October 28, 2011

The manuscript of survival 34 -39

 part 34

Chapter 24
A more detailed description on upcoming events.
You have by now gotten more used to these periodic downloads of energies, and this will indeed hold you in good stead in these upcoming days and weeks. Although this process will often seem to be less than pleasant, keep in mind that everything we do to you during this process is to make sure that you will all come out of this as far, far stronger than you have ever been before, o rather than you have ever experienced in a human body. The process in itself may be exhausting, even tedious at times, but never forget that ultimate goal of attaining the body of a sacred crystalline nature, the one that will carry you all into eternity and beyond. Let us explain. By now, you have all felt the onslaughts from all of these recent energyupdates on your seemingly frail bodies, and as such you might ask yourselves what good might come out of this at times very, very draining process. Some of you have already lost hope in that seemingly elusive day of regaining your powers, but let us just assure you all that this day is actually so much closer than you think. In other words, you can almost see that longed for finishing line just ahead of you, and although the last hill towards it might seem to be on the steep side, never lose hope in your abilities to get you there in the very near future. This is so important, because if you lose that hope, we cannot force you to continue towards the completion of this process. It is like the old saying that you can lead a horse to water, but you cannot force it to drink, and as you have all gotten mightily thirsty by now, we hope you all see the sense of keeping yourselves moving forwards on this, the final stretch, even if it means moving your feet only a fraction of an inch at the time. We will repeat this, as it is indeed all up to you to choose to cross that finishing line or not, and even if we might support you and encourage you all we can, the final decision rests with you, dear souls. That is your choice, but that is also your only choice in this matter, as you cannot choose neither the intensity nor the pace in this, the final assault. In other words, consider this as a friendly warning that the days ahead will be intense indeed, as there are still so much information needed to be downloaded into your bodies. And time is short remember, not for us, but for you, and as such time waits for no one. Again, we think you will find that the hard work you are about to embark upon will seem to be more than worth it when you see the final results, but we would like you to be very aware of the fact that at times the work might seem to be more than you are capable of taking on. Rest assured that you will not be burdened by more than you can bear, and we have all the information we need to be able to deduce just how much you can take on. Remember, although this period will be perceived as an intense one for you all, the intensity will vary according to your own personal set-up. We have explained before that you have all individual roads to travel towards that final goal, and you best keep this in mind as the days advances towards that jubilant day. This is because even if you might feel reassured by the fact that you are not alone in fighting this final battle with your own strength and willingness to continue, you must keep in mind that no-one is going through exactly the same as you. Therefore, do not lose faith even if your journey differs from those around you travelling in the same direction. We have touched upon this subject before, but now this will be more important than ever. Remember, you cannot do anything wrong, except going into fear. That will mean losing your way altogether, but anything else is fine, no matter how different your perceive yourself from all others during this process.
As the days progress, so will the intensity of these upgradings, so best be prepared for some moments of uncertainty. Not because you need to have any doubt whatsoever as to where this process is going, but because you will experience reactions that may be very new to you indeed. What we mean by this, is that in order to get your physical body ready for that final assault for the finishing line, there might be some actions we need to take that may seem to be very strange indeed. As you might already be aware of, most of these complicated proceedures occur while you are in your sleepstate, and even if some of these rather abrupt and intense interventions in your body may leave a lingering memory of some sort in your mind, some of you may experience strange goings-on in your body while you are more or less fully awake. We say this not to frighten you, just to prepare you for the