April 22, 2012

Doubts, fears, and anxieties

You still have doubts and anxieties about the inevitability of this great event

04/22/2012 by John Smallman

As the moment of your awakening approaches, many of you are feeling that continuing to hold the Light is draining your energy, because despite your faith you still have doubts and anxieties about the inevitability of this great event. This is very understandable because you have become accustomed to the disappointment of missed opportunities, missed meetings, and unrealized events or occurrences to which you had been looking forward with eager expectation. And you fear that you will once again be disappointed.

The illusion will always lead to disappointment; that is its nature, and because you have spent so much time in it you have come to expect that. But you are divinely created beings of enormous power, which means that you have the power to change the illusion and to awaken from it. Collectively, humanity is always changing the illusion by the very act of thinking about what is going on within it, although, because your thought processes are so conditioned by the illusion, what occurs often seems to be the complete opposite of what you hoped for and intended. Many of you, while hoping for the best, expect the worst and consequently, that is what it delivers.

Those who would control you encourage that line of thought as that is precisely what they are attempting to achieve – the worst (as you see it) – because they believe it strengthens their influence over you. It seems to you that there is little you can do individually to change things for the better and so you allow doubt, depression, and basically negative judgments and attitudes to occupy your minds. Doing this is giving away your power! – giving it away to those who claim to know what is best for you, and who create situations to encourage you to believe that this is so. And those attitudes encourage those with whom you interact to do the same.

This is a very strong, negative feedback-loop which you must, you can, and you will disable by firmly continuing to hold the Light. That is your task, your responsibility, and your reason for being earthbound at this moment in humanity’s evolution. You have all the spiritual assistance you need to overcome your doubts and fears, but you have to use it by holding the Light on high for all to see.
Be positive! Your awakening is divinely assured, and deep within yourselves you absolutely know this. So release your doubts – they are totally without validity – and breathe in the Love that awaits your acceptance of It. Love will then envelop you, brightening the Light that you carry, dispelling your doubts, and raising your energy levels.

When you release your doubts, even if you can only do so for short periods initially, your whole personality brightens, and those around you feel this. Think of a time when you heard a motivational speaker who raised your spirits, and realize that when you are without doubts, you too are a motivational speaker! And this uplifts and encourages others.
The purpose of holding your Light on high is to motivate yourselves, and all those with whom you interact, to awaken. As I said, you have the all help from the spiritual realms that you need in order to do this, but you too have to respond with the strong intent to awaken, because you have free will and you cannot and will not be coerced into doing so. God’s Will for you is that you use your divine gifts – free will, love, compassion, acceptance, forgiveness, and so on – as you truly desire. But you can only do this by releasing your doubts, fears, and anxieties, or any feelings that suggest to you that you are not truly worthy.

When you harbor those restrictive beliefs and cling to them, convinced that they are valid, you are allowing your ego to rule you, confirming your fears, and leading you to project judgment onto others and strengthening your own need to be right; and in that state what your ego tells you appears to be the truth, and your desire to follow its guidance seems to make total sense.
However, when you release those beliefs – and truly they no longer serve you – you will find yourselves feeling much freer. Your true desires will come to mind – your desires that are always in alignment with the divine. Open your hearts, allow Love to suffuse them, breathe It in, feel It filling your whole being – and understand how much God loves you.

With so very much love, Saul.

Wonderwall 22.4.12
I am Lady Nada of the 8th ray and I am pleased to bring you this message through my new channel at this time. If you are reading or listening to this message then you are well aware of the transition that planet Earth is going through. Things are moving along on schedule at this time, however, I sense there is quite a bit of impatience stirring among the lightworkers. Please understand that the events that are close to occurring must occur at just the precise time. The timing for these events is crucial due to the fact that the majority of the humans are not prepared for the events that are to occur. As you all know, the lower negative energies on your planet are being cleansed. This cleansing of negative energies is part of the process that will lead to the events unfolding at just the right time so the outcome will benefit everyone on Earth who is willing to work with Gaia and move into the higher dimensional energies with her. So we truly understand if you are becoming impatient and frustrated with the amount of time it is taking for these events to occur, but you have remained strong this far in the game. We know you can stay strong in your light as we approach the finish line, and the finish line is right around the corner. Your courage and unwavering strength is greatly appreciated and we applaud you all for the roles you are taking on at this momentous shift of the ages. It is not an easy one. We know that many of you who have been spreading this information have found themselves behind the 8 ball. Many of you have lost jobs, friends, and even family. If you could see how close you all are to achieving what you came here to do, you would be completely consumed with an overwhelming sense of pure joy. This joy is what you will feel when all the hard work you have been dedicating to this task pays off. Those friends and family members will be coming to you for answers. They will need your knowledge and light to comfort them when they have their dark night of the soul. When they realize all the energy they put into building their materialistic life has done nothing but leave them empty. It is you, the light workers who will carry the torch and lead the world into the golden age. Stand proud, for it is an honor to walk in your shoes. This is Lady Nada of the 8th ray, and remember, if you can dream it, you can do it.

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