November 25, 2012

Dolores Cannon - Important Information 2012

and Past life regression using Dolores Cannon Quantum Healing Hypnosis – Session memo  [fragment]

This session took place 18 November 2012.

I was asked can the people in the new earth be aware of old earth and vice versa. I explained that it is same that if some people can see spirit side. I also continued that the people who are in this new earth cannot go back to old any longer. The ones who are in old one have window of progressing further into new. Then I was asked the time of the new earth when it all is progressed and I sow 2020 and then followed with years 2018 – 2016 - 2014. I was shown that year 2020 all is completed and all energy dimensions where shifted so much and further apart that you cannot no longer jump / roam between old and new earth dimensions (the steps in years 18, 16, 14, 12 are major milestones). I demonstrated this by putting two hands together and moving them / shifting those - the distance of hands remained the same but they no longer were in front of each other at 2020. Then I was asked about 21.12.2012 and I told that it is the moment when “floodgates of water” will be opened and the flood cannot be stopped - and it is the moment where we have targeted - the water represents here the light (number 140k humans was shown to be needed to have the flood effect happening. This continued with numbers 4444...). I cry a lot in this point of the session (for joy) since it was the point when I felt we accomplished the work. I was asked in which way a human may reach the consciousness level in order to move on new earth. I told it is much that individual allows others to do what they wish to do and I continued that another point is that one loves everybody – and bring on the example of poor beggar who needs the love too by all of us.

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