possibility of undergoing something very unusual indeed. The reason for this is very simple. As we have already told you on numerous occasions, your whole physical body is literally being rewired, and as this entails correcting the whole control mechanism for your physical body, this will have some noticeable effects on you even while you are awake and alert. We cannot go into detail, as these will vary both in intensity and appearance according to your own personal set-up, but let us just give you a few examples of what might come about in these next few days so that you can be prepared if anything seemingly amiss befalls you. Just remember, it will be a normal reaction to this process if your body seems to be behaving strangely, but if you are in doubt, please feel free to seek advice from the medical community if that will put you at ease. Remember, going into fear is not something you would want to do at this stage, but if reassurance from a professional helps you to avoid that, do not hesitate to get it.
Back to that possible list of reactions you might or might not experience in these upcoming days. As we were saying, we are currently in the process of rewiring your whole nervous system, or in other words the controls for every process going on in your body. This encompasses not only the processes you are aware of, such as the moving of your body parts and the respiratory system, but also all of the more hidden communication going on inside of your body every second. So you can see, there might be a number of ”distress signals” coming to the surface during this rewiring, but we hasten to add that although they might be perceived as odd, they are in fact nothing more than a small twitch in the command system as it were. Some of you might experience these twitches very literally, as one or more parts of your body will move or contract without reason, much like a muscular tick only perhaps a little stronger. The senses might be affected in many ways as well, and you might be hearing recurring ringing noises, or see spots of color or darkness lingering in your eyesight. You might also have problems with focusing at times, and we predict that many of you will think that your eyesight is failing and needs to be corrected. We think you will find that these ”problems” will disappear after only a few days, as it is only a minor and temporary inconvenience as your brain struggles a bit to adjust to these new signals as it were. Again, do not hesitate to seek advice from others if you feel so inclined, but we predict that by the time you get an appointment the aforementioned ”problem” will have dissipated, or the specialist will fail to find anything wrong with you. As we were saying this will only be a temporary ”miscommunication” as the old lines are disconnected and the new ones inserted. There might also be some sensation of heavyness or stinging pain in parts of your body. Again, this is nothing to be worried about, and it should dissipate after a short while. Most of these more diffuse symptoms may be hard to pinpoint, as they will seem to be moving around in your body. Also, your neck and back or other parts of your bonestucture might be affected, and you will perhaps feel soreness in your muscles. It will in many ways be like soreness from exercising, but the effects come from these new eletric currents coursing through your body in these new wires, and as such your muscles may seem to be working overtime to adjust to these new signals. Again, this is only temporary, and it will also go away after a short while. Much of these symptoms might be more than familiar to some if not all of you already, but we wanted to go into some detail concerning this as many of you will experience a considerably higher frequency and magnitude from these ”side effects” in this upcoming period. As always, forewarned is forearmed, and we wanted you to be aware of this beforehand, so that the reason for them occuring is well understood. This will hopefully help you to handle them with ease should they occur anywhere in your own body in the next few days and weeks. Never forget, you are monitored closely every step of this process, and although you at times might feel that you are trapped inside a body mayhaps behaving in bizarre ways, do not fear for the integrity of your body. It is and will be stronger than you could ever have hoped for, and once this process is finished you have something far more solid and long-lasting than you could ever dream of. We wish you all the best in the days ahead, and rest assured that even if it might not be the most comfortable period for you, it will be amongst the more important ones. Just hang in there as they say, and know that all is well no matter how hard you body tries to tell you otherwise.

