychic or spiritual information and abilities is actually discouraged in the existing predominant cultures and civilizations on the planet. This discouraging the development of such spiritual abilities is a reflection of a lack of intense spiritual development on the planet.

There are exceptions to discouraging spiritual connections culturally on the Earth. There are certain “primitive” tribes and cultures that actually are working to allow the children to report pre-birth spiritual information. Remember that when you come through the birth canal and the birth corridor, your memory is put in a special place in the Super Mind. You also lose your language abilities, and you lose access to all of the higher functions of the mind that you had before you came into the Earth. Essentially, it is you come into the Earth as what they call a “Tabula Rasa,” or blank tablet, in your mind.
One of the necessities for the soul development is that entry into this third-dimensional reality requires this blank tablet or blank mind. There are several important reasons for this. We all understand the importance of having this soul information and connection with soul memory. There is a very good reason why you are coming in with the blank mind. The main reason is because you are having an opportunity to start in a new energy. You are given this new life on the third dimension. This life on the third dimension is a gift for your soul development. From our studies and our deep spiritual exploration, we have learned that the soul is involved in an evolution. One vital part of that evolutionary link occurs in the third dimension. There is a reason why the third dimension becomes important. One reason is because when you incarnate here your memory is for the most part blank. Any past mistakes and any past inclinations, or any past errors, can be reassessed and can be realigned under the third-dimensional Earth’s energy field that we call the free will zone.

I cannot overestimate the importance of the Earth being a free will zone. The importance of the free will zone for your soul development and evolution is high. Yes, being in a free will zone comes with many problems, but being in a free will zone is vital in order to do the soul lessons and do the soul work that are required. It is vital that you do your soul work in the auspices of the free will zone such as the Earth. That is why so many souls are lined up into coming into the Earth, because they want to be in this free will zone. They see all the suffering happening on the Earth, yet these other souls are lining up. They see all the problems, but they are looking at it from a much higher perspective. They are looking at it from the perspective of the Super Mind. They know that being in this energy of the free will zone is vital and is a great boost to the possibility of their soul evolution.
It is so important and so vital for the souls to come to the Earth. Souls will line up even if they know they will only be on the Earth for nine months. Can you imagine, there are souls waiting to come into India, waiting to come into Africa, or even waiting to come into any other places knowing that they will be born into poverty and knowing that they will die from sickness. Yet, they understand that there is a huge benefit from their soul perspective to come into the third dimension.

I want to look at this concept of the free will zone because it is related deeply to the whole issue of losing your contact with your soul masters, guides and teachers when you come in. You also do lose your awareness of your past lives. In higher civilizations, such as on Arcturus, we encourage and we promote the accessibility as soon as possible to past lives and to discussions of masters, guides and teachers. Arcturus is unlike here on the Earth, where many of you have had to wait for 50 years or more in order to get this information. In terms of the Earth life, this would be considered your last-third part of your life. The last third of your life is when you can do what is perhaps some of the most important soul work. Isn’t that waiting a long time, for two thirds of your life to pass?
Advanced spiritual civilizations like the Arcturians promote and work so that the people can have access to their past lives and also their future lives. Our work with you on the holographic healing chambers is an expression and an example of how we approach many of these issues, such as talking with guides and teachers, life-between-life energies, working with the past and working with the future.
Every action that we want to take, we evaluate it in terms of the future as well as the past, because we know that the past influences the present. But we also know that the present influences the future. Also the possibility of future events influences the present. If you were going to go on a trip somewhere, you would consider and want to know what the effect of that trip on the future events will be. What karma might you entail? In this example, we actually would spend a significant amount of energy in the holographic chambers on future events. This may seem surprising. When you are now looking at the Earth and the Earth changes, one of the lessons that is coming forth to the inhabitants is that you must take into consideration how present actions will affect the future of the planet. This is one of the big lessons that the planet is having to deal with now. We are dealing with this lesson even on an individual level, or personal level.
The question of future events always involves free will versus predetermination, or predestination. Lower consciousness is without awareness of the interaction of past lives and lacks integration of soul lessons. Lower consciousness also lacks interaction of the higher mind. Using lower consciousness usually means, in those circumstances, there is more predetermination. It looks like everything is set up and is destined to happen. The argument of predetermination versus free will has been debated by many philosophers in the Western civilization. Predetermination implies lack of choice. The argument is that everything is set up in advance. There is some truth to predetermination, especially when you have been exploring your relationship with your past lives and your relationship with your birth. All of you have had and have been shown a holographic image of what is going to happen to you in this lifetime. You are shown which parents you are going to be with, which friends you are going to have and what work you are going to have. You have even been shown how you are going to die. Also, you have been shown what lessons you are supposed to be learning. All of this has been discussed and gone over with you by your guides and teachers before you incarnated. You were in agreement when you came here that this was what was going to happen.
It appears from this perspective that your life is cast in stone. From the Super Mind’s perspective, these are experiences, these are issues that need to happen for your development. Remember, the Super Mind is not influenced by the lower emotions of loss or sadness or even death. It would look at all these things and not react emotionally to any choices made. This is hard for many people to grasp for you might say, “Why did I choose to have this bad experience? Why did I choose to have parents that were abusive to me? Why would I experience or want to have this disease?” It is difficult to explain it to the Lower Mind because the Lower Mind doesn’t have the perspective of the Super Mind.

