October 26, 2010

The Pleiadians and Planet Earth Ascending

The Pleiadians and planet Earth
Please excuse the Grammar. English is not his first language? But this is GOOD stuff.
The document exposed, is only an introduction to the information that the Pleiadianos beings are sharing with the humanity for already several lustrums.
The interest of that civilization on the waking of the Humanity is genuine and very powerful, by the level of spiritual growth and Divine connection that they have reached.
One of the most important in relation with the planet Earth, is Ra who claims the following:
There is nothing to fear.
He who has a genuine commitment with the Light and live within, simply will advance to the following immediately corresponding spiritual realm.
The rest can choose the spiritual progress through his experiences, or remain with the fear, life attachments, and the illusion on earthly matters.
Some will choose natural disasters like the departure method, since its superior conscience has understood that his humanoide I, is too immersed in illusions (daily life in the chaos).
Besides being at the end of a terrestrial cycle, of 26.000 years, the totality of the system in which this solar ring is included, is on the verge of closing an orbit of two hundred thirty million years around the Galactic Center, and the complete galaxy, is on the verge of completing an orbit infinitely longer around the Great Central Sun.
This time is crucial.
The Galaxy entered a cleansing period of karmic past, that will complete on 2012 at the end of the year.
By 2013 the following changes will be a reality.
a. The variation of the poles will have vary its position of the Earth in relation to the sun.
b. The sun, will have moved in relation to the Pleiades.
c. The Pleiades will have arrived at the end of a spiral in relation to Orión.
d. Orión will have undergone a complete revolution and a spiritual domestic cleansing.
e. Syrian will have risen to the position of a galactic spiritual esotheric school.
f. The orbital present of the solar ring around Halcyon, (sun of the Pleiads), will be replaced by the one in the pleiadians system, that will begin to orbit around Syrio.
g. At the beginnings of the 2013, the Sun (8th star), will become a system of superior teachings and home of the Cities of Light.
The Earth will be a place of floods, earthquakes, changes in the land masses, eruptions and finally the total variation of the poles at the end of the 2012.
Here it is important to be aware that the true injurious Earth effect are the panic, fear and abuse.
Independently of the planetary chaos, our society, is not prepared to confront the coming disasters and to create a survival structure. Those that we live on Earth, must decide if we are prepared to turn into spiritually responsible human beings, in order to remain on Earth, during these crucial moments of change.
Those that do not wish to remain on Earth, will be transferred to another planet located in another place of the galaxy, where they will continue the karmic lessons, and the three-dimensional evolution.
Those that wish to remain, must learn the new dance of the Era of Light, that requires the opening and activation of the Divine Ka channels. (BLISS Generated Merkaba!!)
When these channels do not work, our body will not be able to resist the increase of frequency when the solar photonic beam, and blazes invades the atmosphere. (Get your BLISS ON!)
Meditation and a pure life, can help in this process by means of the alignment with the higher consciousness.
When a person has reached certain point in the evolution of the conscience, and lives in an area where an earthquake propagates the death, he could ascend to the following dimensional level, undergoing a spiritual elevation instead of death.
For year 2013, all who remain on Earth must include/understand the following four evolutionary principles.
1. The objective of the human being is to evolve spiritually, emotional, physically and mentally.
2. All human being owns a Divine essence made of light and love.
3. The free will is an absolute universal right.
4. What exists in nature is sacred.
In these previous times towards 2012, our assignment is to follow a simple and pure life, to learn, and to practice the impecability, prayer and meditation, in order to know the Divine plan and our role within.
Our psychic, physical and emotional healing is key to be able to clear ourselves at all levels.
At a collective level there are 7 karmic standards that we needed to to clear.
They are already exaggerated in order to make us conscious of them:
Arrogance, Addiction, the Prejudices, Hatred, the Violence, Torture and Shame.
These seven sources of pain, illusion and separation appear nowadays in a critical order in our planet. Since there is no indication that this tendency can be reverted, the effects of planetary cleansing will be imminent.
Each person must fulfill her part to recognize and to heal these Karmic rules.
For those who dominate their behavior and attitudes, the next step is the conscious alignment with ours Superior I.
It brings back our collective consciousness and Oneness with the Divinity.
The Pleiadians and many beings of Light from Andrómeda, are between us the Humans in corporea and etheric form.
They transmit the messages for the great end of our evolutionary cycle.
The collective superior conscience of all the human beings has requested the opportunity to produce something that never has occurred before: the planetary ascent.
Nowadays on the Earth, destructive forces are based and sustained in the following matters:
a. The false supremacy of hatred and the fear to love.
b. The belief that the dark is more powerful than the light.
c. The abuse, the violence, and the war, to obtain individual retribution and pleasure.
If by 2013 humans on Earth are able to eliminate these beliefs and to recognize previously accepting the four mentioned spiritual principles, this planet will be the first that obtains this spiritual ascent.
A minimum of 144.000 humans must receive illumination and be incarnated in the conscience of Christ. In this way the second arrival of Christ in mass will take place. In this way a vibratory wave of energy illuminating all will advance by the whole planet and its population, eradicating the astral forms of thought and old inferior thoughts, dissolving the veils that separate the humans, and the ability to experiment the inner Divine essence, and the truth.
When the tactically important point of 144.000 is reached, the effect in the population will be so intense that each of them will have the capacity to elevate to other 144.000 humans to the planes superiors of the conscience. This means that each continent must generate at least a group immersed in elevated planes of conscience, which looks for the communal spiritual property and becomes, the point of the spear, of the rest of the humanity.
If each 1.000 million inhabitants have 20.000 illuminated spirituals, the success of planetary importance will have been obtained. China will require about 25,000. India the same resemblance. America about 25.000 etc. Then the dark veil or the network, that surrounds the high atmosphere will dissolve. This will allow the galactic codes to impel totally the Earth through Sun.
The Inferior planes will also have a experience of white light or shaktiput, after which they will be in a new Earth. Then they will be in the Earth but in the fourth dimension. He Who had ascended in previous lives they will directly pass to the fifth dimension or superior levels.
A period of grace of 1.000 years will surround the Earth, having prevailed Peace, and a great work of spiritual evolution. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ The exercises of the Pleiadians of Light, are one of the ways towards the healing and liberation.
Such teachings are essential to clear the Ka channels and the Ka Patterns of karmic residues, and blocked energies in order to allow that ours Christ I, anchors in the physical body.
We can be part of those 144.000 chosen ones, that will bring the Era of Light to Earth.
The recommended meditation, prayer and exercises are crucial to achieve the described objectives.
Gigio Wifi 2009

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