October 4, 2012

We Revel at the Strides you are Making

Channeled through Wes Annac - High Pleiadian Council, 3 October 2012

As you find yourselves reaching the strides that your move through physicality is seeing you reach, you are finding that the etheric aspects of higher dimensional consciousness are beginning to merge with your physical and conscious perspective.

Whereas before many of you had awaited your dreamtime experience for the most metaphysical of interactions to occur before you, you are finding now that your physical Lives are becoming ripe with the higher dimensions as they become more prevalent on your world. With the dates that you dear souls have reached along your ever-important Cosmic Calendar, the energy delivering your ascension to you is being seen to but we must stress that it is your job to integrate and absorb this energy unto and within yourselves, dear souls.

It is your job to absorb the energy you are being given and to work through the still-prevalent patterns of ego in
yourselves that can tend to inhibit the higher dimensional soul growth of any soul who still employs them.
Ego is a very tricky thing and will come to you in ways and forms that you dear souls would least expect, and while we and a plethora of other ascended souls have been working from our positions to help deliver your ascension to you and to help deliver the physical events that will be preceding your ascension, as always your acts upon your surface are what are most important.

You dear souls have come to this wonderful world for a reason, and your reason has been to anchor energies of a vast purity unto yourselves and unto your dear Gaia so that you and She alike could absorb these energies and ultimately benefit from them as Gaia makes Her final moves out of the third dimension. No matter where your ascension is and will be taking you at this time, we can feel that you dear souls can feel that it will be a good place; as where you are going is quite literally your definition of heaven.

The ‘gold-lined streets’ that have been said to exist upon an etheric heaven are quite real and prevalent among the ascended cities existing within your sky and you will find as well that our Motherships will give you a very good display of the heaven that you are heading toward with your continual evolution.

We say this in this manner because our Motherships are meant to be homes, information hubs, centers for much group spiritual activity [and much more] and we have sections of our ships reserved for meeting halls and such, as we decide what to do about events relating to your world and to a plethora of other worlds whom we are assisting in attaining ascension at this time.

 [The ascension of] your world is a very big part of the ascension of the entire Universe and we have made it our ‘prime directive’ so to speak (1) to assist all of you on each and every planet to ascend into the states of consciousness that we are happily existing within and as.

You dear souls are finding vast awakenings within yourselves that are unparalleled throughout a plethora of past Lives you have experienced upon the Earth, as you have [thus far] been acting and growing according to and along your predetermined Life paths.

In this final Life you are all experiencing before the closing of your cycle of Pisces and your awakening to the beautiful and magnificent Age of Aquarius as it has been branded, you are now being led to break the predetermined methods of Living and being that you had willingly existed in throughout a plethora of Lifetimes within the lower dimensions.

Your missions at present are quite literally to break through the constraints that you have placed upon yourselves and to realize that while such constraints maintained you and worked well for you in the past, you are simply outgrowing them now and the energies being gifted to your planet in pure abundance are setting the stage for the collective attaining of ascension and the collective absorbing of your ascension energies.
This collective absorption is going to be aided supremely by the openings of various gates of energy in very clear ways in your skies, and we can say happily that what has thus far been branded science-fiction or at the very least, natural phenomena on your world will be discovered and understood for exactly what it is.
The gates of energy that are beginning to be opened on your world are on a full and rapid, set course to open themselves and while the mass opening of gates is indeed something that needs to and will be happening so very soon, we say that humanity must be prepared on many different levels for the opening of these gates so that you dear souls are not too startled or overwhelmed.

It can be akin to the fact that we are not yet able to show ourselves openly in the blink of an eye [without an initial disclosure] because many dear souls would, out of a sheer misunderstanding of our presence on your world and of our intentions, react fearfully and would aim such energies at us, which would bring us down exponentially and this is [one reason] why we have not yet become openly known on your world.