The good news is that predestination has a counter, or an opposite. Predestination has an antidote so that those things that seem painful and seem like they are destined to happen don’t have to unfold in exactly the tragic or painful way that appears to be predestined. What is the antidote? There are actually two or three antidotes. The first antidote is what we call awareness. Awareness has become one of the major psychological advancements in the 20th and the 21st centuries. Awareness includes knowledge of the soul process, awareness of karma and awareness of how things were set up for you to have such limitations or such experiences. Awareness becomes the antidote for dissolving the predetermination aspect of the situation. Awareness encourages the connection to the Super Mind. Anytime you can connect to your Super Mind, you are able to bring down the energies with this awareness that transcend the third- dimensional logic and open up a vast possibility of changes. This connection to the Super Mind opens up new ways of dealing with karma and new ways of transcending karma. The Super Mind can offer new ways of overcoming illnesses and even new ways of really changing and shifting the planet through the awareness.

The attribute of awareness is part of the evolution of a species. Awareness is what distinguishes Man or Adam species from the other animal worlds. It isn’t awareness in a selfish way or a narcissistic way. You can have awareness of this greater Super Mind and this greater connection from the Super Mind to the soul. You can use that awareness in a holographic way to change and work with past karma and future karma. Working with past karma in the holographic healing chamber will have a tremendous effect. In the holographic healing chambers you can shift the energies of past abuses and of past wrongdoings. You can even undo energies of wrongdoings that you have done to others, then you will have a tremendous benefit in your karma that is unfolding.

I want to point out something about the holographic healing chamber. Many people when they are working with us on the holographic work will always want to go back to where they were hurt, or where they were damaged. They want to correct the images, and they want to correct the problems that arose because of the pain and suffering. I have worked repeatedly through this channel with many healing experiences where people were either wounded or severely damaged or ridiculed or even put to death for certain spiritual reasons. I have not worked through the channel with somebody who said that they would like to correct the wrongdoings that they did to others.

For example, we all know that everyone or most people have been warriors on this planet. I want to make an addendum to that statement. There is one glaring exception. Some of you were scientists and were high-level people in Atlantis and other areas where there was high technology. Some of you suffered because you allowed your intelligence and your ability to be used for purposes that eventually led to the destruction of the civilizations and many deaths. There have been some who have come forward and worked with us wanting to clear that energy.
When you do the holographic work from the past, including from past lives, then be open to going back to karmic things that you have done. The healing process from past lives is similar to alcoholic recovery. In alcoholic recovery when people make amends, when they realize, when they have the awareness of what harm they may have caused others, then they want to apologize. Then they want to say they are sorry to those that they have hurt. This is an important part of their recovery because now they have gotten an awareness, and now they want to remove the energy; they want to remove the karma. You see, you can remove the karma in this lifetime. That is another powerful reason why everyone is lining up still to come into the Earth, because of the opportunities to remove karma. No one, when they go into their Super Mind, really wants to have any karma on their soul which would necessitate them having to reincarnate again on the third dimension.
This is a time on Earth where awareness is possible. So many people are coming into the Earth knowing that they have an opportunity for this awareness. With awareness you can eliminate and have an antidote for karma.

