October 6, 2010

If the dark cabal attempt anything...Father will step in...

Esu: 10/04/2010

Stasis will be implemented as a direct result of actions of terrorism that shall be perpetrated by your American government’s dark cabal and their numerous minions in tandem with their similar cohorts all around the world, particularly England, Europe, Israel, elements of the Arab Mideast as well as Asian factions. This is proving to be a very coordinated and conglomerate attempt to shirk their agreements that have recently been made with our Earth Allies and the Galactic Federation that would force them to stand down yet bow out gracefully with a minimum amount of damage to themselves, their futures and their souls, those that have them.
Under the circumstances they are planning to pull what they think is a ‘Pearl Harbor’ on us and catch us off guard and by surprise. It is planned that attacks of mass destruction will be carried out all over the world within a 24 hour or one day period of time. It is felt that this will give them the proper justification to publicly band together their forces to combat this worldwide threat. This will allow for all the major powers to declare martial law as they go in to capture and kill this enemy within their midst. They are declaring all out war upon the peoples of the world for the sake of their own ends and preservation.
We are here to tell them that their plans are already known. We were there with them when they made, from beginning to end. We know who and what and where and when and how. But it is because of ‘why’ that we are forced to act. Such an act of planned genocide against one’s own people, as well as others, is a gross violation as well as a perversion of universal, galactic and Divine Law and cannot be tolerated. We are well prepared to make a first strike at every faction and force that is aligned with this abominable course of action. We have the full permission of Source and the full support of the governmental powers of the superuniverse of Orvonton.
Ye ones will not be allowed to destroy this world and it’s peoples. There has been enough of this and you have been allowed to plunder and prosper for so long that you have convinced yourselves that you have been privileged with the right to do so and you believe that the right to do so and be so is natural due to your self perceived superiority. But this is a lie that you refuse to let go of.
Your former masters have left you for even they knew what laws not to transgress and that the breaking of holy and cosmic agreements and oaths would result in their utter destruction sooner, rather than later. Yet to persist, out of desperation, to struggle even against the example of these whom you once worshiped with such fervor, which some of you still do even though there are no more answers or favors in return.
You have been abandoned and for good reason. The choice was given to you to do the same and forgo the process of all this pain and the inevitable end of not just failure and destruction, but for so many of you, being totally annihilated in uncreation. Yet you prefer this to recognizing the sovereignty of the Lord, Creator and Master Son of this universe, Christ Michael Aton in Nebadon and so it is for you have made it so repeatedly and so it must be and yet you would even hasten that end which you fear so much by contemptuously and pride fully planning and intending to manifest the deaths of billions of His children under the mistaken belief that once it has started, it will be allowed to continue to it’s end and at that end We will simply bow out and respect your power and your ability to use it? Is that how you put it?
“They will learn. They will know better than to ever fuck with the likes of us. They think they’ve seen evil? They’ve never seen evil like we’re going to unleash on these pompous fools and their sooo endearing, fat, stupid, foolish little worthless pieces of shit meat!”
Is that how you put it? You think we’ll just leave you to it then? We’ll just go away because we couldn’t stop you?
We can and we are doing it.
We are with you and around you, surrounding you. We are right next to you, right now, as you read this. We watch everything you do...everything. We feel no shame for you as you perform and think and feel your daily perversions and abominations. You have no shame, no remorse, no regret other than that things have not been easier for you. That the peoples did not just bow down to you by their nature as chattel to serve your ends, your whims, your pleasure.
So it is with clear minds and hearts that We move against you. Our ships have been moving in closer and closer. Ships you have not seen before. Power you have not witnessed. They are here and still they come and they will keep coming until they fill the whole of your skies, if need be. But you will not wait for that, will you? No matter.
We have all we need and then some, to deal with the likes of you. Do not think your little toys will do you any good. We have let you play games with our little ones, our...’toys’ if you will, though they are great and mighty ships of great intelligence and Spirit, living beings devoted to service to The One.
There are still greater than these to deal with. We greatly thank these ones that have served so well and so far and above the call of duty and ask them now to let pass a new understanding of things that these dark ones have never seen nor have they ever imagined, much less can they comprehend what they are now facing.
It is our duty to offer, once again, an opportunity for ye ones to turn your faces to the Light of a new day and a new understanding of things and light and life. We offer again the opportunity to surrender with honor and life intact. Ye ones must pay for your actions, you know this, but there are those among you that might survive to continue the great journey with just a small a thing as a change of heart and mind.
Forgive us if we do not wait for your answer this time. We have, indeed learned from you, thank you for the knowledge of experience and now use that knowledge to the advantage of our cause which is freedom of Gaia and her light seeking people and ascension for all that are willing to grasp it.
We know that you will not stop or deter yourselves from this path. We were obligated to let you know where we stand, in public.
So while you set up shop, hire mercenaries to play pirate in the gulf and scare the people away from the areas where you intend to operate. While you search for a way to disarm the defense that We have set up for Iran...and oh, dear ones, what makes you think that they are powered by their nuclear reactors? Sending in computer viruses to mess with their operations, while it has proved to be a headache for them, has not exactly gained you the results you had hoped for, have they?
Still, you are trying to convince the world that the grave, worldwide threat, that you invented and promulgated and perpetuated beyond reason, is valid and real... that a vast system of terrorist networks have banded together to hold the world hostage and in blackmail, as you plan on presenting it.
We also know that, if all else fails, you plan on revealing to the public the existence of a wave of alien invaders that have been intent upon rendering all earth defense weapons useless in order to take over the earth for colonization and so you are doing everything that you can to goad us into a first strike position.
We have considered your offer and have decided to oblige you in this fantasy. However, you should know that when we come, it will be for you personally...all of you and there will be nowhere for you to run and hide. We will always know where you are and will always be able to retrieve you at times and places of our own choosing.
We have no wish or need to engage your military forces or to cause needles deaths by responding to your attacks in kind. They will never see us. You will never see us until it is too late. We will show you just a small part of what we are capable of simply as an example to ye ones that all of your plans are futile and will come to less than naught. You know very well what is coming and have been informed of the parameters for when. What you do not know is how and the where of it is of no concern.
You will not be allowed to implement the dozen or so attack scenarios you have envisioned.
You will not be allowed to assassinate those leaders that are honestly and sincerely working with us or for the good of the respective peoples and against your machinations of global control.
There will be no more false flag operations. No more planned uprisings. No more mass destruction. These things have not work out well for you in the past anyway. We’re doing you a favor. Please to remember that it would be a simple thing to place the planet in stasis, round all of you up wherever you are, either individually or in groups, and take you away for good. It would seem to others that you disappeared in the blink of an eye. And so it would be.
The choice is no longer yours to make.
We ask you to stop, cease and desist now, just to make it easier on yourselves. But either way, we are coming for you and time is short as you reckon it. The deadline is near and we’d like to tidy up all the loose ends before the big event.
[Concerning the dark:]
They have yet to see what we are truly capable of. We have come to the decision that it is something that they desperately want to experience. They are hanging themselves with rope that they’ve given themselves. We did not have to help in any way.
Source mandates that their removal from the field of operation is acceptable and supported and left up to the will and timing of Christ Michael who has given the go ahead at the first sign of intent to complete any or every planned situation or event.

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