part 35

Today we would like to adress a different topic altogether, namely that of the imminent arrival of outside forces if we may use such a metaphor. Rest assured that we do not in fact refer to ”forces” in any negative way, far from it, rather it is an esoteric form of force we imply by this. In oher words, we would like to delve more into the nature of these energies currently encircling your globe, and how they will affect you all in these upcoming days and weeks. We have touched upon the effects these energies have had and will have on your physical body, now we would like focus on how it will affect your minds and how you perceive yourselves and the world around you. As we have said so many times already, the human race has been under a spell for such a long time, and you have become accustomed to walking around with your eyes closed, almost like you are sleepwalking. But now the time has come to open not only your eyes, but also your hearts, and as this is not an easy task to accomplish, you will have much help from the outside. No, we do not refer to any kind of ”brainwashing”, although in many ways that is exactly what we are alluding to. Not the kind of brainwashing you have been exposed to before, were so much of your old repositories of intelligence, information and knowledge was literally washed away in order to render you helplessly in the powers of outside controllers of the dark kind. No, this is in fact a kind of ”brainwash” if you will that will in fact remove all of the acummulated dirt and grime that have impaired your minds and souls to such an extent you have been left unable to think for yourselves. We think you will agree that this sort of ”brainwash” is indeed a very, very benevolent and positive one, as it is done to restore your own powers, not to remove them as previously experienced by you all. Many of you have been through this restorative ”washing process” already, and therefore you are seeing the world in a very new light indeed. We venture that as a result you have already changed so much in your own life, and not only those outside factors regulating your everyday life, but also the most important one, namely that internal voice telling you how to evolve into an enlightened human being. Many of you have come a long, long way already, but there is still some distance to cover for the large majority, and now the ”outside forces” we referred to at the beginning will offer you much asssistance to close the gap as it were in a very short amount of time. No more waiting for a distant tomorrow, it has already arrived and will show itself in all of it´s beauty as the new day is about to dawn.
Let us explain. It will not be news to any of you that the constant barrage of external energy has heightened considerably these last few months and weeks, and now you stand before an even greater influx of light. This light will serve to light the way for so many of your fellow men, many of whom have up until now remained totally concealed in the shadows. Now this light will finally make them step out into the open for the very first time, and as such you will find yourself standing in a crowd where you previously only saw scattered souls here and there. Rejoice in the fact that the tidal wave of human souls deciding to let go of the crippling grip of fear will increase exponentially, and as such the swells of change will rise above and beyond what any of you could have predicted only a short time ago. Look around you, and see that the signs are already out there for all to see. Yes, the 99% are finally starting to make their voices heard above the din of ridicule raining down upon them from those thinking themselves safely ensconced at the top. The harder they laugh, the more their lofty perk is shaking, and soon enough they will all take a tumble and fall off their throne of unrightful rule. It might not seem like much at the moment, but these seemingly spontaneous gatherings of peaceful protesters assembled in numerous cities across the globe are only a small fraction of the tide of peoples finally pushing the veils back and stepping out into the bright glare of truth. Not to destroy, but to take back what is rightfull theirs, namely their own sovereignty.
Many will use the occasion to display their basest behaviours, and grab a place in the spotlighs while they literally steal and plunder in a fit of destructive rage, but they will only be a tiny fraction. The rest,or rather the real 99%, will show their true colours, and will stand together tall and proud and show their love not only for themselves but for all of those kindred spirits all around them. This network of kindred souls will find themselves connected to all others across the whole of your little planet, and for the first time ever in so-called modern times a real sense of community will be apparent to all. Not as a result of a global disaster, but as a result of global awakening. It will not happen tomorrow, but it will happen in a very, very short amount of time indeed, and no matter how hard the powers at the top will try to stem this flow, it cannot be stopped. Never again will you bow your heads in servitude to those deeming themselves to be above and beyond reproach while they literally steel you blind. Once the scales fall away from your eyes, they can never be regrown, and as such liberty is not far off. We realize that these small scatterings of individuals might seem harmless and insignificant, but trust us when we say that they are only the forefront, or the tip of the iceberg. Remember, the incoming storms of energy will only serve to heighten the speed of awakening, and as such this little snowball of change will grow rapidly into an all-encompassing avalanche that will smother those trying to hold back reason by waving the flag of fear. What once served to stop any argument will now show itself in it´s real light, namely that of manipulative and desperate measures meant to uphold status quo, and a status quo that will only benefit a small percentage of the population. Time is indeed running out for these despots, but that will not stop them from trying the best – or rather their worst – to stop this tide of fearlessness and freedom from washing over them and all that they hold dear. And make no mistake, they will not stop at anything. So best be prepared for some very intense and dramatic showdowns indeed, as they will rattle their swords any which way they can. Rest assured that this time it is you who will have the last laugh, as you will all have awakened sufficiently not to fall for their rhetoric once again. Remember, you will have truth on your side, and all the powers of the multiverse as well, and this time you cannot fail. You will be armed with the best armor there is, namely that of self-empowerment, and the influxes coming your way will certainly make your armour less easy to penetrate. You will be tempered in this furnace of energies to the point of invincibility, and as such your opressors armament will no longer be able to harm you in any way ever again. Just remember, although the temperature will rise considerably over this upcoming period, it is with only one object in mind: namely that of rendering you untouchable by fear and greed, and as such ensure your victory over these forces once and for all.

