December 3, 2011

Oversoul Merge

Q. What is an oversoul? What does it mean to merge with your oversoul?

A.  There is an aspect of yourself that you disconnected from when you left “home” to come into a physical body to learn what you wanted to learn and do what you chose to do here for the light. This part of you knows that you are a part of God or what you may call Source energy. That is who you really are. A part of God living in human form. Most of you just do not know that.
You chose to split off that part of you to make it easier for you to have a human experience for if you always knew that you were God and had access to all that is, what would you be able to learn? This part of you that knows itself to be an aspect of God is called your oversoul.

You all have an oversoul and you all are connected to this aspect of yourself, it most often is outside of your conscious awareness as you chose for it to be. But that is now changing with the release of new light energy and a firm anchor into the crystalline grid. There is now work to be done for your fellow man and the planet that requires that many of you now merge with your oversoul.

So how to do this? There are many ways to initiate this merge, the most simple  being to just ask that this be done and be open to the changes that this will bring. And, while the changes occur there may be a tendency to want to shut this process down and you have the ability to do so. For becoming who you are will feel very different.
You will know that you are part of the all that is which will affect how you interact with the world around you. You will know that you are energetically connected to all that is, be it something you feel good about or something you find distasteful. All is a part of God. All is a part of you. This is true oneness of spirit.

As the merge begins you will begin to have a greater awareness of  your connection to Source, a closer and more open line of communication with those in spirit and an increasing awareness of how everything you do affects everything around you. This may at first feel somewhat overwhelming, but just as everything that is new, you will get used to it in time as the new becomes ordinary.
You may choose to work with a practitioner of light to initiate this merge, someone who can guide you to connect with aspects of self that you are not yet conscious of. There are many different modalities and techniques that can be used. If you prefer to work with another person, just ask and be open to whom you are guided to. But know that the key is that you ask and acknowledge your readiness for the merge to begin.

For some, the process may seem instantaneous and for others, it will happen more slowly as in your case. You may experience strange sensations, feelings and visual experiences such as lights and fog like visions. These are all part of the merging process.
Merging with your oversoul is part of the process of ascension for it is reconnecting with “home” while still on earth. it is knowing and being a living aspect of God in physical form with the knowledge and abilities that you have access to when you are fully living on the other side of the veil, “home” as many call it.

We celebrate your decision to become fully aware of who you are and to fully embrace the gifts that you have. Having access to the entirety of who you are allows you to fully move into your role as worker for the light, shining brightly and being all of who you are while living on this planet.
Blessings as you continue on your journey child.

Mary, your divine mother

Through Sheryl

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