August 14, 2012

Where Do I Begin?

A Message from Lord Maitreya, August 14, 2012

Greetings, this is Maitreya. Where Do I Begin on the Path to Enlightenment? This is a common question today. Many are waking up to their Higher Selves and understanding more work needs to be done. It takes a little practice and with concerted effort it is attainable for everyone.

When you share your love in your everyday life share it equally to all - your family, your boss, your associates. Give all that is needed fully to accomplish the task at hand and remain unattached. Do not want fruits for your labors. Give thanks for what you receive.  When you intensely share your whole Self throughout the day it resonates as an Energy which sets up your each now moment to be one full of Abundance. Any place there is bitterness, whining, laziness - complaints about traffic, connectivity, lack,  will return the same again and again.  I hear you saying, yes, yes, I have perfected that, what are the BIG secrets to Enlightenment?

The BIG secret is detachment. Those who have developed the ability to manifest the Self are not touched or influenced by negatives, intensional or accidental. They do not wear robes or belong to a religious order, but live their lives with
you in your community.

These Ones understand who they are and maintain happiness in every circumstance despite difficult challenges and tests. They never sink down into the reaction state. If they come across a difficult circumstance, instead of reacting they retreat to figure out the solution. They use the power of intellect - not their mind - to find solutions. The Higher Mind is connected to Source Energy and all solutions lie there.

Money, food, sex, sleep and fear all energies which are most abused by the ego and emotions. When one goes for a long time without work it is a wonderful gift as a great time to learn mastery over becoming detached from money as a source of happiness. One must become detached from all these energies, not counting on them to fulfill their happiness. You could be in a castle with all of the comforts listed and no immediate fears and it would not guarantee happiness.

There is a period of purification which must take place first before Enlightenment will be obtained. This is where the most trouble lies to success. One must remain steadfast through the purification to the end of the last challenge. The purification is simply ridding the subtle bodies of the ego, emotions and mind of their control over the intellect, heart and Highest Self. It takes work. This is the inner work that is always mentioned. It is like sit ups and push ups - one becomes strong by practicing detachment again and again and again. It is a muscle which must be worked for balance and strength to be achieved. The prescription for stability is to meditate, contemplate, relax and breathe deeply. Some have quit their jobs to focus on the first four. They were looking for the fast path. You can integrate these things into a routine life with a job and family but it takes a great deal of discipline. Discipline which cannot be applied but must spring from Ones heart as a Gift to Their Self. Be careful of diet and eat only fresh and pure foods. Becoming a vegetarian is a way to relieve the body from processing factory farm raised meats which are full of trauma and effect the emotions and ego. Avoid excitable and negative tendencies, situations, places and people. Watch your own thoughts and speech. When one has purified ones mind, body and soul they will no longer be a slave to desires of money, food, sex, sleep or fear and they are able to move Higher, into the Higher realms where true happiness can be found.

The next step is to break free from all blocks and false ideas, ego, emotion, limitation in the body and mind, conditioning from society and karma. Only by conquering these limitations may one experience pure mind. To accomplish this One must remember and live daily that they are that Life Stream direct from Source Energy living as a human on Earth. You are That I Am. It takes courage to forge through all the negativity in the everyday life and strive for liberation.

Some reading this, I can hear them saying - Yes, Yes, I have mastered most of these things most of the time, what is it - WHAT will take me up and over to the final Enlightenment?

Devotion. Loving devotion to Oneself and the Infinite is the final key to freedom. Making every breath, every bite of food, every interaction in every situation a devoted act of love to the infinite is the final step. One of the highest states of being is one where nothing matters. When One is devoted to love for the sake of love with no attachment to the outcome, that brings the ultimate supreme freedom. As One moves forward in their daily lives completely devoted to love Cosmic Consciousness will be revealed to all who continue the Path of spiritual discipline and practices. This is what is meant by doing the inner work. Namaste.

This is Lord Maitreya through Elizabeth Trutwin, August 14, 2012 © All Rights Reserved.,,

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