December 1, 2011

How to sign Disclosure Petition II

Dear Ones,

I would be very obliged if you kindly translate the Petition II that has been launched today and it is important that you join the instructions to sign as many have difficulty in understanding it in English.
Maria Luisa and Steve

 Instructions to Sign the Petitions:
Disclosure Petition II:    

To sign this petition is very simple,
Read the petition and if you agree:

Click on "Create an Account",
Will open an small blue window where you need to put the following data:
First Name: -------------
Last Name: -------------
E-mail address: --------
If you live in U.S:
City: --------------
State: ------------
Zip code: --------

If you live abroad:
City: --------------
Zip Code is optional.

Now you just need to write the words displayed in the text box, if you can't understand the information, click on "get a new challenge" to create a new word and write them on the empty space.

Finally click on "Register", and in couple seconds you will receive an confirmation email from the site.
Open your email account and open the confirmation email from the White House, there you will find an address similar to this one:
Copy and paste it on your browser's address box and press Enter.

Now you just need to sign the petition clicking on "Sign this Petition".

Next time that you sign in on the White House web site, you will need to use the password that you received in the your confirmation letter when you were registering.

Thank you for your help,
Mateus Carvalho

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