January 23, 2011

Unconditional Love

ARCHANGEL GABRIEL, January 19, 2011
Your Greatest Teachers

Dearly Beloved Ones,
And so it is that I come forth to begin a series of discourses through our beloved Scribe. She is of my own lineage and it is I, Gabriel, who has been guiding her every step upon her Path of life. The Scribe has been a messenger for the Divine in many other lifetimes upon Planet Earth and serves the role as Herald, much as I have done and continue to do. Her training started a long time ago, walking the lonely Path of Light, and it is only now that her greater role is beginning to blossom forth.
For our first discourse, we would like to talk about the meaning of Love, unconditional Love. What exactly does the word ‘unconditional’ mean? In the actual practice of unconditionally loving a person individually or as groups of people, what is required is the graceful acceptance of them as they are in this moment, seeing those areas that according to our perceptions ‘need work’, recognizing these and continuing to love them anyway, knowing that each of you are in the process of fulfilling and manifesting the lessons and experiences that you have each come to learn.
Many times, we see so many people look at another with judgment and criticism within themselves and we would ask you at those times to look within to see what it is that is within yourselves that needs to be brought to the surface of your consciousness, in order that you might discern those areas of your own attributes that you might not see easily in yourselves that may need to be addressed in your own lives, for the others around you, especially your own family members, are all playing their parts to help you clear these blind spots from your own perceptions, to act as mirrors to you, that you may move along your chosen Path with grace and ease.
These family members willingly took on these oft times unpleasant roles in order that your Spiritual growth may take place as your own Higher Self has chosen. No matter how difficult any relationship may seem, realize that this Soul who manifests through that physical body, is a Being who loves you dearly and one who agreed to withstand the pressure of bringing to your attention those aspects of yourselves that have been deemed less than desirable by your Higher Self, in order that you evaluate and change these aspects to those that are more in alignment with your own Divinity.
As such, give honor to the people closest to you in your life at this time and thank them for the role that they are playing, whether they be Mother, Father, Sister, Brother, Husband, Wife or any other close family relations, for this is what you chose to experience upon your sojourn into physicality in order to move forward into greater and greater Light and embody greater amounts of unconditional Love. As you recognize what it is that you chose to learn through these wonderful Beings, you also begin to embody more of the attributes of unconditional Love and you learn to let go of all that does not resonate and align with the Being of Light that you aspire to once again remember and become. The more friction involved in this process, the greater and more quickly the lesson can be learned, for it is in friction that movement takes place. The bottom line of each encounter should be the feeling of Love and gratitude, for it is not easy to play the role they are required to play on your behalf.
Many times, these lessons are not recognized until there is a distance created between you, or perhaps the passage of time brings the value of their gift to you into your awareness. Remember that most of you incarnate in the same Soul families often so that great growth in awareness happens in bearable ways. Your family members are your greatest teachers about yourselves. It requires the openness of mind necessary to think of your family members in this Light. You ARE loved beyond measure and your journey through life is being blessed by their presence.
We ask that you look upon each other with Love and lightness of Being, looking always and ever for the good about them, and you will find that you can write a whole page filled with all the gifts they bring you to fill your life to overflowing with more blessings than you could ever imagine, for they are the ones who helped you to achieve the uniqueness of your own Being in this now moment.
These are the thoughts to ponder until our next discourse. My Love is always with you, Dearest Children of the Divine.

I AM Archangel Gabriel

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