December 28, 2011

High Council of Orion - 28th december

We come to further support and guide as all are now beginning to turn their thoughts inwards, for many the dawning of a new calendar year is a time of deep thinking and we are here to help you detach from this teaching and show you how to illuminate the path that you are walking on. We guide all to detach from the physical calendar that you keep as a reference point, for many that calendar is already breaking down and many are now struggling to put into context what is unfolding across the planet. The frustration that many feel is the dissolving of the old energies. These are all around you, within you and before you. We guide not to judge for that is not our role, we guide to alert you to that which is so obvious many don’t look at it.

We are here to guide and to show you the answers that you have inside of you. Many are complaining about timeframes and lack of movement, so fixated on the calendar and the constraints of the old energies they are not seeing what is in front of them. For change is here, it starts within you, for those who are seeing nothing but “same” and hearing nothing but “same” then the block is within you. For that which is taken in is taken in by the senses that you have as a human being. The eyes and the ears are the main organs that allow sensory information to flood into your being. Many are not realising that those are the organs that the illusion teachings seek to dull. For when you are flustered, when there is so much drama unfolding in your life, you do not see, you do not hear for the sense are overloaded. We show this to you so that you may see the illusion at work.
For many within the home the senses are on overload, from the tv, radio, electronic equipment, family commitments, work commitments, all are there to pull you away from that which is in front of you. Over the this past few days of the festive season already many are complaining of boredom, of not knowing what to do with themselves as they try to placate the rising feelings of uneasiness that arise within them. The uneasiness does not come from the festive season itself, for it just IS, the uneasiness is from the teachings that have been anchored deep within. For those teachings tell you that you must be doing, you must be busy and you must keep doing and being busy. The level of guilt is exceptionally high amongst many humans across the planet if they take time out for anything and especially for themselves. Many are now working through the calendar, marking off the days, looking to the channellings that they have been guided to and wondering when “soon “ is. It will not be found on a calendar for only the planet earth and humans use a calendar dear ones. We are here to show you the illusion of time and the calendar. Many will trigger at our words, so deeply entrenched in the notion of time and calendar they cannot see the straight jacket they wear with pride.

The universe flows, it ebbs and flows and it moves constantly, it is not constrained by the hours in the day or even the minutes in the hour or the seconds in a minute. Yet life on planet earth is dictated by time. Many humans have noted that time seems to have sped up and they feel there is now less time in a day than ever before. Illusion has provided you with tools to move away from self, it has provided you with the illusions that take you away from self, that show you how much more you must do, it lulls you into a false sense of security, when you are in a “routine” then you feel safe. Below the routine is the timings of said routine, when you continue in routine then that feeds an energy pattern, a sort of holding pattern. This is reinforced the more that you partake of the routine. Many humans would defend their routines to the hilt, stating various reasons why they NEED that routine. Routine is not needed any more than time is needed for routine is not YOU.
Many have defined themselves through the tools of illusion and as illusion now is breaking down many are feeling self is breaking down. That is not TRUTH dear ones and we are here to support and show you how to move through this. Where you find discomfort look below, for there is a teaching that is playing out that is trying to hold on. If you were to wake up and time disappeared tomorrow would you feel elated or would you fall into fear? Take a moment to think of this, if you had no appointments to keep, no places to be, if you had the whole day to yourself with NO routine how does this make you feel. For many it is akin to be agoraphobic, the wide open space too fearful, for what lurks there? For many are so confined they have forgotten what freedom can be like. For you define within the calendar.
Many expect the BEings from all realms to communicate dates and days all the while ignoring the fact that the only place that calendars are in force is on the planet earth. It is akin to asking someone who cannot see to describe the view in front of them. Do you understand our analogy? We cannot give you dates and times for we do not work within the constraint of these parameters. Our guidance to the human race will often trigger for many are still filtering the words through the teachings of illusion. Many are now waiting for ships to carry them off to their home planets and once more we guide clearly that you are home, for this incarnation you are a child of planet earth. Next incarnation you may be sitting next to us, the choice is yours dear ones.

All of the information available to the human race is conflicting and will always be so as all have different perceptions of what it is that this life experience is made up of. For those who have not had filters applied it makes no sense to wait on space ships, for those who filter their whole life experience through the teachings of escape and no responsibility then this will make sense. For those who are asleep and see the end of the world then the new energies that are here breaking things down will show them that they are correct, such are the filters that they put in place. So once more we ask how you filter your experience.
For many the invention of 3D is spectacular for others it is another tool of illusion. For the joke is within the product. You are already in 3D then someone invents some glasses and some programmes (sit with the word and what does it really mean) and suddenly you see things in a new way. Do you see how illusion works within illusion? We can guide no clearer that you create this experience, all humans create their own reality. What distorts that reality is the filter that is applied, the teaching of illusion that has been left alone, not rooted out and continues to play out, for it colours all the information that is absorbed by the human BEing.

We are here to guide and support but never to lead for that is not our role, nor is it the role of any of the realms that are around you. For we too have our experiences and we have moved through the dimensional layers of vibration, we have moved out of illusion, it is difficult and we fully appreciate how difficult to see what is in front of you if you do not recognise it, for in effect many are blind to what they do and think, so ingrained into society is the way of being and doing that they never question.
Many turn on the tv sets and absorb all that is put there, never questioning what is put in front and yet absorbing the messages all the same. The theory will have you in a spin, for your mind will create to fill in the gaps, what starts off as a small idea will have multiplied into a conspiracy by the time the tenth human has talked of it. Such is the way of the mind to create and invent and FILTER OUT that which does not fit. For many are now still in the mindset of the old, the old is gone, is dissolving but its teachings live on within many human beings across the planet. Whilst you talk of dark ones and the conspiracies surrounding them you take your attention and more importantly your energies away from SELF. The only control you have in this human experience is SELF. That cannot be underlined enough, SELF is your road to illumination. To know thyself is to anchor TRUTH. For as we have guided many times the heart is seeded with TRUTH.

