March 7, 2012

Planetary Ascension

Laura Tyco – TAUK Message from God 6 March 2012 

Laura: I would like to know how much longer will it take until Planetary Ascension, if it were possible to have an idea about that, please?
God: Yes of course, it is a burning question, on the mind of many beings at the moment, none the least on Planet Earth’s mind. You know she is a fully awaken and alive being, don’t you? Her desire to be restored in her pristine form is burning, so to speak. You have noticed the activity seen on her surface is more and more a threat for life on her surface. Of course, she has a strong desire and need for purification from many negative sources on her surface. Some of her manifestations are reactions to human lack of responsibility towards her, while others are triggered by technology stolen from your space brothers and used in order to create an atmosphere of chaos and fear among you. I know none of this is news for you, of course.

What you may not be aware of is that by creating earthquakes, tornadoes, tsunamis, and other seemingly natural disasters, those who are interested only in keeping you in your most primary and basic state of emotions, such as fear, anger despair, are in fact contributing to planetary Ascension by clearing blockages inside of the Earth’s atmosphere, mantle and tectonic plates. So while their objective is in one way met, Earth’s objective for Ascension is also being speeded up with their stolen technology.
There will come one moment when the changes will be sudden, it will look like all you have fought for has been lost, but you must not despair at this moment. Every time when you feel anger, pain, fear, and just lost, you shall remember to remember yourself, by reconnecting with your inner strength. In the past there have been many civilisations, such as the Egyptians and the Tibetans, who had a working system of automatically reconnected with who they are. They created artificial means for conserving this light within their lives. Most of this knowledge has been entirely lost to common people.
And there has been a need for bringing highly elevated souls into existence on planet Earth given the large numbers populating the planet at this time. These people have been selected to be born to Human families, sometimes for many generations and life times in preparation for the time upon us. These are very old souls, with much spiritual knowledge. They are here in order to help you rediscover that lost knowledge and of course to spread their high level of consciousness around them. Their vibrations are needed in the darker places of the planet, and their presence alone is like a beacon of light around them and for Mother Earth.
Your question concerning “when” is understandable. What I would like to say is that we are well under way concerning planetary Ascension. In a manner of speaking, what matters more “how” to achieve planetary Ascension. As a guide, the moment you will feel more stressed, less confident, is the moment when you will need to reconnect with your inner light. This moment will provoke thousands and perhaps even millions of souls to awaken simultaneously, sending across the globe thousands of vibrations awakening all their brothers, sisters and this will help their Mother Earth in the last push necessary for her global Ascension. So be ready to act your part from today on, as the tipping point can be achieved at any point from now on. Remember to be here at the time the outside circumstance would seem at their worse and use this moment for the great moment of unity required to achieve what you are all here to do.
Laura Tyco
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