In the same vein, the opening of various gates around your world which is indeed to happen in a mass, collective fashion with such gates; these openings are going to seem quite ‘out of nowhere’ which is why humanity will need to be informed of them ahead of time so that you can all begin to prepare yourselves for the opening of such gates.
As always dear souls, there is no set timeframe for the opening of these gates and if there was, it would not yet be reported for necessary reasons of keeping certain revelations about the incoming Light energies and about the openings of these portals away from the dark souls on your world, but we ask you to look toward the dates along your Calendar that are to see purer and purer energies gifted to you each time along such dates, while noting as well that in every single moment the energy you are being gifted is increasingly pure, every time you receive it.
Try to understand, dearest beautiful souls, that there truly is little time left to continue in old and outdated ways of being.

No dear soul is ever judged for simply being on a different path but the actions of the third dimension are no longer resonating with your Earth-structure and with a steadily-larger portion of your collective who is increasingly realizing the need to end war, violence, destruction and separation of any kind. You will find, dear souls, that separation has been the biggest factor holding you back as a collective.

Yes, many of you dear souls are finding individual awakenings and you are applauded heavily for you efforts thus far but it is time for the collective of humanity to understand your integrated, interconnected nature and it is time for the separation that has been bred out of an unknowing of your connected nature, to come to an end as you all have much work to do as a group entity, repairing your dear Mother.

Earth already has many Councils existing within the Galactic Federation and we are one such Council who has worked with your Earth many times. Many of us have taken a plethora of Lives on your world and some of us consider ourselves as both Pleiadian and Earthly souls of this Galaxy by nature.

You are to realize in the time ahead how linked your Earth is with our world Erra and many of you could perhaps already realize how liked our star system is with yours. We are very close with humanity and we wish you dear souls to know that you are very close with each other.

You are an interconnected collective of souls who have simply forgotten your connected nature and as a result, have fed a mass separation that has been instigated by the dark souls on your world.
The subtle and not-so-subtle stereotypes that are played upon in your media in various different avenues are quite fabricated and you are seeing in general, a purposeful continuation of the old which is meant to discourage you dear awakening souls and is meant to make you think that events on your world are simply churning along as usual. We can tell you with the advent of many recent developments which are to solidify certain plans set forth, that things are certainly not moving on in the old fashion that they have been.

We have been largely preparing ourselves to make open contacts on your world and we understand as well that humanity will need to be informed a little bit before our [widespread] presence can be accepted. There is a plan set forth at present that is being carefully worked-on and adjusted accordingly with each development, and this plan calls for a very brazen event to occur on your world [after an initial disclosure] that could shock the collective into understanding and becoming open to the truth of the higher realms and the truth of the metaphysical in general.
We must be very careful about the manifestation of this event and we are relying heavily on the opening of various stargates and portals to assist this event but again, even that manifestation must be one that requires explanation and discussion before and after it manifests. (2)

As you can see dear souls, there are quite a lot of factors in play for the issuing of disclosure and our landing on your world and we assure you with Love and our hearts and a knowing in ourselves and in yourselves as well, that there are a myriad of beings assisting your world at present and our plans are being seen-to in a manner that will ensure their complete success.

A large part of the initial ‘event’ could in fact include a decloaking of our ships, but as such plans are not yet solidified we stress that this is only one possible plan for this event. We had indeed planned a possible decloaking during your Olympics and the dark souls knew this, which is one of many reasons they took to the Olympics as a display of their ‘power’; to subconsciously scare you dear awakening and unawakened souls alike and to subconsciously program you with symbolism, in a manner that was meant to make you understand their presence on your world which they have tried for so very long to keep occult.

By spreading rumors of a possible false-flag [alien invasion] that the dark did indeed wish to orchestrate but that they knew would not be allowed to happen due to meetings they had with us shortly before such events; by starting such rumors the awakened collective would also be subconsciously programmed in a way that would see many put in a limited state [by shifting focus out of balance] and would see you that much more unable to ready yourselves for a possible decloaking of our ships during such time.

It was necessary that souls of the higher realms come through to assure you dear souls that such [false-flag] events were not going to happen as they wouldn’t be and weren’t allowed to commence, and it was hoped by the Ascended Masters that their issuing of a reminder that such events would not happen would help to put you dear souls in the right direction so that you could go about absorbing the energies of our ships, were we to decloak them.
We were looking toward the Olympics as a possibility and in the end, we used the collective [energy] levels to determine whether or not a decloaking was a good idea.