The second and equally powerful experience and opportunity and technology for overcoming predetermination is the Ascension. Ascension can overcome the necessity for karma and living out certain karmas. Ascension also brings an accompanying grace that helps to overcome karma.
There are certain eras and there are certain astrological passages of time. There are certain planetary systems within the solar system that are measured in the distance that solar system is traveling around the galaxy. There are certain passages in the space-time continuum when the energy of grace becomes more accessible and more powerful. At that point of the energy of grace, the soul if it is incarnated in that place, has the opportunity to make huge advancements and has the opportunity to overcome or wash away and resolve huge karmic issues. That is such a time right now. In 2011 and 2012, that experience of grace is available. This grace from the Ascension is an antidote to karma, and it allows huge soul gains. This time is excellent for the evolution of the soul here on the Earth.

Your soul knew that when it came to the Earth. Your soul knew that there were powerful opportunities, and that there were two powerful avenues. The first avenue was the avenue of the awareness because this was going to be an opening of spiritual energy on the planet. Equally and perhaps more important, your soul knew that this was going to be an opportunity to experience an unbelievable grace energy that will lead to the Ascension.

Let us be clear, the Ascension means that you have cleared your Earth karma. In certain circumstances, people have five to eight lifetimes of experiences in a very short lifetime here on the Earth because of the acceleration of the space-time continuum. From the Super Mind, this is a fantastic opportunity.
I want to return again to this idea of the soul evolution because it is difficult to discuss soul evolution in third-dimensional terminology because you correctly view the soul as being perfect. The soul is eternal. Why would the soul have to evolve? In the fifth-dimensional perspective, there is not evolution in the same way as in the third dimension because it implies lack of perfection in some way. We can’t really speak logically about this. I can only try to talk about it or around it so that you have some idea.
The idea is that the soul needs a certain type of experience. The soul has been on many different planes on many different planets. Some of the souls have only been on one planet, the Earth. Most of you that are with this group have been on many different planets. I have talked to many of you through this channel, and I know that you have had different lifetimes on other planets. You have not just been on one planet besides the Earth. Most of you have been on several planets. When you open yourself up to the Super Mind, you will be pleased to know that you have had so many different experiences. Some of you have had other third-dimensional experiences on other planets.

I have worked with some of you who have been on planets that were destroyed. I have worked with some of you who have had experiences in Atlantis where you saw a whole civilization destroyed. Some of you have actually seen an entire planet destroyed exactly at the same level of energy that the Earth is going through. From your perspective, all of the things going on probably look familiar. Hauntingly familiar, I may add. I realize that what is going on in the Earth now is traumatic and is causing a great deal of emotional trauma for all of you. Not only is it causing trauma because of what you are seeing, but it is also reactivating the earlier memories of how you saw that.
The soul wants to clear the karma. The soul wants to drop it or resolve it; therefore, coming here is a wonderful opportunity. It is fair to ask the question, “Juliano, how is being here on the Earth now going to help my soul evolution, especially in the face of all this destruction?” The answer again is complicated, and it doesn’t make total logical sense on the third dimension. There are so many things that have occurred on the third dimension that are not logical. We cannot logically explain many events, and therefore explanations must be turned over to this realm that I call cosmic karma. I will offer some lower Earth logical explanation that won’t totally encompass the right answer, but will at least put you in the right direction.

