January 13, 2011

My Higher Self on Free Will

Channeler: gooddayeh
Relax, take a deep breath and let all thoughts, worries, concerns float away now…
Yes, you begin to see how easy it is to tap into this stream of consciousness; higher spiritual thought streams are always available to you, when you clear the path of debris, so to speak.
You would like a message, something neatly packaged would please you most, rather than just an endless rambling, although the latter may actually be more beneficial and more appropriate at times, but since you wish for a message we will give you one, as succinctly as possible.
Today we will talk to you about free will. What is free will? Do you truly have unlimited free will, and unlimited power to create what you want with this free will? You may believe so, rationally, but do you really accept this? It is hard to truly accept it when constant blockages appear, which cut off your access to higher energy streams and keep you firmly rooted in mundane concerns. So, we would say to you that you only have true free will when you are living in a state of love, in true reality…if you are acting out of worry then you are not truly experiencing free will, not in the freest sense, for you are essentially a slave to your emotions, panic sets in and begins to dictate your choices, or other emotions/voices…such as the need to prove yourself (to who? to the voices?) or to survive a threat (that is wholly imagined yet nonetheless real once you’ve created it.)
Love is the dissolver of barriers, the free-fall state/void/vacuum where all possibilities exist for you, in each second…this is why it is so important to step into unconditional love, not only because it’s a much more pleasant state and will make your world such a better place, certainly so much better than a world based on competition. But also because it’s where the true power of the universe lies…you do not need to visualize the future, for when you live in the NOW there is no future, just limitless possibilities spread out before you, and you can’t see or access the way to these possibilities if you are not in Love, for when you aren’t in love you’re in Illusion. That is simply what the illusion is, a blockage from connecting to the true state of love.
You may feel there are some who have wronged you, or some in this world who act in ways that aren’t worthy of love – yet they are! And if they are acting in these ways then they are desperately seeking love, they just don’t know it. And they are in desperate need of it, so why would you deny it to them?
You are fallen angels, each and every one of you. Hitler did not deserve love, some would say. Yet if he had been showered with love from the day he was born, would he have become the monster that he did? We think not.
So judging those who you feel are wrong only entrenches their behaviour. Give them only love. This is what ‘turn the other cheek’ truly means. Does this mean you let them run rampant? Of course not. No more than if your own child was smashing up your house, you would stop him, but you would not withdraw your love because of it. Murderers are seeking love the same as everyone else, but their views/emotions/belief systems have become so twisted they are going about it in a way that will never bring them what they truly want – to be loved, appreciated and safe.
When you see some tragedy in the news, someone who was murdered for example, don’t let your heart only go out to the victims. Shower the perpetrators with love! Remember, this is all a grand drama and you have all agreed to participate in it…but this doesn’t mean you can’t SEE THROUGH the illusion and see this great ‘play’ for what it really is.
This is when you start to become a master, when you step into love for all, all things, situations and people. Think of your world as one giant holographic projection that brings to each and every one of you what you need to experience, and what you create in tandem with the rules of the illusionary hologram. Of course, it’s the idea that you’re powerless to change things that is the real illusion.
Love dissolves the illusion of the hologram. Live in love.

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