 part 36

Today´s missive will be a rather interesting discussion on how you will perceive these upcoming changes, as there will indeed be many ways to handle what´s in store for you all. Let us explain. The human mind is a very malleable one, and as such it has been easy to restrict your views as it were. In other words, you have all had a sort of shield in your heads that have kept you from seeing the entirety of creation that surrounds you. You have in many ways been blind to the world, but as we have told you now the scales will fall away and you will finally see for yourselves just what a miracle you are part of. But do not think that this will change everyones´s lookout on the world, far from it. Remember, there will be many, many around you who actually will choose to keep their eyes closed to reality, and as such they will not be able to perceive what you are about to see. In other words, the population on this planet will in many aspects be split in two: those that embrace their new surroundings, and those that obstinately refuse to change their whole outlook on life. Remember, with seeing comes remembering, and also a realization that you have up until now been living in an illusion, and not everyone will be able to handle that. In stead, they will go into denial, and they will refuse to have anything to do with this new reality. That will be their choice, and there is nothing you can do to change their minds. In other words, it is entirely up to each and every one of you to decide if you would like to join the real world as it were, or if you will prefer to linger in the old and crumbling one. Make no mistake, those that choose the latter will have a hard time indeed, as they will continue to experience the darkest side of life in each and every aspect of their existence, and as such theirs will be a life filled with a mounting burden of fear. Whereas those of you who have chosen to step into the light, will finally find peace in your hearts and joy all around you. It might sound like a simple little fairytale from one your children´s books, but this is in plain fact what will happen. Either you choose to open your eyes to the dawn of the new day, or you choose to stay in permanent darkness where the fear resides.
And now the time has come to make that choice, not only for you, but for the rest of humanity as well. Time is running out on that old order, and if you do not decide to open your eyes to this truth now, you will not get a second chance. Time waits for no one, and as we said we will not take up stragglers or wait for those dragging their feet not able to make up their minds. And not choosing is also choosing, as then you will stay put just were you are. In other words, this is a process were you all play the main role, and as such, it is entirely up to each and every one of you how you will react in this upcoming period. Ascension is nothing you do by staying passive, it is a process were you and only you decide the outcome. Either you stay in fear, or you release the hold it has had on you for eons and eons, and remember that releasing something that has held you in it´s firm grip for such a long time actually creates the feeling of fear. Again, you must keep your minds clear, because as you have all been well trained to fear change more than anything, this process will engender much fear in so many of you. Never have anyone gone through such a life altering change as you are in the midst of now, and as such this process have already scared so many of your fellow traellers back into the dark corner from whence they came. Never forget, you are the bravest of the brave, and this final stretch of the metamorphosis into a totally new human being will entail such a vast amount of change it will stop many in their tracks and send them running in the opposite direction. We do not say this to create more fear, but in order to reassure you all that this reaction is indeed nothing but natural, and if you see it for what it is, namely the last vestige of your old ego and programming trying to hold you back, it might be esaier for you to break through that seemingly impenetrable wall of fear for the final time in this existence. Once you manage to do so, no fear can ever touch you again, and you will be able to hold on to the knowledge that you are in fact safely removed from the darkness that held you down in your former existence on this planet. We salute you all and wish you a safe journey, as you are to embark on this, the most important part of your journey towards the perpetual light.