We did indeed show ourselves during the opening ceremonies of your Olympics and the dark souls very adamantly took to denouncing such sighting and purveying false evidence to support their claims that we were not in your skies during the opening ceremonies. We absolutely were and the reason for our presence during such a time was to determine how the unawakened collective and the awakened collective alike would feel upon witnessing a starship.
The very prevalent factor during the Olympics was that we did not want to put you dear souls in a state of fear or shock, and we had planned and still plan upon the inevitable and eventual decloaking of one of our ships in your skies, to utilize a healing and a calming energy which has been discussed before, that would and will be radiated out to you dear souls so that you do not fear our presence as much as many of you otherwise could.

The dark souls are ‘preparing’ you for disclosure so to speak in that that are attempting to program humanity subconsciously into fearing us by broadcasting continually, an array of ‘alien invasion’ related movies [and television shows] and an array of movies concerning us in general. They are indeed attempting to open up your perceptions to the very idea of us and our presence, but not for an ultimately positive purpose.

The dark souls wish to open your minds and hearts to the idea of us so that they can further fill your chakras with an array of fear-based energies toward us. They wish for you dear souls to, upon the disclosure of our existence and upon our landing on your world, think that we have ulterior motives and intentions or at the very least, that we are ‘scamming’ humanity.

They want you dear souls to feel that we are a malevolent outside force that is utilizing your world for Her resources, just as the negative extraterrestrial races who had taught your dark what they know were intent upon.
Such races are no longer allowed upon your world but the dark souls will be and have been using their media and subconscious programming to attempt to convince you dear souls that we are such entities, but our presence upon your world and our issuing of communications to humanity [via worldwide media] that will have our very same energy attached to them as is attached to our communications; such a revealing of ourselves will show you dear souls that we have no malevolent intent upon your world.

We have been observing you for your entire history; at times intervening to help you find pure states of consciousness and at times simply letting your collective and individual Life paths pan-out as you found the higher realms and broke through distortions in yourselves that resulted in your finding of such realms.

While we Love you all so very dearly and we strongly wish we could simply whisk you away to the realms of the fifth dimension; this is simply not how we work and would be against decrees set out for us by souls who have an even purer perspective of matters upon your world than we do, and such souls know fully the proper course of action in relation to our presence upon your world becoming widely-known and in relation as well to the decloaking of our ships.

We are again, to utilize a special brand of healing [and calming] energy upon decloaking our ships and the calm energy we will be giving from our ships which will as well be radiated-out by a select few souls who have subconsciously made it their mission to do so upon our ships becoming decloaked; this energy will in no way force you into a complacency or submission, but it will rather enable even those of you with the most locked-up of hearts and minds to simply see matters from a different perspective.

Those on your world who have been subconsciously taught and programmed to fear us or to automatically assume that since we are a perceived outside force on your world, we must have some type of malicious intent, will instead be able to have a bit of a Lighted perspective of the matter and will naturally lead themselves upon discovering such a perspective to enable a bit more trust in us and a bit less fear of us, which will have a wonderful effect on your collective energies.

Couple this with the many, many Lightworkers who have been waiting and waiting for our presence to be made known on your world and who will be adding to the marvelous array of positive and uplifting energies upon our presence being made known, and we do indeed feel that the events which are to be brought forth in the immediate period ahead are in fact going to go quite smoothly.

These events are going to go smoothly because they have been planned to, and while you dear awakening souls have been showing as well that you are indeed capable of handling an evolutionary experience on your own without our intervention, such intervention [is still being given] to make the playing-field fair so that you dear souls can undergo your experiences without meeting an ultimate destructive event that would be caused by the dark souls on your world who do not wish to see your collective ascension played-out.

You dear Lightworkers and Light Holders will be offered an amazing array of cleansing and healing energies upon our presence being made known on your world and we ask you to begin aiming your meditative efforts toward the decloaking of us and our ships in your skies, even moreso than many of you have already been doing.

