December 28, 2010

Metatron 12/26/10

Greetings! This is Lord Metatron.

Those on Earth are preparing for a great upheaval of Truth as they know it.
Every layer and level of knowledge will be brought into question, tested and corrected.
World Religion as we know it will cease to exist, in time, due to the revealing of Truth. The Ancient Texts of All Religions will be made available and accessible to absolutely everyone. No longer will there be questions about Who We Are or Why We Are Here. The Ancient Mysteries of our Angel Origins will be known to us. Obtaining our metaphysical gifts will be remembered. Our ability to create our world through thought, word and action, and the alchemy to achieve it, will be understood.
If we think of God as the Godhead, All That Is, All Creation, All In Existence, we may revisit Genesis: The Collective Consciousness (of which you are a part as All That Is, a/k/a “God” created All of Outer Space in the Matter Universe (other Planets and Star Systems) and Earth. The Creator-Gods came through the Scorpi Black Hole, Mother Sekhmet, Ra and Alcyone with the Goodly Company. As they came into the Matter Universe, they brought the Elohi, the Creators from the Anti-matter Universe and it was good. The Creators introduced duality to Earth as the Grand Experiment with Free Will given to all.
As time wound on in Creation on Earth the Angels descended deeper into the dense Universe and created StarGates in Earth which are the waters dividing the waters because the Dimensions became more dense and the separations require StarGates to travel through between the Dimensions. This expanse Collective Consciousness called Heaven. In the density land and water were formed into One Continent, Pangea.
With each new Creation more was added to the Dimensions of Earth into the denser and denser places. During subsequent Creations, the Fallen Angels, the Elohim, joined in the darkness to experience duality. Now it is time to rid Earth of the Elohim, the Fallen Angels, who wanted to control Earth instead of working together in harmony with respect for all life forms.
Creation begins in the dark void. This is where there is no motion, no form and no time. Creation begins with ecstatic orgasmic joy from the Creator. Consciousness brought into form brings the organization of the Coded Fire Letters with the Vibrations of Sound interconnectivity working together born out of the High Vibration of ecstatic love.
In time, Hermetic Teachings traveled across the globe effecting Peoples in different times, different cultures, carried as the basis of religions and all go back to the same original text. The Emerald Tablets, the Gnosis, the Corpus Hermeticum, the Christian Apocrypha, Sephora Yetzirah, Zohar, the Pagans, Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus and Jews all studied Hermetic Teachings in Greece, Rome, Egypt, Asia and the Americas. These teachings explore alchemy, the original elements, matter, anti-matter and creation itself. All of these texts are held in the archives of the Vatican under the Holy Roman Church. The Ancient Texts will be returned for everyone to read, study and awaken to the Great Mysteries which have all but been forgotten. This rise in consciousness will be swift and you will cast aside all veils which keep you from remembering your Galactic Origin.
As modern day history is revealed we come to terms with the governments, politics, financial, educational and military control of our minds, bodies and spirits. The Vatican Cannon was spread across Earth in the last 2000 years to control Earth through its natural resources, through labor and through unjust laws. As the Truths become Evidence now, we are able to dissolve the old dysfunctional model and return a healthy respect for all life, the rule of law and the harmony to observe both together in a Matriarchal Society which takes care of all her creation. When we see the similarities we will no longer war against the differences. This is Metatron. Through Beth Trutwin,,,
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Am I correct in thinking there are dark souls representing an individual's karmic debt/s, and that they reside within the soul, heart, mind and body of most of humanity? If so, is this an experience limited to the dimensions of duality? The Akasha is the Etheric record of the Soul, the Divine Spark of Life of your Individuality. This is carried with you from your Monad into your parallel lives and through your lineage in all Dimensions. These are not considered dark souls, they are all parts of your Divine Spark, ‘good’ and ‘bad’ expressed into all dimensions, all times, captured into the One who is you in this Now moment.
I recently received the honour of a Divine Jin Dan. From your great wisdom, what is the significance of this Divine treasure, in terms of universal service, ascension and immortality? You have experienced knowing your own true essence. You are now, and have always been immortal, as is everybody, they simply forget. The Jin Dan helps in your Ascension by tying that Immortal indivisible Self which is You to your personality self who you are now. This helps in your spiritual service, as you recall the True Form of your Higher Self, you call on it in greater capacity to work through the personality to carry out larger tasks and help humanity.
3. Is there an important one, or ones, that I should presently connect to in my Paschat family, and which method would it be best to connect to them with?
The Paschats are also Angels. You call on Paschats as you do Angels. Call a name three times, call Archangel Michael to keep all communications within the Office of the Christ. Call Mother Sekhmet, Father Alcyone, and they will Guide you to meet other Paschats who you will learn the names of, through knowing them. There are as many Pascahts as there are Angels, all kinds from many different places.