Part 37

We would like to continue in the same vein, namely that of going into further details concerning the imminent arrival of certain frequencies in your atmosphere and on the surface of your planet. By now, you are well on your way into the first of these barrages, and the fallout from all of these incoming energies have started to be felt all over your planet. We do not only refer to those recent events you may have witnessed in the media, such as the fall of another ancient dictator and the crumbling and upheaval of the earth´s crust in certain places, but more specific into the turmoil starting to crop up inside many of your fellow human beings. So many of them are finally starting to open their eyes to the so-called ”reality” surrounding them and found it lacking, and now they will all start to move in the direction of much wanted change. Many of you will already have experienced this starting to happen to those around you, both those near and dear, but also amongst strangers you may encounter on your way. We urge you all to start noticing this now, as it will only be a small precursor to what is about to happen to the whole human race. As we have already stated, change is something not coming lightly to mankind, but now it will come as a tsunami washing all over your planet in a very, very short amount of time. So much will happen to so many in a very short time, it will indeed be a massive revolution going on in front of your very eyes. The more perceptible of you will have encountered this already, whether in your workplace or in your own family, and it is indeed important to open your eyes and see these, the first signs of the revolution as they unfold right in front of you. If not, they may be easy to overlook, and as such the continued onslaught of bad news in your media and indeed the seemingly never-ending onslaught of energies hammering into your body will start many of you to lose the hope of a bright new tomorrow. We wish to emphasis this, as it is so easy to overlook this quickening of events in the seemingly never ending stream of dismal forecasts for the future of your planet, and we want you all to grab on to all of these glimmers of hope and bring them up in the minds of everyone you meet on your way. Remember, now is the time to make your voices heard, so that those still standing with their backs towards the light will be more compelled to turn around and see that dawn is indeed approaching even if the darkness seems to be creeping ever closer.
Your leaders are trying to resolve without much apparent success the crumbling foundations of the world of finance, and all around you the results from their failures are easy to see. People are being turned out on the streets in ever larger numbers, and all over the globe people are feeling their fear mounting by the day, much like the floodwaters currently covering so much of your globe. Desperation is rampant, therefore the voice of reason needs to be heard from the deep sea of humanity, and each and every one of you must try to find your voice and join that chorus. Look around you, and see for yourself just what the changes under this muddy surface really amounts to, and make sure to point them out to others not so fortunate as to see this clearly for themselves. Then stand back and see what this does. We defy anyone who thinks that mere words of enlightenment cannot make headway into a mind riddled with fear for the future. In so many cases, your words will be the small spark that ignites the cooling ember of hope lying dormant inside every one of your fellow human beings. In addition, your actions will be seen as glowing examples for so many around you, and as long as you follow the voice of reason emanating from your heart, your steps will clear the way for so many stumbling alone in the darkness now. We implore you to lift your eyes and look towards the light, and as you set the course straight and true for this dawn even as darkness falls all around you, you will help so many others to follow on the path you are already clearing through the thorns trying to hold humanity back. You cannot even begin to understand how important your forward movement is, and we urge you all to keep going even when the going gets even more challenging in this upcoming period. Remember, you are only the wayshower, not the sheperd, and as such this is your only task: focus on the light ahead, and remain confident that those that can, will follow you all the way. You are not in charge of herding them along, you are only charged with making certain that you get there yourselves. Then, the path laid down by you will be used by thousands and thousands of other feet, as the hearts of these followers have already been set ablaze by your courage and hope. And in order for you to keep your own heart blazing ever brighter, we again implore you to look even closer at the changes starting to occur all around you. See the glimmers of hope starting to be ever more visible in the eyes of your fellow human beings, and know that this is indeed as vital a fuel for your own blazing fire as anything bombarding you from the cosmos. You are all starting to take those last but oh so important steps into the densest part of the jungle currently obscuring your final goal, so be sure to bring with you as much as you can of this life saving fuel. It will be sorely needed, and when the going gets tough, you will be able to rekindle the strength of your conviction no matter what the dark jungle is hiding. Do not take this lightly, as there are many brave souls out there already faltering. Remember the darkness is always most profound just before dawn, and so it will be this time too, but again, you have all the provisions you need to get you there, if you just remember to pack them with you as you set out on this, the final stretch of this arduous journey.

