January 20, 2011

The Arcturian Corridor 4 -The Return

Arcturians channelings are like Ascension University to me.  This is for you to read. -- K

Channeler: Suzan Caroll Ph.D
Happy New Year! Happy 2011!

This year promises to be very eventful, for it is the year in which you will ALL begin your personal and planetary ascension process. Therefore, we have titled Part IV of the Arcturian Corridor, THE RETURN.
You will begin your RETURN to the fifth dimension not by just remembering that reality, but by also remembering the YOU who resonates to that particular fifth dimensional reality. Once you remember that YOU, you will have your first stepping-stone towards Home. You resonate to myriad fifth dimensional parallel realities, as well as myriad third and fourth dimensional realities. The difference it that once you regain your fifth dimensional resonance, you will begin to remember your myriad realities within that frequency of expression.
To avoid a sense of being overwhelmed and confused by so many possible realities, you have created a stepping-stone reality. Everyone has a fifth dimensional stepping-stone life that they will "step into" at ascension. Soon, many of you will begin to remember this stepping-stone reality and visit it in your dreams and meditations.

The secret is not in remembering everything.
The secret is that everything you remember is REAL!
By that statement we mean that everything that you can imagine you create. Imagination is fifth dimensional thought, and all thought has the power of creation. Therefore, if you think about it, you create it. That is the operating system of the fifth dimension and beyond.
It is this final stage of ascension into the fifth dimension that this operating system is often problematic, because you must BE the Master of your Thoughts and Emotions. If your every thought and emotion were broadcast over your head for all to see, you would become a Master very quickly. In other words, welcome to life in the fifth dimension. For in your stepping-stone life, your every thought and emotion instantly manifests. Because of this, it is vital that you gain Mastery over your fears.
The two vital tools to gain mastery over fear are INFORMATION and UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. Furthermore, if the information you receive does not "feel" like unconditional love, then discard it and look for a higher frequency source. Fortunately, unconditional love is not only the antidote to fear, it is also that firewall that keeps fear from penetrating your consciousness. If you feel even a hint of fear, do not "look" with your Solar Plexus, as it will accept lower frequency information into the sacred temple of your earth vessel.
Instead, we ask that you recognize the feel of fear with your lower chakras, but “look” at the energy patterns of that information with your Opened Third Eye. Fear cannot penetrate your Third Eye. Therefore, you will not be harmed by the perception of it. You can then emanate your unconditional love outward into your reality, to assure that you are not bothered by the frequency of fear.
On the other hand, when you receive a light message from your opened Third eye, share that message with your High Heart. Your High Heart will then “un-zip” the unconditional love embedded in the multidimensional light and send it throughout your body and environment. This unconditional love will always protect you, and it heals fear. Yes, fear can be healed, for it is a creation, a human creation. Begin to think of your every thought and emotion as your own human creation. Fortunately, you can edit all your creations with the mighty force of your unconditional love.

Dear Arcturians,
I have been hearing a message just inside my mind, or is it my heart? I am asking you now to assist me in recovering this message. I know that I need to close the gap between the “me” that writes for assistance and the “ME” to whom I write—The Arcturian Group Mind.
I AM ready to ascend now!
I AM ready to be my full multidimensional expression of SELF.
I AM ready to close the gap between whom I call to and whom is calling.
Please assist me now to better understand this process...

