January 7, 2011

‘2011’ a Year of Transition, Choice and Heart

I greet you in love dear ones, I am Kuthumi, and I have spent many a ‘day’ preparing in the last linear year for this Transition Period that you will be experiencing. Why did I have to prepare you may ask; it was not a prerequisite but choice. It allowed me to expand further and see from a higher observer view of enlightenment how to assist Humanity in their transitions.
For know that during this time of 2011 there will be many exposures. Why is it when we Ascended say there will be exposures your human mind automatically goes into hyper drive with the preconceived idea that governments and those ‘in power’ will be exposed as charlatans. Is this not judgemental of you dear ones? IN this time of transition many of you will be faced with choices; choices of change, of release, letting go, and clarity - yes clarity is a choice, and many other areas. Understand that in the deepest of respect but with honour to self I will say that many of you – even the most ‘enlightened’ will perhaps fall into the part of victim or accuser. I wish to call your attention to this today, the day of trinity – the day of balance, so that you may remember that you can choose not to be either.
Many will come and go in this period of your linearity they will rise up and be strong then they will seemingly drift away like smoke on the wind. It is not for you to judge them but for you to send compassion and love to them. You may not agree with their teachings or the way they present what has been given to them for sharing with humanity but I ask you to not gossip and not pull them down with your energy. Instead, send love and light that if they are incorrect or slightly off balance that they would come back to centre and truth. There are many that carry loads that you do not understand and because you do not understand the depth of what they have been called to do you feel as if they are ‘egotistical’ or unbalanced. This is not the case they are working out how best to bring the messages given to them to a society that is full of judgement. Understand that just because there are some that seemingly have more ‘connections’ to the Ascended, Angelic, Ancient Ones, etc that they are not perfect – whatever ‘perfect’ is. They are still energy in human bodies doing their best to balance and walk their journey.
Therefore, when you see those who rise in seeming ego, listen to the words they share as they speak for the words they share are not wasted air. They are called to be in their position for the length of ‘time’ that they are there and no more. They are not distractions but directions, arrow pointers, flags to bring your attention to certain points.
Be in love and compassion to these ones my loves. They are here for your higher good.
Dear humans, my beloved ones, know that I, Kuthumi, though silent at times am always here watching and ready to assist those that call for help. In the expansion of your energy that you have been experiencing now you will find that there is a similar expansion with the energy you call Gaia. I call Mother. Often we have said that there will be times of balance between you, or you will expand then she will follow and vice versa, but you have both reached a stage in your expansion where you are growing together. This is good and right. Your wonderful Gaia will shed her old ways, some lands will experience shivers and shakes, but this is what must happen. Understand humans that your expansion assists hers and no matter where you are in the planet, your energy connects with her.
Some of you have been given dates as points of reference for power days. Days where energy will be downloaded into Gaia and the people that are awake and connected with her. I would ask that you react not in fear to the energy you feel but rejoice in that which is coming.
Do not be distracted. Do not allow for yourselves to become caught in petty discussions of who is right or wrong. Come in the language of heart and love then you will be able to meet on a level of acceptance of non-judgement.
This time is not a time where you rest; it is a time of transition. What is transition? It is a time where you change, where you can if you allow metamorphosis into the most beautiful of beings. If you choose to release during this year – shall we call it the ‘Pupa year’ as in the caterpillar – then you will gather all those things that serve you, releasing what does not from your energy. You will find yourself in moments where things are seemingly misunderstood and painful; do NOT react in a 'pain driven' way, but allow peace to resonate and be in a manner of understanding.
Know that it is from my heart that I bring this message as I have seen changes for the humans both the ‘positive’ and the ‘negative’ and I would ask you all to choose the year of transition wisely.
Many of you will experience great growth; others may feel that you are standing still and become despondent, this generalization must STOP, as each one processes and changes in their energy in a unique specific and beautiful way.
Allow for yourself the knowledge of truth that is within you to realize that at times the ‘stopping’ is necessary for the growth to permeate into all areas of your energy. Other times it is a continual process.
Do not allow this time to test your mental balance. You are not going crazy. The self-doubt will come and go remain true to your heart.
