October 28, 2010

Timing of Ascension

Ascension Comes as Ascension Goes

October 22,2010

(...) The earth year of 2012 is indeed a worthy bookmark in a book of 'time' as the awakening and ever continuing life moves ever onwards and invariably ever inwards. Seemingly will the utilising of the same earthly calendar add more to an obvious acceptance and understanding of the suggestion, from one of our higher dimensional off planet kin.He suggests a time frame of between 2012 to perhaps 2017/18 containing first movements off planet, and then possibly a further period to around 2024 /25, thereby allowing for ALL the don't knows, or stragglers so to speak, to have finally chosen which pathway they really need, so accommodating them to continue their respective journeys in the energies most suitable.Time in all truth has no definition, these possible estimations are suggested zones within the time frame related to.
Grand it is to be, when we need only to think something - and it is! Grand it is surely going to be when the heaviness and duress that many are now feeling will be no more! Grand will it inevitably be when we feel our lightness - and ever greater freedom will be the menu of the day! Grand will it surely be as we so integrate this physical vibration into the fifth/six density! Grand it surely IS for we know within our hearts and souls that we are very near that finishing line! Grand once more will it be as we perceive with such a clarity that then will the journey just be beginning, as all the wondrous and amazing gifts and blessings are there before us, as we reclaim our heritage and walk our truths in harmonic unity and accord.

Alec Christos Gabbitas for the Universal Mind and ever United Kingdom.

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