December 20, 2010

Metatron: 12/18/2010

Metatron: 12/18/2010 through Beth Trutwin
Greetings. This is Lord Metatron. Come into your own Higher Understanding now that we enter the Winter Soltice. The vibrations are building 72 hours before and will climax at the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on December 21, 2010. Time has speeded up since the “prediction” of December 21, 2012. THIS December 21 is monumental, because of our alignment with the Center of the Galaxy. Since the Opening of the Lion’s Gate on 8/8/10 and the alignment of the Sun with the Milkway Galaxy on 8/18/10 the energies have been building. It is how we move on to a new Timeline and enter the Separation of Worlds. This allows the high vibrations needed to bring in your higher gifts. Many of you have mastered telepathy and if not, you should be practicing throughout each day.
Telepathy is the basis of all other gifts.

The path they travel may be re-programmed consciously by you using sound. Sound effects the path of connection to undo wrong thinking. This is why monks chant repetitively. As you listen to chanting it opens the portals to higher vibrations of light. This allows in the higher frequencies, the higher octaves where your thoughts are transmuted to right thoughts and by default, right actions. This is where the gifts and discernment re-enter your life. The best practice is to allow spiritual practices in to your life schedule on a daily basis.
This crystalline body your vibration stands in, is a harmonic. It is effected by its environment, inside and out. When light frequencies are flying through the air at a high rate of frequency, they create sound, as in a thunderstrike, whack. As you expose yourself to high frequency practices, light and sound combine to raise your harmonic. Clear your mind, what does it mean? See life from a different perspective, from a higher harmonic. Instead of thinking of yourself as a Earth slave who keeps a schedule to please the boss, think of yourself as a magician. Make majic by seeing the light molecules sparkling around you, the cosmic rays, the gold dust. Allow the particles to move in your brain and out of your brain as you think them into moving. This is the basis of levitation, invisibility, and teleportation. Call your wand to you, and fly! Trick the dragons and fly off over the mountains into the New Reality. This Solstice, Full Moon Lunar Eclipse gives you your gifts in the highest form possible since ever this Earth began.

Now, I will answer the questions:

I was going to ask what will happen after NESARA..?
Seems no one will want to work in the service (or other) jobs anymore.
Immediately after NESARA is announced most will stop going to work. Those who have jobs in service to others, such as police, doctors, nurses, will elect to continue going to work, as needed. They will be introduced to new technologies and trainings which will change their work forever. Those staying in these fields will receive all available technology which will change the way they conduct their work forever. There will be greater feelings of enjoying these jobs which are typically very difficult. The new computers alone will revolutionize these fields.
The Service Industries will not so much be needed as the new technology will add ease in life on such a grand scale, the old ways of doing things will change almost over night. The Service Industry was created to make life easier. The New Technologies more or less replace the Service Industry and free those Ones up to join their True Mission.

When Lady Gaia starts to cleanse, will there be countries/continents disappearing?
Lemuria and Atlantis is rising. Parts of the Land will fall while others rise. No continents will disappear. No countries will disappear. There will be no devastation on Gaia.

Is it possible to make direct contact to Metatron and others of that realm now? What should we do to make this?
Call on a light Being. Call their name three times. DO this out loud or in your head. You will feel an energetic change in your body. Ask Lord Michael to place a golden dome of protection around you. Ask Michael to confirm you are speaking with whom you speak with. The Angels, including me, Lord Ashtar, Mother Sekhmet, Soltec, and many others, invite you to call on us and communicate with us now. You make make direct contact with us, hearing us and seeing us, as you develop these gifts through meditation.

