October 14, 2011

The manuscript of survival 27 - 33

 part 27

Chapter 20
Here we are again with another update on the upcoming attractions, if we may use such a word. For many, this will not entail an apt description of what is to come, as it will be more than a little dramatic, but we use the word in order to make it clear that the process you are currently hurtling straight into is nothing other than a very, very positive one. That is, if you are in the mood for a change for the better on this sweet planet of yours. However, if you prefer the current model, we advice to to get prepared to be very, very disappointed, as time is indeed running out for you and your fellow sufferers. For this is currently a planet rife with suffering, and although our tone may seem to be a tad respectless, we are anything but. The reason for our choice of words is that we are so exhilarated by the prospect of what is to come, so we will use a lighter tone today. You should also try to pick your spirits up dear ones, as we are aware that the going has been very, very tough lately. There are so many out there almost running out of patience, and indeed hope, so we hope that today´s missive might be of help. As we have stated on numerous occasions, you are at all times surrounded by benevolent beings from all corners of the universe, or rather universes. Many of you hold the idea that this is something you need to be able to accomplish on your own, and that there are no need for any outside intervention. Far from it, you even consider that to be a breach of your sense of independence and free will. Be that as it may, the help has arrived and to put it frankly, you could not be able to accomplish this process on your own. There are many, many enlightened souls out there, but although you are essential to this operation, you do not yet have all the powers at your disposal that you need in order to sever yourselves from those dark overlords of yours without intervention. Many will disagree with this, but we think you will see for yourselves as things soon escalate that you will be more than delighted by a helping hand or two. Again, this may be amongst the more controversial subjects at the moment, but we are here today to try to ease your minds a bit in this intense upbuilding towards that final climax. Make no mistake, although the current energies are perceived as very intense indeed, they are nothing compared to what is ahead. However, as you are currently being upgraded notch by notch as fast as possible, you will be much better prepared to tackle the onslaughts coming your way at a later date. Think of it as a kind of inoculation, a sort of vaccine that will make your body better equipped to handle the even larger doses later on. It will not feel like it when the going is as tough as now, but remember that every jolt of energy you feel in your physical bodies are in fact making you stronger by the hour. In addition, we are well aware that many of you are struggling hard with your motivation in all of this. You can see so much of what you have held for normal and indispensable crumbling around you, and as you are at the moment unable to see the new tomorrow as it were just yet, it is difficult indeed to keep going forwards. But going forwards is what you must do, even if it feels like you are walking blindly into unknown territory. As we have said earlier, it is not by accident that you are called the bravest of the brave, because now you must take out that bravery and use it for all it is worth. You will see so much falling apart around you, without any seemingly new solution rising up to take over, so trusting that this process is indeed going in the right direction is immensely important.

The answer to all of this confusion is very easy, but also very difficult to maintain, namely complete trust. Trust that everything is indeed going in the right direction, even when everything seems to be doing just the opposite. Remember, before this whole process is over there is still so much more that needs to be falling away from you, just like the scales from your eyes. You need to be able to trust this, even when the going gets even harder than it is at the moment. We realize that this is not an easy process, and there are even bigger challenges ahead, but trust us when we say that you are all on the right track. And once again: please remember that you are not in this all alone. For one thing, there are so many others just like you spread all across the globe, and if you could see yourselves from our perspective, it would be the most uplifting sight ever. As we have already told you, your globe is already covered by a vast network of glowing points, each representing one of you enlightened souls, and this light is glowing ever brighter. In addition, we are here to remind you that you are not alone on this beautiful planet of yours, and even if you cannot yet see us all surrounding your globe on all sides, we are indeed all standing by to help in any way we can. And this we will do, or rather carry on doing, as we all have not only your best interest at heart. You are as we said closely linked to the rest of creation, and when you prosper, so will all of us. Your actions are not isolated to your own little world, they have repercussions far, far away from your shores. Therefore rest assured that we are all eager for this project not to fail. We hope this will lighten your moods ever so slightly, even if it might not seem to lighten the load at the moment. Just remember to ask for help whenever you feel the burden is too much for you to carry alone, and rest assured that you will get all the help you need. But again, it might not come in the shape and form you expected, so let us just end this missive by saying expect the unexpected.