Part 38
Chapter 25
More on the after effects on the incoming tide of energies. Many of you are already aware that much is indeed changing even as we speak, but we do not think you are aware of the scope of the imminent changes. As we have oft repeated already, most of what you hold for true is in fact anything but, and as such not only your historybooks, but also your memorybanks needs to be rewritten after this proceedure is completed. Nothing will be left to chance, and as such this reprogramming will be very, very thorough indeed. Never fear for your sanity, even if so much will be turned on it´s head, but this is also why we will repeat this message at frequent intervals in order to prepare you as best we can. Remember, no one and no thing will go untouched by what is about to take place on your planet, and as such you are amongst those lucky ones able to get some information beforehand. Just imagine how an ”innocent bystander” still clinging to the illusion that what they see is what they get will fare once the veils are pulled back for everyone to see. It will be a hard task indeed to keep one´s sanity once everything they have staked their life on is exposed as nothing but smoke and mirrors. Remember, the latter ones are indeed in majority at the moment, but as we have already stated, this, the final run-up to the ”final showdown” as it were involves so much extra prodding that we are quite confident that the number of awakened souls will increase exponentially in the very near future. Again, as this is indeed a voluntary quest, we cannot force anyone to open their eyes against their will at this stage, but as soon as the old grid is disconnected, they will have no choice but to see everything in the full glare of the incoming light. Therefore, we predict that so many more of your fellow humans will have started to open their hearts of their own volition before they run out of time to do so. In the interim those of you already sufficiently awake will feel the full force of these barrages in more ways than one, and we do not think we put put a foot wrong if we say that for many of you, this will be by far the most intense period you will ever experience. That is because although you have been well prepared for this by in some cases many years of previous experiences of these intelligent waves washing over you, none of you have ever encountered something even remotely as powerful as the ones starting to amass just off your shores. Again, we do not say this in order to frighten you, but just to remind you to be prepared to be literally slammed into a wall of very, very intense energies, and they will at times seem to go on forever. They will not do so, and by the time the last one of them rolls in, you will all heave a mighty sigh of relief. That is, if you do not lose yourselves in the ocean of fear that many will experience all around them. Because this time even the most dense and closed down of your fellow compatriots will feel the impact from these celestial messengers, and they, having no previous recollection of anything like it, will certainly choose to hit the panic button. We do not blame them, as this will be something so unsettling indeed, it will literally shake the foundations of mankind. Just remember that as long as you manage to keep your heads cool and your hearts calm, you will not be dragged under in this churning ocean of panicking souls. Again, there is nothing you as a species fear more than change, and as such this tsunami of change as we call it will take everyone by storm.
Do not for a moment think that anything is amiss if you suddenly enter a period of profound stillness in the midst of all of this intense activity. That is only as it should be, as this is indeed the first sign that you have already penetrated the veil, and you are embarking on your journey into the vastness of creation. Let us explain. For many of you, you will during one or several of instances during your waking hours suddenly find yourself suspended in a seemingly endless moment of quiet and calm, and you might think that this is indeed in stark contrast to the world outside of you. These moments may occur either during meditation or other forms of rest, and even if you still feel connected to the outside world as it were, you will find yourself simultaneously separated from it. This may sound like an ordinary meditative experience on the outset, but as soon as you enter this state you will immediately recognize it for something very, very new indeed. It is difficult to give you the appropriate words to describe this ”in-between” state, as each and every one of you will enter it in a very different manner. You might also experience visual input during this state, such as intense light and movement or impenetrable darkness. Although you will enter a state of profound separateness from the world as you know it, you will at the same time feel a very, very deep connection to All there is, and for many of you this will indeed be the first taste of this all-encompassing benevolent energygrid we have discussed earlier. Know that this is something you all have in store if you have not opened that door already, and this will be a new discovery so many of you will make in these upcoming days. We hasten to add that as always, each and every one of you are on your own private journeys, so even if you do not have any clear memory of resting in this state of utter peace, you will soon enter through that same portal and join the cosmos in your own way. But what you all will take out of it, is this: utter bliss and the total vanquishing of fear. In other words, once you have connected to this profound state of stillness, you will no longer harbour any doubt whatsoever as to what the future will bring. Then you will know for certain that the future is already here, and that this, the first little sip from the cup of freedom is only a small drop in the vast ocean of peace and joy you are about to enter. We hope you all will find comfort in the fact that during these intense periods of energydownloads awaits an oasis of calmness for each and every one of you. Please enter at your own pace, but let not the fear of others inhibit your journey towards attaining your initiation into this stillness of the heart.

