December 28, 2010

Health and changes to our bodies

AA Raphael - talking about health and changes to our bodies


This is Archangel Raphael speaking.
I am here to talk about the increase of certain conditions, which we could call "The Ascension Syndrome", and which are about to go full speed. These [syndromes] are comparable to the pain called "growth-pain", experienced by some teenagers at the time when their bones are about to reach their full size.

With ascension shifting into a higher gear, you also will experience the necessary changes of your physical structures in a higher speed than you were used to. Not many of you were aware over the years, about your body's preparation for ascension in general, and the lift-off for evacuation in particular. Some have described expanding fontanelles and the like, accompanied by dizziness, irritation and pain of their head bones, and heart-irregularities, mostly perceived as a faster rate of your heart-beat.

Those in the knowing, embrace those conditions for what they are - growing pain. Those in the unknown, usually tend to be afraid, if they consult a physician to confirm those conditions, and who will most likely receive an explanation, based on the old paradigm knowledge about health. Now, this picture does not offer the greatest outlook for those concerned, as, for example, a more rapid heart-beat is an indicator for either an increased risk of a heart-attack, or for an increased risk of other fatal sicknesses.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Most of you need certain corrections in your etheric constellations as well as your physical bodies, to be able to be lifted, if that case becomes necessary.

Changes in your physical DNA are not a necessity for the successful use of the elevator-beams, but as we work on you and your bodies at nights or during meditation and rest times, and as we handle everything in a holistic way, we use our presence at the time, for fixing minor scratches on your physical surface as well.

We usually do not treat physical conditions, as we need only to balance your etheric bodies, which will ultimately manifest on the physical planes. But since time speed up and became of the essence, we combine the necessary tasks to offer the ones asking, their fair chance to reach the physical benchmarks desired for this time at hand.

Start to tell your brothers and sisters about me and my staff, as one has to ask to be prompted an answer. This is important: You have to ask. Do not shy away. Do not put yourselves lower, and throw away, with that, your ability to be of help. You have to be fixed first, so you can be in your highest possible condition, to face the dire destinies of those not prepared. This is how we prepare them, we prepare you so you can stay in your powers to help them.

Here is a list of recommendations:

First: restrain from eating meat and products involving meat. There is a deeper reason than the obvious animal cruelty to that, which has to do with the Chi.

When there is a violent death, the Chi sustaining the living body, transforms immediately into fatal toxins, separating your life-force from the physical image of your soul [if ingested]. This has an immediate impact, visible as shadows overtaking your aura.

Second: Alcohol. We recommend to avoid alcohol altogether, and that includes products with added sugar, which can produce alcohol as it might be stored in your bodies and start to ferment. Alcohol, as they call it a "spirit", has the ability due to it's etheric atoms and molecules to enter the blood-brain-barrier without being detected by your body's own preventing mechanisms. Following this, will replace real spirit with the essence of alcohol, to the effect of gradual losing one's sanity.

Third: Further notice has to be given to people using prescription drugs. We are reaching a time, were all of you, using prescription drugs should consider getting off those on a day to day base. We cannot go into all the remedies and side effects of your modern time medicine, but we need to advise you, that they have a great potential to counteract divine energy-work, in their pursuit to shut down the very channels and close the pores necessary to be in-circuited. After they placed themselves on key positions inside your physical body, they are sending out chemical messengers to your astral bodies, damaging the accessibility of the divine.

Our fourth recommendation touches the aspect of your own created mental disabilities. As the three earlier topics lead your attention to outside products having a not desired influence for you and your body, I will now speak of self inflicted inner damages you can do to harm yourselves.

Visualize yourself as being one with the Father. This is by now the only way there is to define this precious future, as not many of you have been gifted to see. And even if you saw, remember, you are a human, you are making mistakes. So visualize yourselves as being one with the Father, as for then, His mercy, love and responsibility will embed you and help you to help yourself, to be able to help the Father helping His children.

My friends, this, your inner poisoning by your own thoughts and emotions, is hurting us the most, as we have no means to interfere positively on this level. This is likely also the hardest of the habits to change, since it is so subtle, non-physical and morally justified over centuries. Make this an equal step, which needs to be followed up.

Now, when you get up in the morning, rinse your mouth with warm water as your first act. Do not swallow it, just gurgle and spit it out, rinse your mouth and you are good to go. Over night, most of you get worked on heavy detoxing on all levels. All those loosened toxins travel from the outer bodies into your physical body over the course of those sleeping hours, and collect themselves in your saliva.

Most people drink something when they get up, and with that, they are taking those concentrated toxins right back in. This is heavy and dark concentrated Chi, which is not supposed to be in your body anymore, and if you rinse your mouth as described above, you will easily get rid of a good amount each night.

Eat as much raw fruits and raw vegetables as you can to replenish your astral bodies, as those carry the most lively Chi. Best would be if you can eat them right of the tree or the field, as the chain would be the most uninterrupted. Chi has to be seen as a food itself, it goes bad, it expires, if the umbilical cord to it's natural appearance is cut off. The longer it is cut off, the more the good Chi evaporates, as it needs to find an alive host to fulfill it's very purpose of being.

Some of you might grow in hight as well, as gravity is slowly lifted to accommodate your change in dimension. These symptoms might also be accompanied by growth pain and other freaky appearances of unknown source. Be in the knowing now, my friends. Be in the knowing, that I, Raphael, and my staff as well as many Midwayers are constantly surrounding you to help you to reshape. This is a basic assumption for ascension and possible evacuation, so it has to be done in preparation. And since time is running short, it has to be done now.

This is not meant to be a warning, quite the opposite, this is meant to be an explanation for some of your physical experiences, which, if not explained properly, tend to become a source of fear in the human psyche, and fear is never desired by us.

Try to heed these words as much as you are able to. Try to be an example for those in the unknown, so you may help us in our task, and do not lose your positive outlook, as it is positive indeed.

Discipline your mind and your emotions to be a rock in the surge. This is not the storm yet, but the dark clouds have clearly formed a front on the horizon soon to be faced, so use these last calm days for the sake of your health - and if you do not want to do it for your health, do it for the Father, as He loves you to ascend.

This is Archangel Raphael, sky-doc + team. Always at your service in the Light and Love of God.
Thank you for your attention.

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