Our presence upon your world will be the natural result of strides that you dear souls have reached along your growth, as was so with the various civilizations of your past whom we have contacted and helped to initiate themselves into purer states of consciousness and perception.

You dear souls will have reached the collective and individual energetic strides along your Life paths that will see our presence accepted as the energies backing these events will reach even the most hardened of unawakened souls and while there may indeed still be fear and mistrust garnered toward us in the immediate period ahead, whenever we begin sharing our technology and helping all on your dear world to attain the abundance of finance and the abundance of Life alike that many have not yet been given, we anticipate that the fear and mistrust will be shrunken-down and our calming energies during the initial ‘event’ will help this to come about.

You dear souls are Loved infinitely and beyond measure, and as we issue our communications for you all to absorb through your temples and receive a clearer view of your immediate future as a result, we revel at the strides you are making, as does every soul throughout these higher realms.

You are finding your fourth and fifth dimensional states of consciousness coming to you with more ease upon each realization of your inherent Multidimensional consciousness, and we have quite enjoyed watching and being a part of the always-decreed ascension of your world that is playing out in wonderful and glorious leaps and bounds at this time.

You dear souls are feeling the expansions in yourselves at this point and those of you who are not yet feeling such expansions are to feel them exponentially in the time ahead as you progress further along your Lives and while you are connected to our specific energies at present, we say that the Ascended Collective is truly infinite in number and has been watching and assisting humanity for longer than you dear souls could fathom at present.
We watch you dear souls and attempt to get ahold of you if we can and if we cannot, we simply wait for a time wherein you would be more understanding of our [immediate] presence and wherein you would be more able to perceive of the message that we are giving many of you.

Through your intuition, we will nudge you toward specific thoughts or actions in your Lives that are ultimately meant for your growth as a dear, evolving soul. Many of you who are beginning to wish for contact with us will find such contact garnered for you in the time ahead, as you work through the veils in yourselves that would otherwise inhibit such contact and upon doing so you find an inherent, expanded and opened-up part of yourselves that has been ready for this contact all along.

You have numerous helper-guides around you at this point who take many different forms. Some of these dear souls are around many of you at any given time that you will benefit from their presence around you, and such souls are blessing the area around you all and are helping you to clear-out your auric field with such blessing.

Other [guides] are stationed within your chakras which are opening up and expanding at this point, and the goal is to assist you in opening these chakras and to help you find the resulting expansion of your channels. You will find that the number of us souls who are assisting you at this time goes far beyond what you would expect and we are all playing different roles which are aligned with helping you to attain a collective and individual ascension.

As we make our final impressions for this communication and express our gratitude to our scribe for the lending of his energies to merge with ours and form this communication, we express that you are to be taught so very much in the time ahead about the nature of Living within dimensions purer than physicality and about the structure of our [ascended] planets as well and how they adhere and conform to higher dimensional structures of reality. You will not need to breathe, eat, drink or even see physically in the realms of the fifth dimension and everything simply is.
You will find an expanded perception that will see you naturally ‘seeing’ hearing’ and feeling things in an entirely-new way and in a way that is at present, quite unfathomable to you dear souls. While you are still undergoing the lessons of breaking through your limited selves at this point, we tell you that at your very heart and core you are unlimited and infinite beings.

Thank you to the Pleiadian High Council.

(1)- I will have to admit to not knowing what this phrase meant at all whenever it was used and when I looked it up, I found that not only was it used in quite the proper context by our friends within the PHC – it is also a reference to the television show Star Trek! Go figure! [I am not an avid fan of Star Trek and know nothing about it.]
(2)-It seems that what’s being said here is that a part of disclosure could be the decloaking of ships and the opening of various energy gates around our world, but even those manifestations must require a bit of initial discussion so that humanity is only slightly shocked into awareness, and not shocked into violence or hate against our star brethren.
It seems that the Galactics could be relying slightly on the manifestation of such things but they remind us that there must be a bit of initial disclosure before decloakings and energy gate-openings can be accepted.

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