April 30, 2012

GFL 29.4.12 (Cheryl)

Discouragement, disappointment and uncertainty. These are all emotions based on fear. Fear has no place in the higher realms, so those of you who are experiencing these emotions at this time need to recognize these feelings for what they are, and ask for assistance in ridding yourselves of them. We can help you with this.

We realize that many of you are awaiting your own personal experience of first contact with us, many of you already have, and we have learned much from these initial contactees. Subsequent meetings will therefore be much more favorable, as there were many difficulties for us to overcome in arranging meet ups with you all, but experimentation with our technology upon your world has opened up many new options to us. So we anticipate that subsequent meetings will be a lot easier to organize and more beneficial to us all.

Fear not if the call has not yet sounded for you. There is ample time for these meetings to occur; the way that we view time as such, so do not panic if nothing has happened for you yet. With events occurring all over the globe, to remove and relocate the last of the Dark Cabal, the time for us to step up our visitations to Earth are about to increase.

We have been visiting the Earth for many, many of your lifetimes, and all of our visits were kept hidden from the general public. Many politicians and high ranking officials have met with us over this time, however, our constant refusal to submit to their limiting, selfish demands was not looked upon favourably. But as we said, the time for our presence being hidden is drawing to a close, and it is up to you - our ground crew, to increase the awareness of our presence to your fellow man. Hearts and minds are opening exponentially on a daily basis, but sadly, many still remain closed. Whether it be from fear, disinterest, or disbelief - all of these negative emotions need to be dispelled, as the vibrational energy of the Earth is on a constant rise, and negativity will only hinder this process. However, soon it will be difficult for people to express themselves negatively without undergoing a great deal of discomfort, as the Earth and the surrounding energies will just not make it possible any more.

We however, will not give up. It is our place to see as many of you ascend as possible. Those who are awakened and aware already know what is required of them, and for those of you who are newly awakened, the information you seek will come to you very quickly indeed, as we need as many of you as possible to be awake and fully functional, for the ascension process to run as smoothly as possible.
The next few months are going to appear to move along extremely rapidly from your point of view, as time itself will appear to be speeding up. Time is irrelevant on the higher realms, it is not even present, but as we are dealing with your realm, we would just like to assure you all that this process of time acceleration is in no way something to be feared.

Many of you will have noticed on your news programs and radio stations, that the wealth of the world is already in the process of being redistributed evenly amongst you all. You have all been held back, and kept down in a poverty like state for so long, while the ones in power benefited from your negative states and negative emotions as you struggled to survive your daily lives while being suppressed and controlled from so many angles. Know now that this suppression has come to an end, and the commencement of your new, more enriched and enhanced lives has already begun.

Many of you experience the positive effects of the higher realms on a daily basis, and most of you will have, by now, been given an insight as to what it is going to feel like when you do ascend. There is much to look forward to and still we have many tasks to perform until the ascension process is complete. We have told you that we will be there with you all throughout the whole ascension process, right up to and including the final day, but by then, we will have also ensconced ourselves into your planet, and our presence will be commonplace.

This is a very exciting time indeed for us all, we ask that you remain aware and positive. Changes are coming and will be more profound than you have been allowed to consider from your until now,suppressed 3rd dimensional view point. Many new, previously unfelt feelings will be discovered by you all soon, as you prepare physically and mentally for the planets elevation into the 5th dimension. Embrace and allow these new feelings to envelope you,as they will be based on love, an emotion that is a given on the 5th dimension.

Keep listening for our words, as we still have much information to share with you. Stay focused, stay positive and stay happy, and just by living your life in this positive state will you do much to assist the planets vibrational energy.Many of you worry that you do not know as yet the task that you were sent here to perform, but know that by constantly living your life in a heightened state of happiness and love, you are already contributing a great deal more than you realize.
We send you our continued love and light.

We are the Galactic Federation of Light.

As channeled through Star-Gazer Cheryl.

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