November 8, 2012

How the role of LW will change?

An Hour with an Angel, November 5, 2012, with Archangel Michael

 Graham Dewyea's interview with Linda Dillon

GW [...] How might the role of those who are serving the light see changes? In other words, how might their particular missions change as a result of what is now unfolding?

AAM: Well, what is now unfolding is the fulfillment of the plan. So there is an intensity to the next while, as you would think of it, or as I choose to put it, that will see an amping up, if you will. But it is more of a joyous amping up rather than a struggle of, “Will we make it? Will we make it? Will we make it?”

That is an absurd, painful way to proceed. So it is more joyful. As you have put it, it is the heart to heart, the skipping and the laughing together. So there will be the continuation of the work that you are doing.
Then there is the next phase, what we would call, even though we have called what you have been going through transition, there will be a transition as things begin to shift. So there will be a great deal of assistance, and you will not be alone. It will be in the presence of your star brothers and sisters as well. The assistance to assist those who perhaps have not fully engaged? Those who are on the slower track, to bring that vibration up to a collective norm.
But that is a very temporary assignment. It is like triage and treatment at the end of the war when you are bringing all the warriors home. So there is attendance to those who have been blinded or injured, or who feel or believe they are injured.

But then you begin your new assignments. And we need to emphasize in this, of course it is your creation, and it is your co-creation with us, with each other, with your star brothers and sisters. So there is choice. But you have already made those choices also long ago.

But, for example, you would have said — and yes, I use “you,” my beloved friend — you would say, “Well, when I go next time for the new assignment, I want to bring with me two or three choices.” So, for example, one would be emissary, intermediary, galactic communicator, between the ships, the Earth people, the cities of light; the building of new forms of media and communication, where there are different matters, different realities to be discussed and anchored. Joy.

Or you may choose to completely, simply, be on ship. Some of you may choose to continue your Ascension process and return to different dimensions. Some of you may choose to in fact leave or apparate or reincarnate on other planets and other realities. Some of you will be going home to your star brothers and sisters, to your home planets.
So there are a variety of choices. But let us be clear: we are eliminating the sense of work, drudgery, struggle, out of balance, completely. That has been the history of the 3rd and of the human race, but it does not mean that you stop, in quotes, “work, play, creation.” So, think of replacing the word “work” with “creation.”
GW: Great. Thank you, Michael. We’re just coming up to the end of the show. Just as we wrap up quickly, can you offer us a hint as to which countries, institutions or situations we should keep our eyes and energies focused on over the next seven weeks?

AAM: Well, certainly the United States of America, France, Italy, Iraq, Iran, Greece, Syria, Venezuela, Australia. That is a good start.

GW: Absolutely.

AAM: Go with our love. Go with our peace.

GW: Thank you, Archangel Michael.
And here we come to end of another Hour with an Angel. We send love and light to all; we hold the vision of light and peace in our hearts. Until the next moment of now when we come together again, be at peace, and farewell.

AAM: Farewell.

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