The first thing is that one of the most important soul lessons for everyone is to learn that there is a unity and a connection. There is a connection with the Creator Light, and that there is always a connection with your soul and the Super Mind. You are given the task and have all the tools to connect with your Super Mind. That lesson has to be learned over and over again, even in the face of a planetary crisis.
The second lesson is that there are ways to transcend karma. Look at all of the things you have done in all of the lifetimes that created karma. For example, in one lifetime you may have abused people, and then in another lifetime you may have been a victim. Maybe some of you were soldiers in 50 lifetimes. Does that mean that you have to have 50 lifetimes in which you are slaves? The answer is no. The soul can learn ways of overcoming vast accumulated karma. For example, there are amazing medical practitioners on this planet now. There are amazing healers on this planet. I am not just talking about traditional medical doctors. Bless their hearts; they are trying to do the best they can sometimes. There are also other high spiritual healers.

A healer in this lifetime may be able to heal 1,000 in one lifetime. Think of how much karma that healer is erasing. Think of any other events that they may have done in some other past lifetimes either here or on other planets that may have created karma that needs to be released. That is a fantastic opportunity for the soul to be able to heal 1,000 people. It is an unbelievable number, and certainly it is worth it from the Super Mind’s perspective to come to the Earth. It would be worth coming to the Earth even in consideration of the suffering you might have to have in experience to come here.

You might ask the follow-up question: “Why would I come here to suffer? Is that some of the karma that I would experience for something that I did that was bad?” Again, the answer is not simple, and it doesn’t make total logical sense. Every lifetime has certain risks. You meet with your guides and teachers, and you have a preview of your life before you come. It is not an exact play-by-play, minute-by-minute report. Think what it is like to be a psychic. You see what the events are that could happen in the future. The future events that you see are based on all the available information which is fairly accurate from the soul perspective. It is still not all of the information. That is something that I want you to totally understand. If all of the information was available and you saw all the information, then you know that everything is predestined. There is a factor of unknowing, however. This is now demonstrated even in quantum physics. When scientists study the subatomic level, then there is what is called the “uncertainty principle.” The Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle in a simple version means that on a subatomic level, there are certain factors which make particle exploration and determination uncertain. Scientists cannot predict with certainty where subatomic particles are going to be. That is a direct contradiction to the logical Newtonian law of physics where everything should be orderly and predictable.

The reason I am bringing this up to you now is because the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle also applies to knowledge when you are coming into the Earth. You are given a general detail, a general overview, of your life. But there are certain things that are uncertain that you would not know at that time. The overview you are given is the best possible overview based on available information. People ask the Arcturians: “Don’t you know everything that is going to happen there on the fifth dimension? Don’t you know everything?” The Uncertainty Principle exists also in all dimensions.
The study of galactic Kaballah has come down to the Earth from the work of the Jewish mystics and others who have studied Kaballah. From this work an important principle has been demonstrated. That principle is that the Creator cannot be totally known. What only is possible is that you can experience an aspect of the Creator. My friends, each planetary incarnation, each position in the galaxy, each position in the solar systems provides another unique aspect of knowing the Creator.

