March 26, 2012

Sightings of our crafts to increase

Beloved Family of Lightworkers, I trust your work, all you are doing is good and do not have doubts, because we constantly send you our thoughts / ideas. We do not want you feeling doubtful at all, because you are always doing well. People who have to reach your work, will do so, because they will be sent to it by the Hands of the Creator.
Dear Ones, no doubt the sightings of our crafts are increasing, and we have already received the authorization from the Regent of Love of your planet (Jesus). He asked us just to be cautious because you know that our coming closer can still cause damage to your bodies that are still adapting to the new energies / frequencies. Soon, we will be flying lower and you will be able to spot us easily and there will be no manner of denying it. Our main targets will be Europe and America ... The capital cities will be chosen because they have a massive number of those who belong to the cabal, and we will do this as a form of direct protest to our many requests that have been denied by them. In fact, we do not want them to think that we are defying them but understand their time is up and the Light is in charge. Jesus is leading us and often urges us to be cautious.
As for time, we intend to be active at all times ... We are often in meetings in our Mother ships, to discuss the best time ... or shall we say, the “X” time.
 We will start with small ships and small fleets, then we will increase them gradually until we have a large enough number so as to not leave any doubt. There will be people who will come into despair even after our many warnings, there will be people who do not accept us, not even let us show our true intentions to your world. There will be people who will think openly that we are a threat to their beliefs, but this should be respected simply because the Creator has plans for everyone.
 In the days following the sightings of these fleets, we will land at some points, and some members of the Galactic Federation who are on Earth, will come on board of our ships and they will receive instructions on how they should proceed the following days.
And so the days will follow with sightings of small fleets ... We will be flying lower, and it will be possible to see the windows of our ships. We can say that sometimes we will open the hatches (the doors and windows ...) This procedure is still being discussed by us in meetings where the Regent of Love is always there to guide us (Jesus).

Now, Dear Ones, we understand the anxiety of people who want more concrete evidence, and they are tired ... We just ask you a little bit more patience and to be attentive to the great capitals of Europe ... We have one of our Mother ships stationed above one of these capitals and several small crafts within it and we are waiting only for the higher endorsement for showing up. Do not worry about the timetables as anyway all of you will be aware of it. We are seizing the media’s control where we can spread the warnings without the cabala’s interference that is just ending.
 As for Disclosure, at least most of the people are already prepared / ready in spirit. All the ones who are today on Earth were alerted / prepared before the current incarnation, however deep inside everyone is already awaiting our arrival. There are still people who are still clinging to their ego, and even after our arrival they will be reluctant to accept us, but it's only a matter of time, because we will bring the Light and Truth that will dispel any doubt / fear / insecurity that remains within these people.
As already mentioned by SaLuSa, although there are people with high levels of energy and that even so want to remain in duality and we in no way would interfere with their decisions as we honor and we love each one of them. We believe and trust in the loving kindness of the Creator who is always giving opportunities to all souls. Keep quiet and act calmly, everything is fine, as it is expected.
Regarding the recording of the sightings at low altitude it will not be necessary, not even the technical means that you have today because they will fly at an altitude that will make our presence undeniable and that, in fact, we are real beings and not the fruit of your imagination. Many will shoot and record them... But just as a hobby, or to show someone they have achieved something unprecedented, because these sightings will be continuous until landing. There is no need even to do these recordings because they will be evident.
Next, we will also have opportunity to speak to the world about our true intentions and we will broadcast through all TVs, radios, mobile phones, land lines,  we will use all your communication satellites for that, and then we will begin the landings as mentioned above.
We will start with small fleets, where the first ships to land are those that have family members currently on Earth, and we are referring to  Pleiadians, Capelians, Vegans, Sirians ...

Soon after, thousands and thousands of our ships will make mass landings, under the guidance of the territorial regent of Love (Jesus).We state herewith that all this will happen in the coming months, and we now ask you only a little more of your patience, because we are as anxious as any of you.

We know you are tired, it is normal after thousands of years of struggle. I say thousands of years, because you have spent a lot of time walking this path back to the Source, where on other occasions you have had the same opportunity, not as direct as now, as the Earth will ascend anyway, but the opportunity to free yourselves from the duality due to free will always be respected by us, and you have made your choice ... We give you the magical and catastrophic example of Atlantis ...

Magic - because many did ascend. Tragic - because many lost the opportunity of ascending, and many of them are now here looking forward to this new opportunity. In the depths of their minds they feel they will not let it escape. The anxiety comes from long ago, due to having been waiting for thousands of years...
Now the wait is over, we have arrived and you are with your feet inside our Mother ships, which in fact are also yours. You are our family on Earth, you are our members we left here to experience duality and now we came back to be in touch with you once again. We are so full of joy as well as you for this reunion, and the emotion is not what you  feel now, but that will come later ... Beloved, follow with calm, all is going well, and do not worry, we're in control, everything is going as it should be.
I am grateful to my dear Gabriel for the opportunity to speak to all of you.
I leave my deepest gratitude for your support over all these thousands of years. I thank you on behalf of the Galactic Federation and Ashtar Command, and I could not forget to thank the loving presence of the Sublime Ruler of Love (Jesus), our brother in Light.
 Be at peace, be with my peace. 
Ashtar Command through Gabriel

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