December 1, 2012

December is not the end of the world, it is the beginning

Ruth Ryden ~ Newsletter #123, December 2012

December is not the end of the world, it is the beginning ~ The ancient predictions foresaw that the Earth would travel through a universal journey according to the Creator’s Plan, then turn a new page and start centuries of renewal, physically and vibrationally. There will be no huge explosion or light in the sky, just a minute change in direction as the planet starts its journey back into the prescribed relationship with your Sun. Only the most sensitive minds will feel a difference in the frequencies that form your physical bodies.

This holiday season is offering humankind the opportunity of making new, sensible decisions for themselves and all diversified countries and religions. The months to come will bring surprising announcements of agreements between nations and in the halls of governments, as the veil of mistrust and anxiety starts to fall away. Listen to your inner awareness of conditions, weather changes, the thoughts and feelings of others. This is not just a time to sit back and observe, it is the time of bringing to light within each soul being the reality of Universal Love and constant creation. Children born into this renewal of times will be born with a much stronger physical and mental awareness of who and what they are, adding to the world their advanced abilities for governments, food production, and the care of the great oceans of the Earth. Because of this, there will be fewer babies conceived and/or brought to birth for a few years.

The monetary problems of your nation and most of the others around the world will come to a decisive change, in that those responsible for the formation of sensible rules will come to a clearer understanding of what needs to be done. This coming year will see very positive changes occurring, regardless of the discomfort about it that flows everywhere now. Keep what you have closely as there will be a short time of monetary upsets that will set country against country for a few months, before the thought patterns of the decision-makers will clarify the proper ways of making your world a haven for all of you.

The great storms and earth movements that have already brought such destruction around the world will be coming to their highest point of activity this month and into January and February. Shifting of the plates will continue to disturb the seas around the globe, resulting in tsunamis that are not expected. Those of you who live on or near coastal areas should keep this in mind and be prepared to move quickly if necessary.

Unusual storm patterns are even now forming over the North American Continent – temperatures will be either unusually hot or cold, and this applies to the entire planet for the next three months. Then, new seasons will be seen to fall into place and life will settle down into quite different patterns. The word “Love” will become an awareness of self and the need to connect with all other soul beings in flesh in a concert of understanding, forgiveness, and a way of life that will benefit all who accept that concept. Spring, as it appears around the world, will bring a profusion of growing plants, forests, and an explosion of sea life never before seen or experienced. Crop lands will seethe with the tiny life forms that promote growth, and the Sun itself will be felt as a much higher frequency of energy.

Come together now in unity during the days ahead and that unity will produce untold rewards to all who make giving the important rule in life as opposed to the selfishness and greed now so apparent. The changes in the planet are but the signs of the opportunity for men, women, and children to fuel the new energies within your own inner understanding and determination. The new world is YOU!”


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