April 30, 2012

It will be only a beginning

 – Michael channeled by Ron Head, April 30,2012, Ron Head

We will take this opportunity to speak with you of upcoming events, dear friends. No, we are not going to give you any dates for these things. You know by now that we live in a dimension where all of these things have already manifested. You have created them in the now. Many misunderstandings have occurred because of this. So, for you these are potentials.

They are potential because you have the ability to change them still. As they approach on your timeline, their probability becomes greater and greater. Let us point out to you a few things which are approaching the point of becoming inevitable. We know that on the first day of Wesak, your May fifth, a world-wide visualization is being called for. This plus the energies of the planetary and astral alignments will propel many events toward their inevitable conclusions. We speak here of societal, financial, and more importantly, personal changes. We know most of you still feel that these outside events are of paramount importance. Yet we tell you once more that the changes that are occurring within each of you are the driving force behind everything else.

To us, each of those apparently external changes are reflections of internal victories already won by a sufficient number of you to have made a crucial difference. To repeat and expand upon something we have recently told you, this is the secret long obscured from your view, often at any cost. So, yes, watch what happens now around you. But know that it is only a reflection of who you have become. Celebrate it and keep your focus on the becoming. Marvelous though it may appear, it will be only a beginning. It will be only a reflection in your mirror.

Your rising self-worth, your true value, and your growing embodiment of your true selves are beginning to change the entire world upon which you live. This is no accident. It is supported by all the power of the Universe, all the power of the All-That-Is. The game has reached its conclusion, dear friends, and you have won. And, in the truth of your Creator, there are no losers. Reach inside now and find the one who has created this. Allow yourself to value the person you find there above anything else. This is not ego, dear ones. This is appreciation for what the Creator has fashioned and gifted to you. Go in love and peace now. We will speak tomorrow.

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