June 30, 2012

Mantra for transmutation by the fire of mind

Christine Anne K. Published June 28, 2012

…Today my dear ones we are going through an important phase of the Collective Mind, which is going to, sort of, grill everything that has no longer function in matter of thoughts, representations, beliefs, manipulations, distortions of paths, useless structures etc ...
At the individuals plan this leads to some overexcitement, acceleration/confusion in reasoning, thoughts, mental images, personal constructions (etc) - that can be described as a "overheating", characterized by disorganized overactivity states, less suitable for any creativity but more for fruitless and disorienting self-enclosure.

These states require some kind of final combustion, or in spurts, that will allow at the collective level the calcination of a large number of data and circuits in your systems of thought called "cultures" or "egregores", in your conditionings and beliefs , your addictions to these, your own built blindness (etc)
This acceleration/overheating of the mind has to aim, and end, with a transmutation by this fire itself.
A Phrase to transmute this state is offered to you, which is recommended to be put on sounds in your body - this is called singing, isn’it ! ..


-pronounciation should if possible be done with french vowels A and E (= A as in Art or Barbara and E as in Bed, OU as oo), and rolling R- (*)

Consider this Phrase, if you wish, as a mantra whose language speaks directly into your cells, and mind's and more subtle structures. When sung, this phrase will relieve you, and will also guide you to progressively realize this transmutation, at your own level but also (by bio-resonance) to others than yourselves.

Your mind is collective, my dear ones, before even being individual : this is one of the great illusions that blinds and imprisons you ... This Phrase has the power to free you to move towards a lot of Beauty and Simplicity, as well as shared Intelligence . What you call the transit to Supra-mental is at the end the road. Alleluiah.

Elders of Sirius C - and associated Plans – through Marie-Madeleine.
via Christine Anne K. June 27, 2012

(*) How to : Feel free to create your own melody for this song, this should be pleasant. It is also possible to repeat this phrase inwardly in silence if necessary, but the resonating effect is then lessened.
No more than four consecutive repetitions, and then remain in the inner contemplation of the mental transmutation and/or what is, without hanging comments-thoughts to it.
Can be sung alone or as an improvised choir, at any time of day, but at bedtime there will be a special kind of integration during sleep.
There is no audio version for this proposal, as it is said that "this is not appropriate : each individual her will have their own chant, adapted to their own body and personal vibration in that instant"
May this freedom be not a restraint.. (chant implies a voice vibration in the body, and not necessarily singing techniques)

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