April 9, 2012

AA Michael through Ron Head

9 April 2012

We feel, this morning, your need to better understand the emerging changes that are occurring. Many are asking, “Yes, but when? When?”

You have relied only upon you’re your five physical senses for so long that you do not perceive the change as strongly as you might. And you are being given very little to go on other than our messages. The reports you do see are not coming from sources that are ‘accepted’ by most of society. This, however, does not mean they are not true. Several of these sources are reporting information that is largely correct and they are doing their best to be truthful and accurate. Since they only report what they receive from ‘real’ sources, they are also dealing with a restricted supply of information and must sort out a great deal of misinformation. That is fine. Again we tell you we are not a news service. Our messages are meant to inspire and encourage you. They are also serving to change the dynamic of your collective consciousness.

This is in agreement with your higher selves and purpose. We cannot and will not do otherwise. However, we do tell you that there are available more and more signs that something major is happening. We understand that the word ‘soon’ has become one of your least favorite words. But soon is really not accurate any longer. Quietly, softly, slowly, and hidden are better descriptive terms now. You are going to receive undeniable confirmation very ‘soon’. There, we said it. At that point, the dike of media censorship will have been breached. And soon after that the need for security will be far less. When the information barrier is overcome, you may wish for the flow to slow down again.
In the meantime, please continue to hold your visions of your new world in your hearts. You truly are, did you but see it, the change makers here. We will continue to aid you in all you are doing. Good day, my dear friends.

We will speak now about channeled messages such as this one.  There are many methods of receiving channeled messages.  All of these are less than perfect, this is a given.  It serves in this time two purposes.  First, it is a way to convey information to you of course.  Second, it allows us to raise the frequencies of the channels by including higher and higher frequencies in the energies being sent to him or her.  You will see the results of this in almost all long time channels and they will be most happy to confirm it for you.  And as we mentioned previously this affects everyone.

We understand that it is almost impossible to find a perfect channel.  You are all, after all, still third dimensional beings.  We always recommend you use your heart’s discernment when you read these messages.  However it is not at all productive for you to try and compare channels as a source of news.  And your channels are not prophets.  Use the messages which make you feel good and loving to raise yourselves up and to inspire you.  That is the major reason they are sent to you.  Ultimately, each source either makes you feel good, or it does not.  If it does not, stop reading it.  If it truly is a channeled message, it will reach those for whom it is intended.  If it is not, it will, eventually, only reach those who are disposed to read such things.

Your decision need be only yours alone.  Your purpose should be to raise yourself, your energies, to a higher level.  We tell you that even if these messages don’t make you feel better please stop reading them.  And if they don’t resonate with a friend whom you show them to, then that is alright.  We are not in the business of competing with your newspapers for readership.  We are in the business of your ascension.

All that said, we wish you well now as you move fully into the energy of rebirth now on your planet.  Springtime is now fully upon you, and what is about to bloom will soon have you rejoicing.  Good day to you now.  We will return to happier topics tomorrow.

 2 April 2012
Adjustments have been made to the relative valuations of most of the currencies on your world.  This information is going to be almost impossible to contain.  It is the first step in bringing your abundance programs to you.

Other measures are very close to readiness.  Obviously we cannot risk their success by explaining more to you at this time.  No one has the complete picture, but if you follow the sources available to you, you will be able to have a fairly complete idea of what is happening.  Every attempt will likely be made to distract or dis-inform you.  If you can maintain your calm center, none of that will matter.  Holding a thought of the smooth and peaceful actualization of these changes will do wonders in helping to make that so.  Above all, maintain your calm and help others to do the same.
You are aware now that we have prevented by all means necessary the events that were meant to begin another world war.  We tell you now that no martial law or military coup is planned, regardless of what your fear mongers may try to tell you.  Much of the apparatus that has been built to control the populace will now be used to control those who built it.

Many people will need some help, in some places, and for a bit of time, as they have been kept unaware and are unprepared for these changes.  Please do what you can to help those around you.  The best case imaginable is that all will proceed smoothly and no problems will arise.  Indeed none will be insurmountable.  We are here to assure you of that.

These are the days when you will write the history that your future generations will speak of for eons of time.  Wear my shield and take my sword of Truth.  My light is on your path to show you the way.  These are steps which no one may take for you.  We may not deprive you of your rewards by interfering in your plans.  But your beginnings will initiate much help and support.  Maintain your peace, love, and calmness and you will emerge into a new world of your dreams, of your own making.  We share your anticipation.  Peace and joy be yours always.  Tomorrow, then.  Good day.

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