March 21, 2012

Connecting Heart and Mind

 Important technique!

By Dr Suzan Caroll

Arcturians, March 17 2012

In just a few months, all that you have waited for will be here.

Therefore, we wish to instruct you on how to align the frequency of your human self with the frequency of your Galactic SELF.

You can best create this alignment by directing your thoughts to believe you are Galactic while you center your emotions on the feeling of unconditional love emanating from us, your Galactic Family. In this manner, you can better listen to our voice, see our presence with your imagination and feel us within your aura. With this intimacy of contact we, human and galactic, are ONE Being resonating to two frequencies of reality.

Now, connect your Heart and Mind by feeling our love while thinking of your Galactic SELF as you inhale our multidimensional light. Observe how our light shoots up into your Homeworld and down into Gaia.

We ask you now to focus on this Light to see your Galactic Lightbody standing in front of you. Look into the eyes of this higher expression of your Multidimensional SELF and know that we are ONE.
Feel the touch of your Galactic Lightbody’s hand as it caresses your heart and touches your forehead, and experience the gentle rush of energy flowing between your human and Galactic SELF. Remain within this image as long as possible…
While you maintain this connection, recognize the doubts of your Ego and say, “I love you Ego. Please join our Galactic SELF. You know that your ego’s thoughts are just a habit that arises from our unconscious.

To better hear your unconscious, release ALL judgment of your Ego and say again, “I love you Ego. Please join our Galactic SELF.” Continue to lovingly note any 3D, ego thinking, and remember that judging yourself only reinforces that habit. Therefore, be conscious of your Ego thinking in a detached and accepting manner.

Be patient, as in order to release all ego, you must release all fear. Fear=Ego and Ego=Fear. Ego is not your enemy. It is just a primitive frequency of humanity that only exists in the third and fourth dimension. Ego is much like the white part of the egg, as it feeds the embryo until the chick is ready to break out of the egg. If you can recognize your ego having fear, then you can remember to Surrender that fear to your  Soul.

The difficult part is to remember to recognize when your ego is in control. Basically, if you perceive your self as human, your ego will be YOU. On the other hand, if I perceive your self as your Galactic SELF, then your SELF is in control and ego is the pilot for your earth vessel.
Hence, instead of being your human self and listening to your Galactic SELF, BE your Galactic SELF talking to your human self. Because your Galactic SELF resonates to the fifth dimension and beyond, he/she/it will be speaking to you in the plural of unity consciousness:
Our dear Earth Self,

As our earth vessel holds a higher and higher resonance we connect directly heart to heart. However, we ask you to be patient for you are recovering from wounds that you have suffered in myriad third dimensional earth lives. Thus, we are sending love along with this message to assist with your healing. As you continue to download and integrate our light and love, your Third Dimensional Operating Systems that are still on-line will be replaced with your Multidimensional Operating Systems.
We anticipate that this upgrade into higher frequency neural patterns will be complete within about six months of your time. However, since time is an illusion, your neural circuitry may be transmuted sooner. In fact, within our NOW, your form is fully transmuted, which is why we are hovering directly in front of you. Every time you recognize our presence in your aura, for we are IN your aura, your process of transmutations exponentially accelerates your transmutation into Lightbody.
Take a long breath and breathe us into your heart and mind…

As you breathe-in our frequency, your heart opens and your mind expands enough to release all fear-based concerns. You can release old fears now because your inhale is pulling up old patterns of third dimensional programing, which you will fully release with your exhale.
When you exhale twice as long as you inhale, you can better complete the release of fear-based, third dimensional programing. Please try this breathing now…
Now try having two exhales for your one inhale. Inhale to pull up the old programing…
  •  Then, use the first breath of your exhale to release that programing…
  • Use the second breath of your exhale to stabilize the higher circuitry that is instantly activated by the release of fear-based thoughts…
Now, inhale again to pull up more old programs,  hold your breath to FEEL the emotional aspect of this program,  and exhale in two breaths…
The first exhale releases the old programing.  The second exhale integrates the new programing.

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