You might say from the soul perspective that one of the highest soul missions is to know the Creator. In the Kaballah it is believed that you know the Creator by knowing the Creation. Because the mind of the Creator, if you can even say He/She has a mind, is not known, then all of the information, even in an incarnation on the Earth, is not totally known. Sometimes when you are choosing an incarnation, there are certain aspects to it that could occur that you didn’t plan on. These aspects can wind up being painful. You might think that you are being punished, but, for example, it is not always the case that an illness is a punishment. In some cases, an illness was one of the prices you had to pay to have this body in this incarnation at this time.
It is all generally known that there are a lot of uncertainties in coming into the Earth plane with all of this density. It would be easier if you were incarnating on Arcturus or incarnating on the Pleiades. Then you would know that there would be less intervening variables in your karma. There wouldn’t be as many surprises. On the Earth, especially in this turbulent time, there are a lot of surprises, because there are lots of possibilities. It requires more careful examination of all aspects of your immune systems, of all aspects of your subconscious, of your Superconscious. You can unknowingly attract energies that at other times wouldn’t even touch you. The potential gains are so high, but also the potential for intervening variables, and unpredicted ones at that, is also high.
Through awareness and through working in the holographic energy field of the past, present and future soul work, you can mediate and you can lessen the effects of some of the discomforts that you are experiencing. Any time that you are accessing and connecting to your Super Mind, you are working with the fifth-dimensional energies. The fifth-dimensional energies can do powerful things. Any time that you are working with this powerful energy of grace, then you also can connect with powerful energy.
I would like to do a brief meditation with you where we will ask each of you to connect with your Super Mind, the all-knowing mind. (Chants: Omega Light….)
May this Omega Light help each of you now connect to your Super Mind. We will go into silence now.
As you are connecting to your Super Mind, ask and you will be granted that you have permission to access your past lives, past experiences, that you have access to information to your birth corridor and from the guides and teachers. Also let it come to you, the information for your soul lessons is also being downloaded. Most important that you are receiving the energies and the abilities to have this wonderful awareness of your soul and of the past experiences of your soul in other places, in other incarnations on other planets; also in your future. May you be given the grace and understanding to measure carefully all actions you take on the Earth so that they are free of any karma entanglements, and so that you will be in the greatest position to ascend.

Yes, each of you will need grace, but it is available, and accept it and use it. It will help you to transcend some of these issues that may look predetermined, may look like there is no way to resolve. When you connect to your Super Mind, the healing abilities are endless.
Now in the closing moments that we have together, let us speak more about planetary healing and the planetary mind. The Earth has a Super Mind, too. The Earth has higher functioning. You could ask, “Well, how do you know that Juliano?” The answer is very simple because in order for a planet to have higher life like the Earth’s humanity, that planet must have a higher Super Mind. It is a planetary Super Mind. It is not exactly the same.
These energies that you hear about, for example, the energies of asteroids hitting a planet and destroying things. These energies may seem random, but from our perspective, the planet’s Super Mind sometimes wants a clearing. Of course, now we are in the period of biorelativity where you are able to interact with the planetary mind. To that end, we are going to activate four new Cities of Light – because the Planetary Cities of Light are directly accessing the Super Mind of the Earth. That’s how powerful these are, these Planetary Cities of Light.
There are people at this moment who are gathered in La Serena, Chile, and we designate this city a Planetary City of Light. Sebucán, near Caracas in Venezuela, is being designated tonight as a City of Light. Belleville, Ontaria, Canada is being designated a Planetary City of Light. Breda in Holland, Netherlands.
La Serena, Chile. Marcella Estai Garcia is organizing the Planetary City of Light experience there. Blessings.
Raphael Isaguerra in Sebucán, part of Caracas, is also organizing this.
In the Belleville, Ontario, Canada, Deb Graves Araznu is organizing this.
Finally in Breda, Netherlands, Dachsell Nayah, also known as Linda, is organizing the Planetary City of Light experience there.
These Planetary Cities of Light have a powerful accessibility to the Super Mind of the planet. The Super Mind of the planet Earth can bring forth quantum Omega Light that can help to transcend many of the difficult situations that seem irresolvable, such as the Fukushima power plant where some of the predictions are very dire. Yet, the Earth Mind, the Super Mind of the planet, can be accessed to provide a solution that will work. Remember the power of this grace and the power of this planetary experience now.

I send you my healing light. I send you the light of the Omega Light. I know that each of you hearing this lecture, these words will have a greater opportunity now to connect with your Super Mind. I know your Super Minds, and I have been connecting with them since the beginning of our transmissions in this project. Sometimes people say, “Why would the Arcturians, why would fifth-dimensional beings be interested in the Earth? It is a lower vibration. Why would the Arcturians and other higher beings be interested in such densities?” Well, the answer is that we see your total self, more of your total self, and we are interacting with your Super Minds. On that level, we are very powerful brothers and sisters to all of you.
I am Juliano. Good day.

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