Our dearest ONES,
We write our answer to our grounded expression, as well as to all those who receive it. We want you to know that all of YOU have already closed that gap! it is just a matter of re-calibrating your perceptions to be able to consciously experience ALL the frequencies of reality between the third/fourth dimension and our eighth/tenth dimensions. Once you have experienced the realities beyond the seventh, the return to the fifth will be natural. It is time now for us to take you (that is ALL of you) into the sixth dimension and beyond.
In the sixth dimension, we will assist you to go into the Divine Blueprint of your consciousness to clear the accumulated dross energy patterns that you have collected since the fall of Atlantis. While you are within that perception, you will also take the quantum leap into the reality in which Atlantis and Lemuria completed their cycle in a loving and peaceful manner. It was the violence of the closing of their cycle that has resonated in your world since then. You know that there are myriad parallel realities at all times. Hence, there is a reality in which Atlantis and Lemuria had a peaceful transition.
Because Gaia wanted to ascend along with her people, she asked for volunteers to experience the extreme polarity of your present reality. She knew that it would be very difficult for those volunteers, but the ones who survived would do so because they became strong enough to participate in a planetary ascension.
You, the survivors, both incarnated and in the higher planes, are gathering together now to assist Gaia with Her ascension. However, your must completely release all records of darkness. The darkness that made you strong must now be purged to allow you to be even stronger. In other words, your teacher, the darkness, must now become your pupil so that you can close the perceptual gap between the third/fourth dimensions and the higher worlds. This Return has already begun!

We have told you about portals to be found on Gaia and in your earth vessel, your opened Third Eye, as well as your personal Pineal Portal. We now wish to show you how to use the expanded perceptions of your opened Third Eye to create portals into the higher worlds through which you can travel via expanding your consciousness. These multidimensional experiences will greatly facilitate your personal and planetary transmutation. You will find these many portals by learning (remembering) how to close third dimensional polarities.
One of the differences between the third/fourth and the fifth dimensions is that the fifth dimension is free of all polarities. Therefore, by finding the place in-between the polarities, you can open the many portals of transmutation into the higher dimensional expressions of your SELF. In fact, you can also travel via the lowest (that is zero dimensional) realities of the quantum worlds.
We ask you to take a moment now to visualize the polarity of masculine energy and feminine energy. Do you see how the masculine energy flows towards the feminine, and how the feminine receives the flow of energy? Now look in-between the two polarities into the center point where the two opposites meet.
Allow these two energies to intermingle and merge. Do you see the power of these two polarities merge into ONE? With the merging of these opposite energy flows there is the formation of a new energy. This energy is completely still, yet it holds a force beyond any movement, for it is the force of Unity.
FEEL this force of Unity. Allow it to pull you into it, as you simultaneously fall into the emanation of this energy. Experience the stillness and calm as your heart begins to open and your breath begins to change.
You are no longer breathing from your body. You are breathing from the force of Unity. This breath is so powerful that you can barely contain it, yet you do not want to ignore it, as you KNOW it is filled with the power of your Lightbody.
Your Lightbody is beginning to emerge from its slumber as you breathe in the power of this force of Unity. An intense vibration is building up in your spine, which makes you want to shake in order to accept that which is entering your form.
The waves of the Unity grow stronger and stronger. All you can “do” is become calmer and calmer to allow the Unity into your earth vessel. You can feel your body changing as you accept this force.
Continue to inhale the force of Unity, which emanates to the frequency of unconditional love. As you slowly exhale, visualize how the unconditional love fills your body.
Remain detached from your earth vessel, so that you can allow your inner vision to perceive how this breath of unconditional love and Unity is creating a new form for you.
This form is beyond the polarities of masculine or feminine. Yet, while you are still holding an earth vessel on Gaia to assist Her with Her transition, this form may still display the illusion of gender.