If the magnetics of the Earth are decreasing, and it is those magnetics that are causing duality and our "negative" emotions, why is it that the Lightworkers are being rushed to clear their emotional issues now? Isn't the fact that magnetics are dropping to zero point going to take care of humanity's negativity automatically?
It is not magnetics which cause negative emotions or duality.
Electromagnetic energy is everywhere, it is what holds the stuff of your physical body together. Coming to zero point is when Ashtar has turned his control on the Ship so the ZPMs on Earth are at 100%. This can be turned up or down by Ashtar as needed. We must fulfill, as an obligation to turning them up, peace on Earth, in every corner of the Earth. This will fulfill the requirements for enacting full NESARA Law. This is an an impenetrable electro-magnetic light shield and also a horizontal force field in which combat will be impossible due to non-functioning weapons or allowance of aggressive actions. This only happens after all the War Criminals are indicted and arrested. You see evidence of this building greatly with the Andromedan Julian Assange releasing TRUTH, raising consciousness, and providing Intel to bring us to Zero Point. We must have PEACE in our minds, in our hearts, in our souls. Finding YOUR OWN PEACE every minute of every day is the GREATEST THING YOU CAN OD NOW to help bring in NESARA Law. This CHANGES the electromagnetics in your body and in every sentient and non sentient physical item around you. It effects literally every cell and atom on Earth. Be Happy, Don’t Worry, have PROFOUND MEANING! It comes from the Book of Rules.

Is there a particular business branch/field, that you could recommend, in which someone who speaks a few european languages and resides in Europe should develop in?

Those speaking multiple languages will go into the teaching field and will work with the telecommunications teams. This may mean teaching the teachers, or in any industry; transport, medicine, finance, housing, engineering, science, music, humanities. The potentials and possibilities are endless. As we have monitor communications with telephone now, the new technology will make this look like a can and a string. Those speaking multiple languages will be needed in the new communications fields.

I would like to ask Lord Metatron about Romania. What do you think about Dan Diaconescu, the man that wants to make a new government. His ideas are similar with NESARA law. Does he really have good intentions ? It seems that he has a really good plan and many people seems to like his new plan. What can you tell me about what in happening behind the scenes in Romania?
Romania is a magical land. Romania has been the place where many Tribes have come and gone. Many wanted to control Romania throughout the ages. That is how it received its modern name, from the time when it was controlled by the Romans. The vast forest lands in Romania are home to great magical kingdoms once thought abandoned. Magical faieres, leprechauns, knomes, and unicorns now roam. Dan is one who believes in Majic. He is a White Knight and has past lives in this area. His heart is grounded in releasing the ongoing wars and devastation there and inviting back the magical kingdoms in greater numbers. He is working with the Galactics to accomplish this.

How can God think that Free Will is more important than ANYTHING else? Young children and babies are often the target of evil. Evil is so rampant on this world and the level of suffering so great that I cannot understand why we souls ever agreed to come here. There is absolutely no free will for anyone but the evil ones who have complete control. Why on earth would God expect the good souls to EVER have to share a world with the evil ones when the evil ones have such an incredibly unfair, unshakable, advantage over us that seems to just go on and on and on......?? Why do we have to suffer just because the evil ones refuse to turn to the light? If that is what I agreed to do before I incarnated here, then surely, I will have to read the fine print on my next incarnational life contract a lot more closely...…
Irregardless of how things appear from a certain perspective, Things Are Not As They Seem. God is really the GODHEAD which is a Collective Consciousness. This is literally All That Is. There is NOTHING OUTSIDE All That Is. You, Me and Everything else in existence agreed Earth would play a Grand Experiment called Duality. The children victims agreed to play this role. These Ones agreed to suffer in the Last Days of the Timeline in order to show the obscenity of the failed experiment. Only by witnessing these things could we become incensed enough to PROMISE TO CHANGE IT! Often, the Ones who are victims now, were given this choice as a way to clear their karma for atrocities they performed in the past on Earth. They came, pleased to be of Service at this time. Many knew they would “die” young and move on to better situations, with clear karma. Likewise, we Agreed to be witness to these atrocities in order to clear it from the matrix. This is the only way for Earth to be healed. You see, by taking it into your heart and transmuting it back to love, it is healed. At times, the witnessing becomes overwhelming. It is important to balance these reflections. You must engage in spiritual practices to clear your heart. You must be service to others. Take a walk in nature, meditate, sun gaze, do yoga, enjoy music and dance. These things clear the heavier parts of light. Be sure you spend some part of your time serving others expecting nothing in return and follow your joy every day. No one has any advantage over you, far to the contrary. Like Harry Potter, you have LOVE, the dark do not. YOU ARE AT A GREAT ADVANTAGE, use it wisely.