part 39

Let us go into further details concerning these upcoming events, and how they will appear. Do not think that everything is written in stone, but much of the details are already set and as such we can give you a sneak preview as it were into some of the finer details at this point. However, we will as always refrain from giving out any exact dates, as this is yet to be decided. Let us just conclude that change is indeed imminent, and you have already started to see some of the effects of this turnaround process, both in your immediate vicinity but also on the global horizon. Much of this is going on unnoticed, as the media are more concerned about the crumbling of the old, and as such the heralded initiation process will come as a surprise to so many out there. They are all busy looking in the wrong direction, therefore so much of what will transpire will suddenly just spring out almost fully formed from the underground as it were. Let us explain. As we have already mentioned now the time has come for awakening those souls already slightly awake, and as such the number of souls finally opening their eyes to a new tomorrow will suddenly increase, much like an eruption starting under the sea that suddenly breaks the seemingly calm of the surface above. The 99% movement is a part of these half-awakened souls, and now you will see this interest in getting their voices heard spread like wildfire all across your planet. Up until now, the media have tried to ridicule them or ignore them, the only way they know to treat this kind of ”irregular dissenters”, but watch as this movement starts to grow at a very rapid rate. This will open the eyes of so many journalists out there as well, and they will realize that there is indeed a very, very important message behind these seemingly unimportant, disgruntled people. They will suddenly start to understand that these are indeed only a small sign of what is to come, namely a deluge of the so–called ”little people” all over the globe who find it impossible to stay silent any longer. The powers that be has for far too long held on to the belief that if these people are treated in the ”right” way, namely by holding them down by fear, they can continue to mismanage this planet in any way they can. But surprisingly enough, now they will find that the fear is slowly but surely fading away inside so many of these humble beings, and they are all starting to see their own power. And when they do so, nothing will hold them back ever again. Remember, those dictators already toppled are but the most visible signs of the rot at the top, and now the whole rotten core of this system will be exposed for all to see. Then they will no longer have the stranglehold on everybody´s mind, and you can all finally start to think for yourselves. And when you do, you will waste no time demanding your freedom back from these oppressors, whether they be of the brutal or just plain and simple greedy kind. You will also see how people suddenly realize that there are other ways to arrange their lives, so they can start living in a much more sustainable way and thereby ensure the well-being not only for themselves, but for your planet as well. Many will start to think outside the box, both in a figurative and literal sense, as so much in your lives have up until now been decided beforehand by outside forces. Now living well will come natural to you, and old, detrimental habits will just fade away. It will literally be like waking up from a dream and start to do everything in a totally different way from before, almost without even thinking why. It will in other words feel like the most natural way to do things, and from then on things will really, really start to change at a very rapid pace indeed.
We have earlier gone into some detail concerning what will happen to those dark overlords and their supporters, so we will use this opportunity to focus on the masses. For many of you, despair has been close when you see all around you the signs of sleepwalking, and we understand that your frustration has been mounting when you fail to see any betterment at all no matter how much you yourselves have changed in this process. Rest assured that help is indeed well on it´s way, and part of this plan is to ensure that a much larger volume of enlightened souls will soon awaken all around you. It is indeed imperative that they do so, as we need to know that the general level of vibration here on this planet is high enough to ensure a mass ascension. Many will protest this, and say that only a small percentage of the population with high enough vibration will suffice, but remember that we are talking about creating a new world for the majority of you, not only for a happy few, and as such the more the merrier. In other words, now the time has come to rip off the duvets from everyone still slumbering away while the rest of you are working your knuckles to the bone. As previously mentioned, the waking-up process might be perceived as rather abrupt and intense for many, but it is indeed necessary.
Although the timing of these events may not be given out at the present moment, rest assured that they are indeed just around the corner, and as such it is indeed imperative that you keep your heads cool during the seemingly total meltdown that will occur all around you. Remember, this final phase have been heralded for a very long time now, but as soon as you start to see the first unmistakable signs that the process is well under way, many will start to lose their grip on the assurance that all will be well. That is because the signals for change will be of such a magnitude it will shake everyone to the core, and no matter how well prepared you are there is still ample possibility to panic if you choose to do so. Again, trust that voice of reason in your hearts, and do not hesitate to seek the advice from those around you vibrating at a similar level to your own or higher. This is important indeed, because those still lingering in the lower octaves are the ones easily prone to falling into the trap of fear yet again, so it is imperative that you stay out of the grasp of their clinging fingers once this show gets on the road so to speak. And let us also remind you to make sure that you literally see what´s happening right in front of you, so as not to miss anything of importance. As we said, there are already many, many signs of improvement on many levels, and if you open your eyes to them this whole finale will be perceived very different indeed than if you go by the stories you are being fed by the mass media. Remember, it is in their interest to magnify the fear and downplay the hope, so make sure that you at all times do the opposite.

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