Take three long breathes to inhale the Unity and exhale the illusion of separation. With each exhale you release your attachment to the separation and limitations of your physical world. In this manner, you can better accept your new reality.
Hold your breath as long as you can so that you can fully experience being in-between human and divine. When you can hold your breath no longer, slowly exhale and visualize the force of Unity filling your essence, which appears to be formless. This essence is not attached to your earth vessel, but it fills it and emanates beyond it.
You will still groom your self, go to work, brush you hair and feed your body, but you will do so in the same manner that you would care for your house or your car. Your earth vessel is the body, which allows you to experience the third dimensional reality in an intimate way.
However, the YOU who is within this earth vessel can expand your perception beyond it so that you can experience your true HOME in the higher worlds. Just as you lock your house or park your car in a safe place, you will make sure your form is protected and safe when you expand your perceptions beyond the limitations of your physical vessel.
Many of you have an alarm system on your car or in your home. In the same manner, you leave a portion of your essence always “awake” within your earth vessel when your travel inter-dimensionally to let you know if you need to focus on your physical body to keep it safe.
Of course, to the YOU that is traveling inter-dimensionally, you have not left your vessel, you have only expanded your sense of SELF beyond it. The YOU that has regained your multidimensional nature lives within the paradigm of Unity consciousness and simultaneously experiences all dimensions.
We will now address the gap between the third dimensional and multidimensional paradigms of thinking. Within the third dimensional paradigm you think of your “self” as being the physical body in which you live. Therefore, in order to ascend you will need to leave the physical body and travel across a long distance to visit higher dimensions of your Multidimensional SELF. You experience your physical “self” to be separate from the higher frequency versions of your Being, as well as separate from others and from the planet.
Within multidimensional thinking, your “self” is united with all life on all dimensions. Therefore, you are connected to every aspect of being on the entire planet, as well as to every frequency of your Multidimensional SELF. Hence, you do not “travel” to a different place or frequency. You merely change the frequency of your resonance and perceive reality through that perceptual filter.
The higher frequencies can perceive the lower frequencies, but the lower frequencies cannot perceive the higher ones, unless they “raise” their consciousness. For example, within your third dimensional consciousness you can perceive the second dimensional plants and animals. You can also perceive the first dimensional rocks and elements. You can even use your third dimensional microscope to perceive individual cells.
With multidimensional thinking, you are not just raising your consciousness. You are expanding your consciousness so that you can simultaneously perceive all the realities in-between, such as the fourth dimension that is between the third and fifth dimensional realities. When you perceive fourth dimensional auras, you simultaneously see the third dimensional forms, such as the people, trees, nature, and houses that emanate those auras. On the other hand, in order for most humans to perceive the fifth dimension and beyond, they need to close their eyes and be in a quite place to “raise their consciousness” into Theta and Delta Waves.
Conversely, when you “ascend” into the fifth dimensional frequency of SELF, multidimensional consciousness will be “normal.” Hence, you will not need to close your eyes in order to perceive it. However, just as you can easily perceive the first and second dimensional reality with your third dimensional consciousness, you will be able to perceive the first, second, third, and fourth dimensions with your fifth dimensional consciousness.
The benefit of being fifth dimensional is that you expand your consciousness beyond the third dimensional illusions of polarity, separation and limitation. Within fifth dimensional consciousness you live in unity with the ONE. Therefore, you are free of all the illusions, lies, limitations and polarities of the physical reality. From your fifth dimensional perspective, you can observe the third dimension much as you would observe a motion picture.
Within the unity of your fifth dimensional reality, you are fully aware of and connected to the myriad expressions of SELF within the third through fifth dimensions and beyond. It is this multidimensional perception of reality that causes difficulty for the new returnees to their fifth dimensional expression of SELF.