part 28

Chapter 21
We would like to take this opportunity to delve somewhat deeper into a very interesting topic, namely that of the scientific community and how they will continue to make new ”discoveries” in this upcoming period. As we have stated earlier, they are in fact on the brink of making many, many seemingly unexpected discoveries, namely so-called break throughs in science that will cause the entire scientific community to go up in arms as it were. The reason for this is easy to explain, because the discoveries they make will in fact make them all question the value of the knowledge they have hitherto acquired. We refer of course to all of those outdated theories on how energy is dispersed, how the quantum field is build up, and also on how time and space is related. Some of this has started to seep out already, and already the skepticism is apparent. This cannot be true they are saying, we cannot believe something that is flying in the face of everything we know and take for granted. Well, you are in for a nice surprise, as much of the current textbooks you are using can soon be tossed on the scrapheap. We have told you earlier about how we implant new information into fertile brains by going the way of using so-called transponders, i.e other living human beings, to insert new knowledge into the trained brains that will instantly know how to process this new information. That way, we can make sure that all of the knowledge you are so desperately in need of in order to ensure the survival and transformation of your much scarred planet is received and spread throughout your scientific community. But this is not an easy task, as the ingrown skepticism to anything radical and new is very, very strong indeed. Just watch as they will try to tear holes in any new and astounding theory coming their way, as it is inherent in human nature to cling to the old rather than embrace the new. And now there is so much old knowledge that needs to be discarded, it will seem that everything and everyone have to start all over again from scratch. But let us reassure you that this process will go ahead, no matter how hard so many of your scientists will try to drag their heels as soon as they discover that everything they have taken for granted is as much an illusion as everything else you see around you. It will be an interesting period in these upcoming months, as there is so much coming your way you cannot even begin to imagine the magnitude of all of these ”discoveries”. We put the brackets in here to signify that these discoveries are certainly not coming your way by accident, no they will be planted there by mightier brains than yours, if we may be so bold. As we have stated on numerous occasions before, yours is certainly far from the most advanced civilization out there, but now you will be put on a fast track towards developing into something a bit more sustainable, both as a species and as a planet. Remember, the planet has been set up to survive, but you as a species are hovering on the brink of extinction, therefore you cannot be allowed to keep up your current manner of living. In other words, you need to be re-educated, and this process will now be sped up considerably.

As we were saying, this will be a very interesting process to witness, as there will be new theories, or rather findings, that will go contrary to so much that is already universally known to be the ”truth” here on your planet. We have earlier reminded you that the current grid of energy that you are coupled to is in fact one that severely limits your prospects of developing, as it has been put in place exclusively to hold you back and make you easier to manage as it were. In other words, you have been withheld from so much crucial information that all the rest of creation have been party to for a very, very long time indeed, and as such you have been lagging ever further behind. Now it is time for all of you to take that quantum leap into tomorrow, and it will be an amazing process indeed. Not only will you find that ever-elusive ”theory of everything” that your scientists have been searching for for such a long time, the one and only solution that will explain oh so clearly how this magnificent universe, or rather multi-verse, is put together, you will also out of seemingly thin air finally discover that all-encompassing, everlasting source of energy that will be able to fuel all of your endeavors from this day and to eternity. In other words, you will move into that new tomorrow, on par with the rest of the civilizations out there, and not a moment to soon either. As we said, you are hovering on the brink of extinction, and your actions are taking you further and further out on that brink, but now you will be stopped in your tracks and brought back firmly and soundly from that brink. This process involves several steps, and many of them have been discussed already in this manuscript, but now we would like to give you a little peak into that wonderful world of tomorrow, as seen by the eyes of your scientists. And let us just say that they all chose the right time to be here, as no one in the history of mankind will be able to live through such a record breaking time, when such quantum leaps of discoveries will be made in such an infinitesimal amount of time. Just remember, when the time comes to announce the winners of next year´s Nobel prizes in physics, it might not be the right ”person” who receives the awards. In other words, this knowledge that will come to light does not emanate from the human brains only, it will be firmly planted there by beings heralding from a very different place altogether. Be that as it may, we will let you all have your 15 minutes of fame.
Let us just give you a few short examples: We have already alluded to that elusive particle known as the neutrino. Your scientists have already made a landmark discovery on this particle, even if the doubts about the rightness of this discovery is very high indeed. We refer of course to that record breaking speed these particles have been clocked to, namely that of one exceeding the speed of light. Jaws were falling all over the place when this discovery literally saw the light a few days ago, but now they are all scrambling to find faults with the measurements made by this glorious team of scientists. Let us just say that the measures were indeed inaccurate, but not in the way that the rest of you think. We predict that in a very short time indeed, your scientists will come to the inevitable conclusion that there are in fact particles that move beyond the speed of light, and not by a mere fraction either. Remember, this is all about the feasibility of traveling faster than the speed of light, and as such has been an elusive dream for all of you humans. This is a stated fact for the rest of us, as we are all very, very adept at traveling back and forth across the timelines. In other words, traveling faster than the speed of light is indeed a prerequisite in order for you all to literally join the rest of us. Trust us when we say that this discovery is very imminent indeed, even if the scientists that first set their eyes on these astonishing results will have hard time believing it for themselves, and as such will certainly try to drag their heels about saying it out loud. No matter, this discovery will in fact be made in several different locations almost simultaneously, as it is indeed imperative that you humans get this concept into your brains once and for all. Remember, there is no time to dither, as progress needs to be made fast indeed.