Some of us use vision corrective lenses and techniques to change our eyesight to a preferred sharpness. without any corrective adjustments, is our natural vision (good or bad) an indication (or a physical metaphor) for how we are seeing the world via our perception? and if we wanted perfect eyesight again, would we need to adjust a certain perception that is causing our vision to be what it is?

There are Tibetan Eye Exercises which are simple and with daily use can change eyesight back to normal. ALL eye vision challenges on the physical are an imbalance in ‘seeing’. It is simply a weak organ in the body. Others suffer weakness in other areas, and still have problem ‘seeing’, though it is exhibited through the liver or kidney, for example. Often the problem ‘seeing’ is a form of denial of love in some area of life. Be completely honest with yourself, anyone wanting to cure sight imbalances, and ask: Where in my life am I denying LOVE? Balancing this, with the Tibetan Eye exercise can increase vision greatly.

In the process of ascension, will there be changes to our physical word? anything dramatic like...gaining superpowers?
You have your superpowers. It is up to you to wake up to how to use them. Everybody has them. These prevailing energies make it easier and easier to remember HOW.

Seems to me that what the body, spirit, mind transforms into upon not unlike what I have heard, been told, etc of death beyond and back experiences etc.
Can you elaborate on what differences , if any, of the ascension experience, living in the 5th dimension and 3rd dimension death itself....and please touch on "ghosts" and "dreaming" as well.
Ghosts are disconent Spirits who need to move on to the anti-matter universe, move into the ‘Light Realm’. For some reason, they have decided to stay awhile, or they are lost. Archangel Michael can always help in these cases, call on him if you experience a ghost. What many call dreaming is actually the Night Work. When you lay your body down at night, you go live your life on another dimension, on another realm, like Jake Sully in the AVATAR movie. 3D death is lying down the physical body and taking your light stream, vibration, to embody another form, or to live in a place of formless form. 5D living is living in the Etheric. It means being able to come and go from a body at will. The Ones on the Ships live in the Etheric Realm and their Ships are Etheric. These Light Ships are projecting their light from the Etheric into the physical. The metal Ships are those that have taken on their denser physical form. They can do this with their bodies and their Ships, at will. So too will we on 5D, many already do this, at will. We are in the 5th Dimension now. It is a matter of believing, and Knowing by Knowing.
Commander Wigfall
I demand an outpouring of light and energy unto Earth that is conducive to the vibration of the all for the playing of our hearts according divine plan. So it is :).
Very good, it is good to have the confidence to Demand, when it is the Highest Good for all involved.
Are the light shows bursting heart with love? Yes.

I would also like to know if we are going to have NESARA by the end of the year? Because this past October Ashtar said we would have NESARA and announcements by the end of our year 2-0-1-0. Will this actually happen this time or did he once again speak too soon?
These things are said for different reasons. Also, as something is a potential one moment, it shifts as the Highest Good for all involved is constantly changing. That is why Lord Ashtar and Lord Sananda say No Dates, No Nukes, No Flukes. When NESARA is announced, it will effect every aspect of life. The timing has been changed more than once before. The timing is something that is only decided by Ashtar and Sananda. Soltec and others, Mother Sekhmet, and St Germain, consult collective consciousness and light stream potentials to make their decisions. The ultimate reason the dates change is We Are Doing This Together, and We are Doing It With Love. Every Soul incarnated on Earth is being considered in the decision.

Are all Soul mates on the Star Ships or some of them are living here right with us and that we'll all ascend to discover one another?
The Twin Flames are in some cases on Earth, and the majority are on the Ships assisting us with our difficult Earth Missions. As we raise our vibration to be prepared for this relationship, then we meet. It is possible to connect with your TF on the Ships telepathically and the best time to accomplish this is just before sleep. Practice. You will feel it and know. A Soul Mate is One in your life who is part of your Soul family and helps you grow your consciousness. Many are with a Soul Mate and confuse it for their Twin Flame. A Twin Flame is created at the same moment as you, the same in all ways, only one is male, one female.

