November 8, 2012

12.12.12 Pleiadian Ascension Meditation

 Solara An-Ra

My guides have said about this meditation:

If you seek to awaken and come into perfect balance and enlightenment through searching upwards only in the direction of your guides and angels, and the higher dimensions and star people, you will not succeed in coming into the required state of consciousness. You MUST, absolutely must remember that it is the planet herself, and in particular at this time, the core crystal of your planet, that requires your attention - that needs to connect with you, and for you to connect with her.

For it is not only ‘As above, so below’, it is also ‘As below, so above’ – and this half of the equation is often forgotten by the Earth people of Gaia. The Core Crystal at this time is in a process of regeneration and she is assisted by the Star People, the Councils of Light, by Kuthumi, and by all of those within the Order of Melchizedek that are part of the Divine Plan for the transformation of your planet into a higher dimensional being. All of these rain energy down into the Core Crystal, so that she may regenerate and assist in the reactivation of all levels of Light Grids on your planet. But without your assistance – without your conscious connection with the Core Crystal, the plan cannot come to fruition effectively at this time.

The meditation which has been given for the 12.12.12 and 21st of December – this is one in which you spend time connecting through love, gratitude and respect with the Core Crystal – for this emotional connection is needed rather than any form of technical connection, you understand. Once your heart is open to the Core Crystal, and truly feeling her as a being, you are able to send energy down to assist her, which is just as effective as the energy that we send down to assist her. You will receive benefits untold from this action of yours – because as you connect on a One-Heart consciousness level with the Core Crystal, so she is able to activate you in such a way that you stay in 3-D while receiving higher dimensional codes. We ask you to practise the meditation given, in which your connection with and activation of the Core Crystal precedes your assisting Her with sending Her Light energy and healing vibration through the second, third and fourth dimensions. The healing of these 3 dimensions assists in the portal which is now in the process of creation, connecting the very core of your planet with the fifth dimensions and higher. This assists in the birthing which takes place now.


Transcript: 12.12.12 Pleiadian Ascension Meditation

Close your eyes, dear Light people of Gaia. Smile inwardly, moving into that inner world of Light and infinite space which exists within. Open your hearts now dear ones, by activating the crystalline prana tube which flows through your 12 chakras, spinning your prana tube upwards into the Great Central Sun and downwards into the Great Mother’s Core Crystal. Visualize golden-white Light flowing in from above and below, activating your One Heart Centers. You feel this golden-white Light; the Love of Source energy from above and Gaia energy from below activating your One-Hearts; connecting you with the One-Heart consciousness of all others on planet Earth now. Acknowledging that the One-Heart is awakened only in those who are in Divine service to Gaia and Her human tribe.
Pleiadian Councils of Light direct you in a visualization which brings your chosen reality for Earth into fruition. Together, we heal the 2nd, 3rd & 4th dimensions of your reality now! Visualize your beautiful blue-green planet spinning in front of you, as though you were able to hold Her like a great ball between your 2 hands. Tune into the Core Crystal, deep in the center of the planet, and place your hands in a Namaste as you lovingly greet her. Send your love deep into Gaia’s heart now, acknowledging this great crystal as the source of all life within and upon Her surface.

As you pour your love into the Core Crystal, ask Her to send Her powerful Light through the second dimensional realm of Inner Earth.  Visualize Her blasting healing Light through the crystal and mineral kingdoms of Earth, the electromagnetic fields, through the lava flows & into the precious soil of your planet. Visualize the Inner Earth now filled with the Light emanating from the core crystal.  This cleansing is felt by the inhabitants of the Cities of Light within Gaia also.  They feel the love of all of you who unite through your One-Heart, energizing the core crystal in order to heal all dimensions of your planet.

Relax your hands into your lap, focusing on the third dimension now, drawing the Light from Gaia’s heart crystal above the Earth’s surface into the world in which you reside.  Feel powerful waves of Light from the Core Crystal healing the waters of Gaia – the rivers, lakes and oceans. Visualize Light streaming through the deserts, mountains & plains; through the air and the atmosphere of your world. Feel the Light of the Core Crystal, ignited by the love of your One-hearts bringing healing to the plants, animals and humans of Gaia now.

Finally, focus beyond your physical world, into the invisible fourth dimension – the dimension of the collective conscious & unconscious; the thought forms of all Earth beings. Visualize the Light from the core crystal dissolving the thought forms of the Piscean Age – transmuting all thought forms seeded in polarity which lead to separation consciousness & disempowerment.  As this old-world consciousness dissolves, thought forms of unity, peace, hope & love blossom in the New World!  Hold this in your One-Hearts now, a reality on Earth in which all are in peace; all know the Light, all know absolutely that we are all one!

Through this 3-step process in which you heal the second, third and fourth dimensions, you create a portal into the fifth dimension of Christ Consciousness!  Through your united One-hearts, you make Unity Consciousness accessible to all the people & beings of Earth! And so it is.

We are with you as you do this meditation in the lead-up to the 12.12.12 and Winter Solstice 2012 on Gaia. Namaste.

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