Another very interesting source of information will come in regarding the so-called dark matter and dark energy pervading your universe. Your scientists have for a very long time scratched their heads as to just what this energy and matter is comprised of, and now they will finally be able to ”see” this with their own eyes. The reason for their confusion is the fact that all of this unknown matter and energy is indistinguishable to all of your instruments, it cannot be measured in any way, but we will show them a way to do just that. And the results will be mind blowing indeed, as this is the energy we have been referring to that will enable you to stop using that old fashioned carbon based energy once and for all. And we do not talk in decades here, we talk of a timespan of a few months at the most. In other words, your world will be transformed from a energy consuming, polluting planet to a clean one in very short amount of time, too short to believe for the rest of you. Well, watch closely and see just what transpires in these next few months, but remember that the interest of many of your fellow human beings is still to stick to the old way, as that is how they make their money.

Over to another topic altogether, namely the nature of your medical society. This has in many ways so much to learn, or rather unlearn, as they are still stuck in the old way of regarding your human bodies and all of the ailments they attract. Much have been said about the research on the human genome, and much will come about in the next few months, but maybe not in the form you might expect. You have all been encoded to expire as it were, in other words you have been made to last only a short period of time, and all of this encoding is written into your DNA. The scientists have been trying to unravel all of these encodings for many years, but now they are in for a nice surprise indeed. They will find that there is indeed a very easy way of reshuffle all of the information already stored in your genes, and this will have repercussions far from the field of so-called hereditary diseases. This will also entail that much of your standard procedures of treating illnesses will have to be changed, as they are mostly concerned with treating only the symptoms of the illness, not the underlying cause of it. As we have stated earlier, you have all been retrofitted with mechanisms that will ensure your fatality, namely processes that have been timed to stop after a certain amount of time, and then the breaking down of all of your bodily functions will start. After that, an inevitable death follows. Now they will realize that this process can and will be made null and void, and therefore the old process of slow decay known as old age will halt in it´s tracks. We have told you earlier how this process has already been set into motion in those of you who have already decided to open yourselves to the light, but now they will learn how to do this on the rest of the population as well. The real secret is that they will be able to do this without applying any of those expensive medicines that they are all so eager to develop and market. The source for this reprogramming will be a very much simpler one, namely one that involves vibration. And when we say vibration, we refer of course to the subject of ”retuning” your body with all sorts of benign wavelengths, emanating not only from light but also from sound. This will indeed be old news to many of you, as you have already experienced this personally either in this life or in a previous one, as this is of course the old way of healing an untuned, or in other words ”sick” body. But now we refer to certain breakthrough discoveries that will be made in the scientific community that will once and for all dispel the old notion of ridiculing this way of healing. They will see for themselves how cells suddenly are turned from cancerous to seemingly normal cells in a very short amount of time, and they will also see that other cells seemingly damaged beyond repair by other debilitating diseases will appear normal and vital yet again. Watch closely as these advances is medicine starts to seep out, only to be abruptly stopped in it´s tracks by others. Never forget that there are many out there with an interest in holding back information that will literally cause their empires to erode as their sources of income evaporate in an instant. That is why we are covering our bets on this one too, and we will make sure that these discoveries will be so numerous that they cannot keep them under wraps no matter how hard they try.