You kindly told me that I was Paschat, and you expressed this in the present tense. Does this mean the Paschat avatar is one of my multi-dimensional selves, or that I am on Earth as a Paschat in human form? It means both, those two are indivisible.
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1. I work in the media (in the UK) and I strived for years, overcoming challenges and troubles in my family life (part of my life plan, I have no doubt, and it's all made me stronger, so that's fine) to get into the media industry. In the main, I'm happy with my job, but I'm wondering if I could be being of greater service to humanity. Lots of people come to me with their problems, I've done Reiki 1 in the past - I'm wondering if I should become a counsellor and healer....or is my ability to heal actually to be done through working in the media?
You have, over the years, had dealings with those who have great influence on the collective consciousness on Earth, through media. Very few have had the privilege to be in the places you have. You heal through the media. You may want to explore new ways of using media. There are holographic media coming to Earth now. Explore what is new in interactive media and holographic media. This will be your next great love. This will heal on levels never known before.
2) I've been told I have ET connections - Sirius, Aldeberan, and I dreamt of flying in the air w/a Paschat once (I didn't even know about them until you replied to my dream when I posted it in the forum) - any info on my heritage and role on Earth in this lifetime would be appreciated. You have worked in the Creation Temples on Aldeberan and this is a significant lifetime you work with now. You remember the great possibilities available to humanity and have been saddened by the ‘state of affairs‘ on Earth. It is this realization which will help you bridge the two worlds as Earth unfolds in her healing now.
3) Been single for a year after a 8 1/2 yr relationship. Is my TF on Earth, or should I just wait for him to show up post-NESARA? ; ) Your TF works with you from the Ships and you two will meet when it is the right timing for both, the right timing for your Soul growth and Mission work. As you clear the parts of you changed by the long relationship, you prepare yourself for the reunion.
Finally, love to you and Metatron : )
Can you give me any information on my mission. I know that something is about to happen here, as this is the place where the vibration was established for freedom on the planet. I have been preparing for a long time and have many clues. Also, I think my
Twin Flame will be here to assist me. Can you confirm. I have been doing all of this alone (except for my wonderful unseen guides) but I really would feel happy to know that I will be getting support soon!
Yes. You will add new technology to the the healing arts you practice now. This will come natural for you and will be free for you to access immediately. You will combine your art with healing to help open the heart of Souls unsure in the changes. You will do this over monitor phone calls. You will not charge. You will not need the money, you will do it in service. A portion of your day will be doing this and another portion will be pursuing new art forms which you will remember from other places. This heart-healing will be in the early phases of the transition to New Earth and later new things will challenge and thrill you. Your TF is on the Ships, working with you everyday. You are already in contact with him, telepathically. Continue this and look more for ways to work together throughout the day. You will reunite at just the right timing, you are both ready.
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How can I implement the highest good for all in every moment?(the highest good is always changing, isn't it?) How can I implement the highest good for all for this moment. What should I focus on in my activities? Is there any message I should be aware of?
The Highest Good is always achieved when you receive joy as your reward for what you are doing. When you are in joy in your work and relationships, it is proof you are doing the highest good. You have worked as a navigator on the Ships and you work for the Galactic Federation. Ask your subconscious mind to bring back the memories of your night work. Life is becoming more interesting now as things change and we remember who we are.
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What Star Family am I from and does that relate to my attraction to growing and tending to plants? Will I stay with this or branch off to a different mission of service?
You have spent time on Neptune and Niburu. You have a great love for the Magical Kingdoms. You will do more with your Mission and it will be a different path then tending plants. Your Mission will become more apparent after landings. The new technologies will give many opportunities which are hard to comprehend until after the changes. Many people will not be doing what they are doing now in this limited reflection.
St German) say something , that I cannot realise and this is my question .
Lord Metatron , how is possible still to have wars on Earth after 2012 like St German said in these live channeling ? Maybe keeper did not comprehend something right or I don't now , still cannot comprehend that ..
St Germain is now working with every world leader to ensure an end to all wars globally. When we arrive at zero point, there will be a force field around the Planet, created by Lord Ashtar and the Galactic Federation, which will block all aggression. This is accomplished with the ZPMS, the Ziggurats and Pyramids link together in energy that is a very high vibration, working with the crystalline structures of Earth and the Earth Grid. Inside this force field there will not be war again. Duality will be behind us. If there was a channel that said something different, it is a misinterpretation of some kind.

~Answers from Archangel Metatron through Beth Trutwin,,,

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