May 14, 2013

How to get rid of negative energy you've accumulated throughout the day

How to get rid of negative energy you've accumulated throughout the day. 
Whenever I channel for someone, there is always a repetitive theme, where the angels will say to the asker. “Call upon us whenever you need us. Call upon us and we will come and cleanse you from all the negative energies, etc. Let us heal you, etc.,,” The question always is how?

Today I’d like to share one VERY SIMPLE technique on removing negative thought patterns, energies, vibrations etc., that you pick up throughout the day that works for me, and for many others who've tried it. 

All you do is:

  • -Stand upright with your arms bent at the elbows so that your palms are facing up, 
  • -Your legs are in a straight line and feet together
  • -Once you are in this position, close your eyes, take a deep breath and hold imagining that the air that you are breathing in is first delivered to the upper half of your body. Exhale 
  • -Now breathe in one more time and imagine that the air travels all the way down into your feet, hold and exhale. 
  • -Do this breathing at least 3 times up and 3 times down. You might feel a little bit light headed, if so put your palms together as if into a praying position and stand there for a few seconds until your energy balances out. 
  • -Now imagine that there is a shaft of blue colored light that is entering form the crown of your head and traveling all the way down to your feet and beyond. Imagine that while this light is traveling through your body that it is cleansing out every single cell within your body and releasing all the tension that you might feel, all the negative emotions and all the negative vibrations that you might have picked up throughout the day. 
  • -At the same time call upon your deity of choice and ask them to “Dear ________ I ask you now to please release all the negative thoughts, emotions, vibrations I might have consciously or subconsciously picked up throughout the day and send it into the light for HEALING & TRANSMUTATION. And instead fill my body and my heart and my soul with Love, Light, Patience, Understanding and whatever else you wish to be infused with”
  • -As you do this visualize all the negativity leave your body, as if debris that is flying off of your and being sucked into the light and sent up to the source for cleansing. And instead see yourself basked in a pure loving, healing blue light. 

Do this until you begin to feel better, and lighter. I hope it helps you Love & Light ~ Anna Merkaba

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