Another discovery that will be made will be on how to ensure that the food supply will be sufficient, no matter what kind of tantrums mother earth will throw in this upcoming period. Remember, your climate is a very fragile one indeed, and you have made yourselves very vulnerable by scaling down on the types of foodstuffs you grow. In many instants, you have manipulated mother earths resources in such a way that the diversity of crops is almost non-existent. You grow the same strains of crops on large stretches of your planet, and as such you are very, very prone to loose it all to disease or climate change. Again, greed is behind these developments, as there are money to be made from ensuring that all farmers need to buy their seeds from the same manufacturer, and as such you have taken a very perilous road indeed. Now discoveries will be made not only on how to ensure viable produce, but also on how to grow it. You have resorted to gigantic farms producing enormous crops which is then distributed over large distances. Now you will discover a new source of food, one that can be grown locally, and one that actually contains a very, very high amount of nutrition in a very small amount of mass. A new ”superfood”, if we might call it that. And not only will it be nutritious, it will also be able to prosper in any sort of climate, no matter how cold, wet, dry or hot it is. In other words, something that will be able to feed you all in a few years time. This ”crop” is of course something seeded by us, as this will be a new sort of lifeform seemingly never seen on your planet before, but it will in many ways resemble some of the innocuous looking grasses that surround you already. In other words, it will not seem to be of foreign origin, and that is because this sort of grain was very common on this planet before this timeline was started. In other words, we will be bringing back and old staple, known to those that lived during those elusive days of Lemuria.
That is all we have for you today, but we will return with more on this subject at a later date.


part 29

Today´s missive will be of an entirely different caliber from the last one, namely that of the interaction between you and those stemming from a entirely different world than yours. We refer of course to the rest of us, namely those that you usually specify with the label ”alien”. This label is so misrepresenting in many ways, as you yourselves are actually in the same group. Let us explain. As many of you are already aware, you are all in fact in some ways of an ”alien” origin. Life on earth was started on purpose, not by accident, and as such you can very well use the word ”seeded” when you refer to how it all began. The lifeforms you see around you at the moment are all remnants from that first genesis as it were, and although the diversity of living organism is indeed very high, remember that most of it share the same origin. You are probably well aware of the development of life on your planet, from those first, single cell creatures and up through the ages the branching out into different trees of life as it were. But remember, this only pertains to the timeline you are currently living in, we are also about to go into more detail concerning the overall amplification of life that has gone on throughout all of the time this planet has been in existence. You have only been privy to a small fraction of it, not only contained within your timeframe of this life, but also contained within the restrictions of this timeline. In other words, there is a myriad of different lifeforms already present on your planet you are not even aware of, and many, many of them are of a type you would describe as ”alien”, in the manner that they are of a type you would not think was of earthly origin. That is because every living thing, both seen and unseen, has it´s origin somewhere else in this vast multiverse, and so also you. Many of you are aware of your ”foreign” origins, as this little planet of yours is host to a multitude of ”visitors” from very diverse backgrounds indeed. Let us explain.

As we have previously stated, this planet is a bit of a playground. It has been set up purposely to be a place where beings can experience a sort of life not possible in many other realms, namely that of living your whole lifespan in the vehicle of a physical body. This is very different from the way of life many other civilizations lead, as there are a multitude of let us just say esoteric ways of living out there, in other words a whole host of beings never encumbered by the confines of a physical body. Their lives are of course very different from yours, and as such the limits set on them are much less restrictive. Again, the purpose of ”living” is always to evolve, in other words to strive to always go forwards, and the more restrictions you have around you, the more lessons you will encounter during your lifespan. So, as you have all been restricted within a physical body, the possibilities for evolving are in fact endless, as there are certainly no shortages of teachable moments to use such a phrase in your environment. Therefore, this planet is much sought after for those souls eager to expand their horizons as it were, and there are many, many of your fellow human beings, although unaware, that are in fact foreign souls incarnated into a physical, human body in order to further educate themselves. This may sound strange, but as we have stated earlier this planet is seen as a sort of haven for all of those wanting to stretch their limits even further, by actually restricting themselves within the confines of a physical body. But ”confine” is actually a misleading word, as a physical body actually gives you an even larger repertoire to play around with than if you are unhampered by such a limited boundary of living.

Let us give you some examples. As we have stated earlier, the sensation of living in a physical body and experiencing the ”outside world” as it were through all of the senses inherent in a physical body is something very, very unique. As you are all at the moment contained in just such a vehicle, it is difficult to imagine yourselves without it, but if you think about it, we think you will get the drift. Just imagine yourselves unhampered by a physical body, then you would also be bereft of the possibility that this body gives you to interact with your surroundings in a very, very profound way. We speak of course of things that you all take for granted, namely the daily experience of touching, smelling, hearing and tasting everything that you are seeing around you. It might seem strange, but to a life form usually experiencing life in a non-physical way, this can be a life-altering exercise indeed. And yes, we chose the word exercise on purpose, as many of these foreign souls incarnated into a physical body for a limited time just to be able to experience something so very different in order to enrich their lives with it. In other words, your planet has been a playground for many, many civilizations for a very , very long time indeed. And remember, when we use the word playground, it is meant in the best possible way, as a place of wonder and joy and learning, not as place to carry out your base desires and negative works at the cost of those around you. Unfortunately, that was the choice of a very small percentage of your visitors, as we have already gone into some details on earlier, but let us put that small and dark part of your history to rest for now and concentrate on the positive aspects of this today.

