June 5, 2012

Setting Boundaries

Rastran Of Sirius. Setting Boundaries: A Win/Win Situation For All. By, AuroRa Le. June 5, 2012.

✤ Just allow yourselves to Be. Release the painful ways of old, where every moment of every day must be crammed full to the brim with senseless activity. Resist the urge to put on your shoes and run hither and yon, when in truth you would rather connect within and simply Be. Running about is perfectly logical as a means of whiling away the time, as in the manner of the Old Earth. But it is not by any means the way of the New.

✤ Let us peruse today’s calendar together, shall we? What do we see? So much and yet so very little. Must you do it all? Is not any of it expendable? Are there some to-do’s that may be scratched off and set aside for another day? Let us do less. Less is more, as the old adage goes. Break the habit of believing that in order to be of worth you must be constantly doing something. Dear Brethren, you were never meant to be so tired all the time!

✤ A day in your life in the incoming paradigm shall be dramatically different, to say the least. You shall be left with much time for creativity and contemplation, and unlimited opportunity to center yourselves and go still. To be the person you most wish to be. Just imagine how wonderful this shall feel to your harried senses! To not have to be someplace you do not wish to be, to never again do things begrudgingly or out of guilt and obligation. To not believe that to be good you must surrender to another’s will. What does not resonate with your truth is much like an illness. It serves to lower your vibration, undermining the very progress you have been making over the course of these many, many months. Begin today to create a better way of being. You may do this in the here and now, even as you continue to occupy a 3rd dimensional human body and still reside within it’s accompanying physical paradigm. You stand on the threshold of something far grander than you seem able to fully comprehend. There is not a moment to be wasted in the manifestation of it into a viable reality. Like luscious fruit ripening on the vine, it is there before you, merely awaiting the the moment you should take notice. Reach for a piece and take a bite. Savor it’s irresistible sweetness.

✤ Cut the cords which bind you to your frenzied lifestyles, which shall soon be rendered obsolete. You do this by mastering the concept that you dwell within your own sacred space. And by acknowledging that the body you reside in is this sacred space. It is not a separate place outside yourself, nor is there any special thing that you must do to get there. You must only relax and Be. You must also learn how to gently say no to that which does not resonate, and to bid a fond farewell to those unfulfilling things which drag you down. Perform an action only out of love-love and a true desire to see it done, and done well. Never out of guilt or obligation, as these are toxic misconceptions borne from the illusion of duality. They are parasitic in nature and possess the ability to attach themselves to you and grow until they have sucked your lifeblood dry. Guilt becomes resentment, and resentment is the vilest of pollutants, contaminating the amicable relations you maintain with those you love. Set your own personal boundaries and say yes only when you feel that yes is the appropriate response. Otherwise, say no, and in doing so others shall admire and respect you for your honestly. Display a strength of conviction and Be in your highest truth. It is a win/win situation for all.
I am Rastran of Sirius. Along with The Council of the Venus Ray and your Brethren of The Galactic Federation of Light, I send you fond wishes on this day of Our Lady’s rare transit. May God be with you.

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