January 12, 2011

Message from Spirit

All I can tell you for sure is that this message is from Spirit itself. I believe it could be directed toward everyone but most especially for the people of Australia as I see the most major changes occurring there within this year.
So let's begin:
Blessings my dear ones,
My heart goes out to those of you struggling with so much at this time. However, I am here to tell you that it is most definately all for the beginning of a new and better place for you to call home. Know this deep within your hearts and souls and it will help you get through all the chaos and heartaches that are occurring or will occur. I ask you now to hold your higher vibrations of love and light, now more than ever before. Stay calm in the face of chaos and you will be able to think more clearly and recieve guidance more truthfully. Time has definately sped up for you on earth and things will seem a lifetime away in just months to come. You may notice that even events of recent already begin to seem as though a distant memory.
I want to tell you now that more purging and cleansing is needed for mother earth at this time and things will seem to get worse. It will seem as though there is no where left to turn and no help will ever come. But I ask you to please send these thoughts your love and release them, then turn to inner guidance and truth for answers. The answers are always right there within you.
The light is most prominent now more than ever before and what you see outwardly and worldly is nothing more than purging and cleansing of what is left of the dark forces. Just a week ago, the dark was very angry because they were losing the battle, in fact losing the war and was kicking up in tantrums as a result. Now, I can tell you that that is over. They have lost the war is won. All that is left is for the remaining cleansing process to ensue. Send these energies all the love you have inside, fill them with light and peace and release them up to the heavens. That is the most important thing you can do to help with what is about to occur on your planet at this time.
For your year of 2011, rest assured it will be chaos for weather related issues and the like. But I cannot stress to you enough to stay calm and hold the light, love and peace for all your brothers and sisters on the planet. Help those in need with whatever resources you have at your disposal. This is not nor will it be the end times as you call them. It is the end of a time period, but not the end of the world. Many many wonderful and amazing realities await you once this purging is completed. Keep your thoughts on that.
I still feel the need also to tell you to please do not forget to speak to your personal guides on a daily basis and listen to the truth that is within you. This is more important than listening to channels that come from outside of you. Only you know your truth believe in it, it will not in any way lead you astray.
Also I wanted to mention to you to keep your eyes and ears on Mrs gifford. Not only does she need your prayers and love, but she does indeed have a really big purpose for being here and in her position. She is of the light just like you and is working for your greater good. Whether you agree with everything she is doing or not, remember that you can not always see the good on the other side of someones decisions. Her purpose is divine and she will need your energy of light and love to carry out her purpose here. This was also a result of the purging process, so do not despair. It was not completely senseless that this happened many good things will come of it, just as with any other disaster that strikes.
The light is here to stay and shine. Let your light shine as brightly as possible. Hold love and peace for disasters and tragedies and release them into the light. Keep your mind focused on the positive and on the world you wish to see come after the purging.
All is well and will continue to be so.
Much love and peace to you all

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