December 24, 2012

My Dreams are About It. My Waking Hours are About It

2012 December 23
Posted by Steve Beckow

It’s 3:30 a.m. in the morning and I have to tell you. I have slept, or I haven’t slept, it doesn’t matter. Because sleeping or not sleeping, I can’t get this matter out of my head. No matter from what angle I view it, no matter what detail of it I focus on, I am alive with it.
NESARA, disclosure, Ascension, world peace, unitive consciousness, the divine qualities, the purpose of life – it’s all perfect. There’s nothing wrong with the vision – as a whole, in its details. I am alive with it.
If the Ascension of consciousness is not true, it should be true. We should be raising our consciousness. We should be ascending and ascending and ascending. It should be the Divine Mother’s plan. It should be Archangel Michael’s plan. I haven’t been able to get a single detail of it out of my mind.
If there isn’t a Saul, there should be a Saul. If there isn’t a SaLuSa, there should be a SaLuSa. If there isn’t a Galactic Federation, there should be Galactic Federation. It’s all too perfect not to receive my full support in whatever form it may take and to whatever extent it’s true, to whatever extent we can build it or use it or love it into existence.
Not the 2012 Scenario as a site. But the 2012 scenario as a scenario that we dreamed of and committed to in 2012. The scenario itself is sound. It’s our future. It’s the way of the New World, the world that’s new, the world that we’re building, the world that’s around the corner. It has an aliveness unto itself and I cannot escape from its call and its soundness.
When I wake from sleep, I see it. When I go back to sleep, I dream it.
I’m committed to it. And I’m committed to all the people who are working on it. All the people who have gathered here. All the work that we’ve done on it  and continue to do on it. If I’m crazy, then let me be in my craziness. I’m crazy alive. I have been crazy alive. And I want to remain crazy alive.
I had a dream and in my dream, everyone was working on a side of the New World.  When I awaken, I awaken to that same dream.
In the dream, this group was working on NESARA. It wasn’t “this group.” It was all of you.
Another group was working on the new paradigm of the divine qualities. This group was working on world peace. That group was working on raising consciousness. The whole thing had a life of its own and it wouldn’t stop.
This group was growing vegetables working from the principles that underlie NESARA. That group was public speaking and talking about the Ascension of the soul and the Ascension of the world. This group was working on ending poverty in the name of world peace. That group was building a flying machine embodying the principles of free energy. Everywhere, everyone, awake or asleep, was working on it, loving it, enjoying it.
Perhaps what is happening is that the powers that be, the men and women in the rafters, the highest universal councils, the star brothers and sisters have shown us the dream, have held out to us the vision, but then have paused. They’ve gifted us the energies but are hardball serious in saying to us that we won’t have the whole thing until we take it up of our own and make it our own and energize the vision and give it our life blood and give it our love and our life and make it real by the dint of our own energy and whatever it is we have and whatever it is we give.
I don’t know but I feel it and I’m alive to the life that it has.  At the same time I’m going through so many spaces with it. I now see why we need time alone during this time.
This group was building a rainbow currency. That group was bringing the gold of the Earth together. This group was building the unity of the world. That group was communicating the vision. None of it could be stopped. No one wanted it to stop.
Everyone felt the beauty of it, the sensibleness of it. Everyone was attracted to the life of it. No matter what side of it they worked on, results were arising from it. And people wanted to work on it. I’m so alive to it. I’m so alive with it.
For me it’s no longer a dream and it’s a dream at the same time. I can’t stop thinking about it. I can’t stop living it.  All the starseeds, all the lightworkers, all the earthkeepers, all the peacemakers, do not back down from our insistence on having it – this dream that we dream, this dream that we live.
I’m continuing to rest and gather my strength back. But the life of whatever it is that we’re building together comes through to me and I intend to keep building it.
What has been described on this site and others like it – the dream, the vision, call it what you will – is an enduring goal for all of us as a world society and as an emergent galactic society. It’s the blueprint of a Golden Age and a New World, in whatever form and to whatever extent we can bring it about. It’s a vision and a dream that I’m committed to in whatever form I can bring it about and you can bring it about.
If Matthew says it will arise gradually, then let it arise gradually. If Archangel Michael says that the date 21/12/12 is true but then everything will grow, then let it grow. If SaLuSa says this and Saul says that, then let it eventuate. I am wedded to the dream. I’m wedded to the variations in the discussion of it.
I’m willing to act “as if” the dream is a good one. I’m willing to see what comes of it tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow. I’m willing to keep working for NESARA, to unfold whatever of it we can.
If Ascension comes, I’m all for it. If Ascension doesn’t come, I’m for ascending in whatever way we can, to whatever extent we can. I’m for ascending and ascending and ascending. I’m for sahaja samadhi. I’m for the plan of the Mother/Father One, in whatever way it chooses to unfold.
OK, back to rest my physical frame because I’m also ready to drop from a need for rest, but I cannot rest as an inner being. My mind is going over and over the scenario – what will always be for me the 2012 scenario.
If I die from it some time in the night, I still live it and love it. I have never let it go. I cannot let it go. It’s an inescapable part of me.
This site will always be for me the 2012 scenario. The scenario is sound. We’re on the right track.
What we’ve outlined here – I love it. I keep repeating myself because I love it. Back to resting but I love it. Keep going. I love it. I love it. I love it.
I will answer email. I will not answer email. But the idea is sound and I love it.


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