November 8, 2012

How will those who remain experience the Ascension of another close to them?

 An Hour with an Angel, November 5, 2012, with Archangel Michael

 Graham Dewyea's interview with Linda Dillon

GW: [...] How will those who remain experience the Ascension of another close to them?  Will people just disappear?  Might they experience a physical death?  Could it be either of those?  If they do disappear, will this shift a timeline involving the physical memory of them?  Or at least until that individual ascends him or herself?

AAM: So, are you referring, my friend, to those who do not wish to ascend?

GW: Or those who just do not ascend right away. As I understand it, and please correct me if I’m wrong, some are choosing to ascend earlier than what we perceive as a timeline or a date known as December 21st. So will people… how might those who are close to an individual who ascends early, how might that be experienced by those who have not yet ascended or who will ascend at a later time?

AAM: I understand. Let me break it up this way. For those who ascend, the memory and the presence, if you can think of it that way… because what you are really doing is looking at an energetic imprint. The memory and the presence of those who have been left behind or who have chosen a slower lifetime of unfoldment is clear and perfect and ever-present, because you have passed that point where the veil that has always been an illusion anyway and does not exist any longer, although humans cling to it as though it is the precious pearls. But they will always have that fullness of knowing of who is present, who is not present, who is in the third and who is even elsewhere.
For those who are choosing a slower path, can we say, of Ascension, who are still perhaps in the process of making peace with the third, getting what they believe they have to do in order, trying to energize their family to come with them, et cetera, will they miss someone who has gone ahead? No. And I tell you why.

First of all, those who have taken early Ascension will be reaching back and making their presence known, even if it is to strangers. That is the role and purpose of gatekeepers. And so the humans who are in the 3rd dimension and doing the slower process, they will not experience you as a memory, or even forget about you. You will be fully present in their lives, although it will not be the fullness of your being. It will be — I did not want to use the word hologram; I would prefer to use the word imprint — will be present with those people.

So, for example, let me give you a practical example. There are times when many of you have an impression of my presence in your room. Some of you see bright blue. Some of you feel an etheric shadow. Some of you see the fullness of my being. Some of you simply sense me. But you are not getting the full impression, or the might of my physical presence standing in front of you — well, a few of you are, but not consistently and not day to day to day.
So it will be with those who have ascended to those who are remaining on the longer timeline of the 3rd dimensional reality, who are choosing to ascend, not to relocate — let us be very clear about that. So they will have a sense of you that is as real to them as I am to you. Will it be the fullness of you? No. But it will most certainly be enough.

Now, those who are in the, shall we say, the slow lane of Ascension will also have full memory of who has gone before and who has chosen not to go. Will those memories eventually fade with a feeling of love? Yes, of course they will. The few — and I emphasize, because our plan, and we do not give up, is that everybody goes, everybody — but if there are a few who, by free will, free choice, choose to relocate elsewhere, they will feel and think that nothing much has changed.

There will be an explanation of where you have gone or not gone. There will be a sense of that imprint of who you are. But they will continue in an illusion which has been very dense and very thick for them regardless. So it will not be heart-breaking; it will be taken care of. For this is not in any of these scenarios a cruel, unfeeling, punishing process. This is an upliftment. This is the miraculous unfoldment.

So even for those who choose not to engage at all, it will not be painful and harmful. And they will be given their opportunity also to progress as they choose. And the only thing we say, there is a window there. So we are not talking about 20,000 years. We are talking a window for them to decide to come and join in this miraculous process.

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