Those newly returned to the fifth dimension still hold the habit of third dimensional thinking and are easily overwhelmed by the myriad perceptions of the fifth dimension and beyond. Because they become overwhelmed by the myriad perceptions, they doubt their experience. Doubt is an expression of fear, which lowers their consciousness below the perception of the fifth dimension. The new returnees also become overwhelmed by the fact that their EVERY thought and emotion is instantly manifest. This instant manifestation also creates fear, which lowers their consciousness back into the limited perceptions of the third dimension.
Therefore, the ascending ones often need to remember the feeling of multidimensional love, for only that frequency of consciousness can protect them from the fear and confusion of their newly expanded reality. It is the multidimensional love that allows the full transition from your dense form of physical matter into our mutable form of light. Try to release all doubt during your many transits into the fifth dimension. You will move back and forth between the third/fourth and fifth dimensions many times, as you gradually adapt to your Lightbody.

We return now to the concept of “closing the gap.” Do you now understand that you do not “close” the gap? In fact, your actually “fill” the gap. You fill this gap between the YOU that is experiencing the physical world and the YOU that is experiencing the multidimensional world by placing your primary sense of SELF into your fifth dimensional resonance. At first, the force of your imagination will place your primary experience of SELF in your fifth dimension. We will now guide you in this endeavor, as one experience is worth a million words.

Visualize your SELF as being on the fifth dimension. We will assist you by repeating the opening of the portal at the beginning of our message. We know that the most difficult part of changing the frequency of your primary SELF is to overcome the doubts that: “It is just my imagination.” “They will think I am crazy.” “This is a waste of time. I have work to do.” Etc. etc. etc...
We ask you to release you third dimensional doubts and tune into the unconditional love forever nestled in your High Heart. It may be too difficult for you to FEEL that love within this moment, but we ask you to begin by Knowing that it is there. Think of something or someone that you love without condition. Maybe that would be your child, your mate, your best friend, your pet, your home, nature, sleeping. It does not matter what or who, it only matters that your love is without any conditions.
Feel that love now and know that you could not experience that feeling if you didn’t have it somewhere within yourself. You would not be drawn to this material if you did not hold unconditional love in your being. Take a moment to relax into the feeling of who you love. Would you stop feeling this love if the recipient changed? If the answer is NO, then you do love unconditionally.
Own this unconditional love as an expression of your Multidimensional SELF...
Visualize the polarity of masculine, out-flowing energy and feminine, in-flowing energy...
See how the masculine energy flows towards the feminine, and how the feminine pulls in that flow of energy...
Look in-between the two polarities, to the exact portal in which the two energies merge into one...
Observe the power of the merging as these opposite energies flow into a new energy, the energy force of Unity...
FEEL this force of Unity. Allow it to pull you into it as you simultaneously fall into its emanation...
Experience the stillness and calm as your heart begins to open and your breath begins to change...
You are no longer breathing only from your body. You are breathing from the force of unity...
This breath is so powerful that you can barely contain it, yet you do not want to release it...
As you continue to breathe in this force of unity, allow it to expand your consciousness into the fifth dimension...
Allow an image of your stepping-stone reality to enter your imagination...
Expand the essence of the YOU in physical form to meet the YOU in your stepping-stone reality and STEP INTO that YOU...
Experience your continuous connection from your grounded earth vessel into the YOU in the fifth dimension...
YOU are your Multidimensional SELF
I recall a dream I had last night.
It was filled with fear, and love and light.
I was a me I do not know.
But all around me was a glow.
Within that glow I saw the way,
A way to leave, and a way to stay.
I knew I was at Home, at last,
And all my trials were in the past.
But, yet, there was another me,
In a world that only I could see.
That me inside that other life
Still believed in pain and lived in strife.
I called that one to come and join me,
But in that world, I could not be free.
That me was still trapped in illusion,
Spending night and day filled with confusion.
If only I could wake that one
To know the fact that life was fun.
I remembered then, when I was there
In the lower worlds and filled with care.
But, yet, I am now high above,
Perhaps, to that me, I’ll send my love.
My heart expands to embrace my Soul
To ask, “Can we again be whole?”
My Soul’s response went to my heart
“To send your love, is a place to start.”
In that moment I awoke,
“What a strange dream,” I spoke.
“Was I dreaming a dream, and now I’m awake?
Or, was that me awake, and now I’m asleep?
As I arose for my day,
A voice seemed to say,
“Is there a difference?”
In our next message, we shall return to take you into the sixth dimension. In the meantime, enjoy the fifth dimension. It may be a bit overwhelming at first. Therefore, it is helpful to write down your experiences. Writing them integrates them into your third dimensional thought. As your third dimensional thinking becomes accustomed to your fifth dimensional experiences, your doubt and fear will gradually be released. Without your doubt and fear, your Primary Perception of SELF will gradually shift from the you in your earth vessel to the YOU who is Multidimensional.

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