I Kuthumi promise you this, that if you are able to withstand the times of transition turmoil or metamorphosis tremors, then you will be stronger than ever for the Newest of New energy that is flooding your planet and will flood your planet into the 2012 period. Your expectations of this coming year, 2012, have already set in motion certain things but these too can be changed by the working out of your transition year. Allow yourself permission to experience the ‘pain’ of release of emotions that do not serve, of memories that hold you back, of family that prevents you from moving into your fullness, of dreams that are just that, dreams of dust. LET GO of the past dear ones, move into the moment of NOW and allow yourself to feel, touch, know, taste, be, in this NOW moment. Experience the fullness of this moment and realize that you are powerful within your divinity, your I AM your Soul consciousness and the essence of all that is in you. AS you learn to connect to the Universal Energy of Love and the Grounding Energy of Gaia you will become the beings of power that are needed to stand and bring balance into this planet. It is not through chants and mantra any longer, though these have their place in bringing you into a place of peace, do not rely on them for they are just hypnotic mannerisms to balance the old carbon based body – you are now more and more the crystalline based body.
Allow yourself to resonate with the tones and vibrations of light that are within and without you. Feel the energy of the universe as it connects with you in a new way. Feel the love of source, God, Oneness allow that love to connect with you and then feel the intent of the heart of Gaia, Source, Creator and join into that love with free choice and bring your quota of balance in and join with them thus you bring the trinity / balance into being. This is what the three stands for. YOU – SOURCE - GAIA.
If you can allow yourself to see beyond your petty differences, who has this and who has that, or where this person lives and who is coming from where to fix what land PLEASE let this go. See beyond that, see that Gaia does not need thousands of groups traipsing all over her burying this or that, sending up smoke signals for this or that, what she needs more than anything is a unified earth people, joined in heart and energy to link and allow her to balance in love. Try it! Organise groups around the world and send love into Gaia on a set day at a set time. This need not become a regular thing but a choice to continue on a weekly, monthly, yearly base. You choose. Just balance yourself and then connect with Gaia.
You are in such a privileged time beloved humans, where you are able to see the setting of one time and the dawn of another. Do not allow your human differences to get in the way of enjoying this. Create for yourselves a world of difference where YOU can be changed, NOT just ‘the change’ but Changed. Where you affect those around you because you have allowed yourself to gather into you the energy that would distract you love it to the place of its home birth. Remember what you resist persists. This is with EVERYTHING in life, not just the ‘spiritual’ or ‘energy’ world, but in your physical world as well.
Understand that your governments will change, they have to, just as things in the physical world will change, whether it is the stock market, the housing , the land markets; DO NOT get swayed by what may seem as ‘normality’ returning. It is NOT. Yes, your houses will gain in value for a while and yes, the stock market will rise and be popular again. Your minerals and other stocks will wax and wane as they do normally and things may seem as if all is quiet on the western, eastern, northern, and southern fronts BUT believe me when I say it is ‘the calm before the storm...’ As to when this storm will hit I will not say definitely, for I am not a ‘fortune teller’ but within the next two years prepare to see changes that conflict with what I have said here then you will begin to see the melt down again. If the humans do not learn from the lessons, they have already had then they will be repeated. You are creators and can alter anything that is not yet now, so allow for yourselves this year to be one who is fluid, fluid in energy and fluid in love.
Dear beloved, we that sit here on the ‘other side of the veil’ do not wish to see any of you ‘suffer’ but this is choice. You are well able to transmute that which are seen as blocks in your energy and what better time to do this than on a day with three within it. More than anything, we would ask you to allow the fluidity of transition to be with you this year of your linearity. Prepare for yourself a year of ease and comfort in what you do. It will be a great year, a year of growth, expansion and more importantly a year of Transitions. You see yourself Transitioning from the old to the new way of being with more energy and thus see, feel and experience more energy in the changes.
This year is one where you can truly make a difference if you chose. Step away from the edge of the cliff and jump. Allow the essence of the true you to come to the fore and you will see things that you have only dreamt of before.
Connect with others in heart and allow the voice of the heart to come through more in this year. Be heart driven be conscious of all you do, live conscious lives let go of pettiness and allow your higher selves to communicate with you.
Take the hand of Gaia as she ‘shivers’ with the next twenty-four to forty-eight hours and know that she is only releasing your fear as well. If you can stand and realise that she has reservations too, in as much as uncertain of how humanity will respond to the coming changes, then you will understand that not all is about you, but about all of humanity and the cosmos.
Enjoy your 2011 dear ones it will be a fun year if you choose.
Please feel free to share this communication. We ask that you insure this information is included.

www.AscensionExplorers.com via Lou James 3 Jan 2011 copyright NZ. Thanks.

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