October 30, 2012

Speak with Kindness and Gratitude

Ascended Master, El Morya’s Weekly Message 

Channeled by: Julie Miller, October 30, 2012
Each of you are well aware of the importance on language, what is understood and how you relate to others. It is very important how you sound. Your tone indicates many things including your level of confidence. In addition to your tone is how articulate you are and the choices of words you choose to express yourself and help to increase trustworthiness with your listeners. We communicate to many of you silently, yet the truly focused ones do hear us through the messages we leave through the heart. You though communicate greatly through how you speak and from the words you choose to say. By actively listening you learn to read if another is tired, feeling anxious or even insecure just by the tone of their voice. Too often judgments are made regarding another’s educational background and financial position based on the articulation and choice of words.
It is important dear ones to be aware of how you sound when you speak even while under stress. It is often witnessed under stressful situations; harsh words are spoken and heard through words and tone. More often than not, you are not breathing in a manner that supports your ability to come to a peaceful mindset. Breath-work dear ones have much benefit in more than stabilizing one’s body during meditation and fasting. Practicing deep breathing helps to bring calm before you speak and this is encouraged to learn. Hurting others through negative word choices does not demonstrate your God Presence dear ones. It is crucial to pick up on your own inner body’s cues on your own feelings, learning when you might becoming agitated before you say something you very well could regret. You cannot truly take back what is said, but what does evolve most definitely holds a lesson or two.
Spiritual leadership is role that utilizes your charisma and power in a balanced combination that comes through your tone, speech and the words you choose to express to others in order to motivate other dear souls that at any time seek your council. Each of you has the ability to be teacher and student during different times of your journey. These hats are interchangeable and depend on where your path has lead you and what you need to clarify that brings you to a specific person. Understand dear ones; you cannot rely only on your thoughts and philosophies to express your strengths and character for you. When your voice is strong and confident, with clear articulation tells many you are comfortable with yourself and with others. It also tells others you are accustomed to bringing forth positive outcomes from difficult situations.
Yes it can be hard to change your vocal style, but nothing is impossible we know this. As you accustom yourself using more positive words and expressing your thoughts in a well-organized manner, you will notice yourself becoming more confident and the conversations you have will adapt as well as you bring in different vocabulary. The best place to practice changing the tone of your voice is not while working. Better practice places are going through the checkout, when you are on the telephone with someone you know, in front of the mirror to see your facial expressions, etc. Strengthening your vocal tone dear ones requires both physical and mental adjustments.
We do have some ideas that will help improve your vocal tone. Ensure if you are sitting you are sitting straight to allow energy to move through you and for good air flow. Breathe deep, it’s okay if you need to pause before you speak. Work at reducing tension in and around your mouth and jaw. Learn to strengthen your pitch, make an effort to not sound monotone; pace your words as well as you can. When you interact with another even if you do not know them well, treat them with the same respect as you would as if they were a trusted friend. Make sure to never undervalue yourself or miscalculate who is talking with you and listening to your words. When the other person talks, always answer or reply with genuine care and compassion. Understand dear ones every interaction even if they are not person-to-person is significant. Everything has purpose.
When you express loving kindness to your speech dear ones you bring yourself to the knowledge that is inside of you that encourages you to cease from using harsh language and to engage in kindly speech instead. Speech that is kind is an expression of your God Presence in action dear ones. When you are expressing yourself with kindness you are not being superficial, rather you are demonstrating positive emotions through your actions and words. Love, generosity, compassion, and joy can be noticed by others if you allow this dear ones to be recognized through your actions, speech and written word. Your positive emotions can be developed while meditating and from practice you might even develop a habit of rejoicing in other people’s good qualities and good deeds instead of criticizing on the negative. More dear souls grow from positive words of encouragement rather negative judgments and condemnations.
Yes you can create a habit of giving praise and encouraging others. We see many dear souls passing blame, criticizing, complaining and so forth because it is easier to find faults than to see the good points. This dear ones helps to build a substantial package of negativity that is full of unenlightened kindness but through your own conscious choices you can turn this around dear ones and make your speech work effectively for you.  Open your hearts dear ones and express your gratitude, friendliness and encouragement with strong, positive and kind words. When you speak in kind and with gratitude you are forbidding yourself from being drawn into complacency.
Each day you are presented with many fortunate opportunities to improve your speech and your relationships with others. Make the effort dear ones to maintain a positive mood to your vocal or written message that expresses your God Presence through love and kindness. When you are home with yourself, ONE with you, you then fully understand all your traits and what you have mastered. Knowing what you have mastered is your opportunity to show others in a way that is helpful and non-biased. What you have not yet mastered is work in progress, and you know you will fulfill each part of your journey in time. Develop yourself and watch yourself grow.
Observe yourself dear ones; be aware of the effectiveness of your speech and its effect on others. Ask yourself, “Are you speaking from your God Presence?” When you speak in kindness, love and compassion you are sharing God’s love and that dear ones is a beautiful gift to be sharing.
I AM Ascended Master, El Morya through Julie Miller

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