My question concerns the dispensation of the law of Free Will. I understand the Law of dispensation guarantees the dispensation of all laws - even free will - even to those who have attempted to usurp our free will by secrecy and lies. Is the Law of Free Will being altered at this time? Is it being altered energetically/biochemical?
No. Free Will is a Universal Law which can never be altered. Misuse of Will, used by dark Ones, is a crime which receives correction, such as testifying before a Tribunal. There is no dispensation which takes away Free Will, never. Agreements are entered into, even if we do not remember them.

I don't quite understand how the separation of worlds will work. Will there be a Golden Age for the people that don't ascend this time around with peace, prosperity, etc.? Will we be able to "visit" them in the lower dimension? Will I be able to "visit" the many very dear loved ones that have passed in the last few years? Lastly, I am a nurse, was wondering if I will continue to be in the healing profession or if there will be a need for that kind of work!
Yes, there will be a need for healers for a time to come. Doctors and Nurses and other Healers will be invited to learn the non invasive healing techniques and new technologies with any training they desire. They will also be invited to take their healing skills into dozens of other professions, as they desire. The separation of Worlds has to do with Souls projecting their physicality in the place that is the best for their Soul Growth.
What about the Gulf Stream? Is it down & what will happen with our climate.
No, it is not ‘down’. The climate will change to being around 70 degrees F all over Earth at all times. Strong variations on the seasons will be experienced in the Holodecks of the Ships. This will take some months until the changes are complete.

1.After NESARA is announced will the borders be dropped right away or are we still going to need passports to travel?
The boarders will be dropped in time after the governments change over. We will end the corp united States and become the American Republic. Travel will be free, though people will continue to hold their own identities for each culture where they live.

When twin flames arrive are they going to live with us and our families? How do you think this kinda situation will work?
It is extremely individual. If you are single and not living with children or parents, if your vibration is high, living with your Twin Flame may be immediate. If you are married and desire a TF relationship, no short cuts are allowed. If a divorce is needed, it must be had. No TF will come to anyone until they are ‘clear, clean and criminal free’. If you KNOW you are not with your TF, and desire a change, Full Disclosure with your partner, and completion of that relationship, in a loving way, will be required.

Why the Divine plan has to wait for the governments to take the next step? Isn't this governments and systems who has kept us as slaves why we have to wait for them?

In order for Earth to Ascend, everyone on her must UNDERSTAND how they agreed to be controlled, come to terms with the TRUTH and forgive. It cannot happen by throwing awaythe governments. We must EACH be considered in the Ascension. Even the dark Ones in government. We are all Mother’s Children, Divine Sparks, and we heal it by Being Love to Each One. This is a Universal Truth.

After ascension takes place are we going to be able to see with our eyes people that do not ascend? Where are exactly non-ascendents going? All people on earth have made their choice as to ascend or not prior to incarnating? Ascension will take place no later than 2013?
No dates….You will see them with your eyes. It is a kind of shift in consciousness to see them. It is like when you think hard to remember something in the long ago past, with a little shift in consciousness, you will see them. They project their physicality where it is now. You as the Ascendant is the One who “goes”. You will be free to travel between the Dimensions to visit loved Ones anytime. They will perceive you as being with them, not as “visiting”.

I have been told that I am a healer, I have taken first level of Universal White Time Healing, I have been told this energy is very different than Reiki, can Metatron explain the difference and how can I become, more stronger with this method and put myself out there as a practitioner.

Everything is energy. Reiki moves energy. Universal White Time Healing accesses and moves energy a different way than Reiki. The energy is the same, it is indivisible. The movement of energy is different. Volunteer your time to clients for healing and practice practice practice. As you make a difference in other’s lives, you will have the confidence to charge and move out there as a practitioner. The quickest way to do this is to volunteer your services at first. With clear results, your confidence will quickly increase and you will know what to do.

I would like to know how long after NEASARA is announced, can we expect cars that use free energy? Do the car manufacturers know that they need to change their strategy? Did Lord Metratron / St Germain /KOS already talked with them about this or they will after they complete the arrests?
The car companies have had antigravity free energy cars a long time. Only the Sheeple who finance $30,000 gas gusling cars keep them off the market. The free energy transport will be available immediately to very shortly after, as they can be provided. This is a case where the People could have them and have NOT DEMANDED them.

~Archangel Metatron, Through Beth Trutwin, 12/18/10,,, www.GalacticRoundTable.

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