October 22, 2010

Fighting for Peace

Excerpted from: Sentinels of the Sky
Conversations with Chief Joseph and John Cali
Fighting for Peace
Chief Joseph
We've talked about this many times over the years. But we remind you again, lovingly, that human life -- your world -- your planet are all based on vibration. Not action -- but vibration. We are not saying you should never take action. You should -- you must, given that you are living in physical bodies in a physical world. But we are saying action based on fear is always going to lead you astray. Action based on the notion the other guy, or girl, or nation is wrong is doomed from its beginning. You don't have to look any farther than your mainstream news media headlines to see that.
You are constantly being bombarded from all directions to do something. You're rarely exhorted to be. To be yourself, to seek that quiet place of peace and alignment within you. One person, fully centered in her/his place within, fully aligned with the higher self, is far more powerful than the many millions of disconnected and misaligned ones.
In your vibration of peace, love, joy, you -- one single, solitary being -- have far more power than George Bush, Tony Blair, Vladimir Putin, or any other of your world's leaders, political or otherwise.
Do you want peace on earth? Do you want your governments to stop wasting money? Do you want an end to human suffering and poverty?
Well, you cannot advance any of those causes by protesting or fighting against them. Remember, you live in a world of vibration -- like attracts like. That's the Law of Attraction in action. And so whatever you resist or protest you create more of.
Here's the bottom line, friends:
Get your own life in order first -- before you start protesting or marching against anything. When you are fully centered in that quiet place within, you are fully aligned with your higher self. And you will radiate an energy far more powerful than any other energy in your entire Universe.
When you get to that place, you will be inspired to take action. But it will not be the action of "fighting against" someone or something. It will be action deeply inspired by the certain knowing you are all one. In that place of knowing your oneness, your actions will always be inspired, and they will always be loving.
Then you, standing alone, will wield far greater power than all the hordes of armies and governments who've ever marched through the pages of your human history.

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