You have been considered as a very important and much sought after place to go and experience life in a very, very distinct way, and as such it is indeed highly regarded throughout the universe. As you can see, this actually means that the term ”aliens” might be somewhat misleading, as the lifeforms this actually refers to are amongst those already living on your planet, albeit in a human form. In other words, this planet of yours is considered to be without equal when it comes to educating souls in a manner that far exceeds the possibilities given in many other environments, and you should consider yourselves lucky to be in such an important spot, especially during such an important period of time. For what you are about to accomplish, is something no soul has ever done before, namely that of literally taking a quantum leap of vibration, and doing so whilst confined within the limits of a physical body. This is a major undertaking indeed, and as such you are in fact pioneers, not only on your own planet amongst your own people, but also in the whole of creation. This also explains the interest this generates all across the realms, and as we have stated on many occasions, you are not alone in this endeavor of yours. Remember, there is that extra factor of the dark ones in this calculation, so in addition to the usual gaggle of expectant spectators, you have a whole host of supporters in the more direct way. In other words, whilst you do the hard work of raising your own levels of frequency within your physical bodies, the ”rescue crew” to call them that are busy at work ensuring that you will forever be rid of those cruel playmates of yours, so that this planet can yet again return to be that pristine environment specially adapted to ensure maximum training in a very beneficial setting indeed.

Let us clarify what we mean by the concept of reincarnation, as this is a subject much prone to cause confusion. If you look in a dictionary, you will find that the origin of the word incarnate means ”to become flesh”, in other words that a spirit or soul, or something immaterial if you like, becomes embedded into something very concrete indeed, the immaterial becomes a physical body. You as humans have also taken this concept to mean that the soul is reborn again and again, in other words the same soul coming back time after time into a new body. The reasons for this will vary according to your belief system, but most seem to be in accordance with a system of education or a system of punishment and rewards, or in other words what some of you refer to as karma. As we mentioned earlier, we refer to this in the former sense, namely that of voluntarily coming into a physical body in order to further own´s own possibilities of evolving, either for a finite amount of time or for a prolonged period, i.e several lifetimes one after the other. Your planet was originally set up with this purpose in mind, namely that of a controlled environment populated by a species set up to evolve at a certain speed, where souls from other, maybe less ”physical” and certainly more advanced environments could come in an enter the game as it were in one of these physical bodies. Therefore, the human race has for a very long time, in fact since the first ancestors of yours literally set foot on the ground, been hosts to a multitude of other beings, all eager to learn whatever they could in this very foreign, or let us say alien, environment. They all did so under the golden rule that stated that as long as they were in fact reincarnated into this physical body, they had to abide by the law of free will that was laid upon this evolving society. In other words, they had to abstain from bringing in their own, previous experience from their earlier lives and in that way interfere in any way on how the human species evolved itself. See it like a kind of amnesia, or like starting every life with a blank slate, devoid of any preconceived notion on what you are and how to do things. This functioned well, and it was a delight to see how you started to evolve into all sorts of different civilizations. Remember, you have been through many, many timelines, not only the one you are currently aware of, and as such your history as a species goes much further back than the one you have been able to detect from the current archaeological and anthropological records. But then, the tricksters came, and as we have already gone into considerable detail to explain, this natural cycle of evolving was corrupted. Originally, you all had an imprint of your ancestry, namely the fact that you are all connected to everything else in creation, and the idea that you were but a small piece of this vast tapestry of different civilizations was evident. That is, until these dark overlords came and took you hostage. Then they severed your connection to this all-important web of knowledge, and you were literally cast out into darkness as to what you really are. You lost all sense of belonging, and became convinced that you were the only form of socialized species in existence, and that yours was the only planet in the whole creation that contained any form of life whatsoever. The results from all of this reprogramming has been evident for all to see for such a long time, but now the time has come to rectify this once and for all.
As we stated earlier, many of you are slowly awakening to the fact that you harken from a very different shore indeed than the one you are currently walking on, and now the time has finally come when you all will be reunited with your near and dear as it were. Or maybe we should rephrase that into ”far and dear”. As we said earlier, this world of yours was originally conceived as a world for all, namely a place where every other civilization could send down volunteers to go through the boot camp this environment could offer, and as such bring back valuable information and experience not only to the separate entity, but to their whole civilization. They all did this according to the golden rule laid down of no interference, but after the fall as it were, most of these outerwordly souls found themselves trapped into the cycle of a human existence. Or rather, they woke up one morning unaware that they were in fact something more than a mere human body. But now, that awareness has started to seep through into the very core of so many of you, and as the vibration on this planet is lifted to an ever higher level, more and more of you dormant souls have started to awaken. The fallout from this is manyfold, and we have already gone through much of that in our previous missives, but today we would just like to focus on the subject that in addition to the fact that you are all inhabiting a human body, you are also citizens of other realms of the most diverse kind, and it gives us great joy to announce that from now on this will be impossible to forget once the reconnection has been made. You will, for the first time in this timeline, be reunited with your star family, and we know that there are many, many out there waiting and hoping for an imminent resolve of the current situation so that these clans can become complete yet again. Some of you have already been into contact with your own, although not much of that might be registered as conscious memory, but rest assured that the time for an open and joyful reunion is indeed imminent. We know this will bring much hope and joy to so many of you out there, as you have all a deep longing inside of you waiting to be released once and for all. Again, that day is not far off now, but remember that the days and weeks ahead will be dramatic indeed. In other words, hold on, as the new light will bring with it so much more than you could ever have envisaged only a few short years ago.