Many humans are still using the illusion teachings of reaching outside of SELF for answers, the illusion taught you how to do this to hide from you the power that is YOU. If everyone starts looking inward, everyone starts remembering then they no longer need illusion and its teachings, hence illusion trained you to distrust self and have no faith in self. The humans who are now elevating in vibration have learned to turn inwards, to check with SELF that all is well and if not to look at SELF.
Too many are now fixated on the latest communications from the realms around them. We are here guide and support and we go to you personally should you need us and ask us but we are here to guide, we are not here to solve this for you, for we cannot , for only YOU are YOU. Do you understand our analogy? ALL ARE ONE, but you are an aspect of that ONE, you are a reflection of that ONE, only YOU have the perception of the ONE that YOU have. Do not think about our words dear ones, FEEL our words. For along the way the illusion taught you to negate feelings, it taught you they are not safe, you must bury them deeply and not look at them, that was the major teaching across this planet.

Now as the festive season wears on many are now trying to escape from the feelings that are arising, for the feelings are being unearthed and shown to you so that you may clearly see them. The energies of the new are illuminating that which is not TRUTH within you and yet many choose to ignore and indulge in ways of being that are from the old energies. When you have an emotion come up please look at it. It is not the monster that you take it to be unless you have created it as a monster. For the illusion taught you to create scenarios with your mind that were negative, it filled you with the ability to create negativity, all the while not showing you that the same energies can create miracles. Many of you are looking to world and seeing it as whole, allowing the teachings and the filters to show you that it is overwhelming. But the big picture as it were is created from lot of little different pictures, if those pictures change then the bigger picture must also change. Do you see the analogy?
For illusion taught you that you were insignificant and that you did not matter whilst hiding in plain view the power that you are. Each of you dreams this dream, each and every one of you creates dreams within the dream and for all those who are now dreaming a new dream we send much love and blessings to you for you have found the bigger picture changing. When you are fixated on only one tiny part of the big picture then you will not notice other parts of the picture changing. We guide this in relation to the finance across the planet. All are expecting change whilst keeping to the teaching of illusion which give you ways to act and to think about money. Change must come from within, if you continue to adhere to the teachings of illusion then you feed said illusion. Do you see how this works?

Many are falling to the illusion of huge change whilst missing the little changes that feed into the big change. Each one of you is important, each one of you carries vast energies but many are still running on the default position, that is illusion teachings. Illusion will try to teach that you cannot change and show you how to keep hold of that teaching. Those who dare to question and detach from the actions of the teaching are now seeing and feeling the new support them. For all that is breaking down IS illusion, even when it comes in the disguise of help and love it is still illusion dear ones. If it contains you, suppresses you then it is illusion.

2012 is but a breath away but nothing will change in that year unless you alter what you do. For you are in control of your part of the dream. Do not look outside to the dreams of the masses for whilst they may be important what is vital is that you dream YOUr DREAM. For without a dream you are but an empty vessel floating up and down on a rock moving through space. For the dream IS YOU dear ones. All that you imagine you create, there is never a time when you do not create, so if you do not see the new energies you create from the old because energy always creates. Do you see how this works? The fear of the old is not outdone by the embracing of the new, for the old created fear of all things new in the hope it could last longer. Do you see this? Can you feel this?
Embrace the new energies dear ones, but know that the old and the new cannot co-exist, for the new energies only support the new and dissolve the old. Where you find drama in your life, where you are now finding tears and frustration then you seek to give shelter to the old, root it out and allow it to be bathed in the light that you are. For that also dissolves the old.

Many humans are in fear dear ones, many of you hold the fears of the future within your hearts, not seeing that the old must dissolve before the new is born you hold onto the old, it disguises itself as many things and the only way to detect the old is to feel it. Does it empower you? does it help you to expand and grow? If not then it is old energy and must be dissolved. For the new is only embraced with open arms. You cannot harbour the old and accept the new, for the vibrations are at different parts of the scale.
For many that which they had once decided as a lifepath is dissolving before their eyes. To those humans we guide for you to allow it to go. For it was not TRUTH, what will replace it will be light, the TRUE path that you came here to walk. Do not presume to know all that you came here to do for the journey is about discovery. Know that where all dissolves, where people move away from you, jobs fall through, houses are sold, people move on, that all is being moved around on the playing board. For you created the game, you are in control of the game and how it plays out is down to you. So do you fearlessly look to the future, look to what you wish to create or do you hand your keys over to the old, do you give up, turn over and turn a blind eye. Both are scenarios that are open to you but only one will help you to ascend and to move your vibration higher, the other will see you walk the path of karma until the lessons can be absorbed and processed. You have nothing to fear but fear itself is a human phrase and one we wish you to look at. Fear is all teeth and no bite, for it promises much but delivers nothing.
Each new journey is step by step, moment by moment, breath by breath, you control each moment of that journey, focus on the positive and watch it all change. Give up and hand over your energy system to the old energies and nothing will seem new or different, for such is the strength of the smoke and mirrors illusion uses.

So as you now stand on your calendar threshold of a new year do you bother hanging up a new calendar? Or do you take down the old and move into the new with faith and trust in your heart, as your guiding light? The choice dear ones is entirely yours. We are the high council of orion and we are you and you are we. For all are one.

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