March 21, 2011

Arcturian Group, 19 March, 2011

MARCH 19, 2011
Greetings dear ones, we come again to talk with you about the many things you are experiencing and are about to experience.  We are see you moving quickly into the higher energies and because of this, you are going to be seeing many more changes upon your dear planet earth.  You are now witnessing  energies of change within your financial systems; a system  which is riddled with inequalities and false promises made by those who would keep you struggling in the dark.  We see you beginning to understand that there is more to life than what you have been led to believe.  We see you beginning to realize that you are all One-one Life manifesting as individual life; an awareness that is bringing the changes needed upon your earth to shift you and her into the new energy.  We see you awakening to ideas of truth; ideas that  allow you  to honor yourselves as well as others in a way that has not been present on earth before.  What you are witnessing as much chaos is the releasing of old and negative energies.  Please try not to go into and energy of fear, all that are a part of this have chosen to do so.

Be prepared to welcome your brothers and sisters from inner earth and other planets for they are awaiting your welcome and cannot be of much assistance until you accept them as real, and ask.  You must understand that because you are free will beings, no one, not even those highly evolved beings trying to assist earth, can simply step in and change your world (this is your job) even though they can easily see what is needed.  Those of you who cry out for help, must first begin to take a stand within yourselves.  This is a movement that is awakening you to your own power dear ones, an awakening into the  realization that since you are also of the Divine, you also can  access  guidance from within your own consciousness. It is a time to take a stand for that which you now know to be the truth, and to speak up for yourselves as needed.

We see much change coming within this year, and yet understand that all change is the effect of the energy in place at the time.  Therefore predictions may often seem to be erroneous simply because the energy has changed since the prediction was made.  You see, you are creating your world moment by moment.  You are making the changes happen and it is you the people of earth, who are moving Gaia closer to her and your ascension.  All is proceeding according to plan, in fact even more quickly than previously believed, for many have now awakened and many are now filling the world with the light of awareness.

Events of the past month, will continue to unfold, for it is only through the dissolving of old energy structures, that the new can be built.  We see more experiences of earth chaos for awhile  because these events bring forth much needed change in individuals, groups, cultures, rigid belief structures, and Gaia.  Gaia is trying to align herself with in a way that enables her to  manifest the energy of the new dimension. She is trying make these adjustments in the easiest way possible, but at times there simply is no other way to do it.  That which seems to be chaos is change.

We see your world shining with the light of transformation, a light reflecting energy change, and a light reflecting truth.  This has upset those who keep the status quo-that is you staying in the dark so to speak, because they are now losing their hold on you.  Once you have awakened to your own power, you no longer need organized religions, churches,  governments, and  so called experts to tell you what to do.  This suggestion  often offends those who wave their flags and shout, "rah rah, my country right or wrong", however the world cannot play this game much longer for it is now the time for taking back your power.  Government yes, but a government for the people and by the people, not one of "for us through your hard work".  Churches yes, but churches that teach you to go within yourselves and do not preach that only their leaders  have  answers so therefor you must go to them, and preferably bringing along a large donation.

Many secret meetings are taking place at this time reflecting an element of your world that struggles to hold the old "houses of cards" in place either through their ignorance or selfish intentions.  However, what  they do not realize is that the energy that holds all  "houses of cards" in place, is rapidly leaving- shifting and changing to a new and higher energy which in turn will manifest in new and higher ways, and which support the Divine individuality of all creation.

Hold on to your hats, dear ones, for the ride is only beginning but always know that all is proceeding according to a Divine plan of enlightenment.  Do not fear the leaving behind of all your old concepts and beliefs, for that which is real can never be lost, it is only  that which  is old and untrue that is finished.  Your founders in the USA wrote the constitution from a deep level of  consciousness. These were awakened beings and were guided by the Light.  This Divinely inspired constitution has often been perverted to serve the desires of those who although intelligent, were not as enlightened as the founders, resulting in their choosing to manipulate words and meanings to serve their own interests.  However, not all your leaders  are of this energy; there are some statesmen among the politicians, and these are the ones to support and listen to.  They too are struggling to find answers within all that is happening at this time.

Your president is an evolved being, but he is not being allowed to bring through many of his enlightened ideas at this time, but he will.  Send him Light dear ones, for he  is now  facing  so many obstacles to his way of seeing and doing.

It is actually a time for rejoicing, for you are beginning to see change unfolding.  Hold tightly to truth in spite of world events and the reports of your news media. Be open to new realizations, and tell your Higher Self that you are ready to ascend, and then hold on dear ones, for all you have held dear that is in and of the old energy is going to change.  Without resistance, allow the release of all that  is finished in your world, letting go of any and all concepts based in duality and separation in order to  ride on a beam of Light and awareness, filled with joy and abundance of every sort.

You are whole, complete, unconditioned  love, now and forever- always have been and always will be regardless of what present circumstances or appearances may be.

We are the Arcturian Group

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