part 30

Chapter 22
Today´s missive will be of importance to many, as we would like to go into some details concerning the mass of the energies currently coming your way, or in other words how these missives of intelligence will change not only your way of living, but also much of what you see around you. As we have previously stated, there is currently a large influx of particles into your atmosphere from the surroundings, some of them come from – or rather via – your sun, but many of them come from other sources altogether. These sources are located at many areas in the interstellar space, and although the particles are indeed of different origins and compositions, they have the same purpose in mind, namely that of fast-tracking this planet and all of her inhabitants so that they can reach their targeted destination in a very short time indeed. Let us explain. At present, there is much to be said about how you have been able to mismanage yourselves and the resources you have at your disposal, and as a result, you as a species are heading for destruction in more ways than one. However, as there are so many other civilizations out there having a vested interest in your survival, you will be steered in an entirely new direction so that the odds of not only survival but also prosperity will be greatly stacked in your favour. In order to do this, you will need more than a few helpful hints here and there, as this has been tried before to no avail. In other words, you will be forced to change, and these forces of change are already washing over your shores, and have been so for rather a long period of time. As you have seen for yourselves, this has been a slow revolution coming, but now the momentum will increase manyfold, and the speed at which this about-face will come will make many a jaw drop.

You as a species have been accustomed to a certain way of regulating your lives, and although much has been changing on this planet of yours for the last centuries, you have become accustomed to change at a certain speed. Also, in your minds, change come in the form of a well-defined chain of events, and as we have said earlier, you expect them to come in the right order as it were. Or, as you would say, a linear form of evolution, were each step up on the ladder is followed by the next logical one, and all new steps are firmly based on the previous one. Well, time has come to throw away this ladder, as you are all clearly climbing in the wrong direction. We have come to tell you that from now on, consider yourselves as riders on a new form of transportation altogether, namely one that will take you out into the unknown, and one that will whisk you away to new shores in a very, very short amount of time indeed. We say this in order to prepare you for something so unexpected, and to give you another little hint that all of your old ways of regarding processes of development must be thrown on the scrapheap of yesterday once and for all. In other words, forget the old paradigms, and open your minds and hearts to a whole new way of exploring that vast sea of possibilities presented to you.
As we have already mentioned, your planet is currently entering the first stages of that cosmic ”washing machine” called the photon belt, and as such not only will the grimes of yesteryear be thoroughly washed away, you will also be literally hosed down with a whole new set of information. What we mean by that, is that in addition to be cleansed from all of the old baggage weighing you down and holding you back, you will be infused with a massive amount of information that will help you all take a literal quantum leap into your new future. And this information is vital indeed, as you have no way of surviving without it. You are lagging far behind the rest of us, but now you will be yanked ahead and pulled up alongside us. You are in for a rather interesting ride indeed, but also one that will take a toll on you all. In fact, this is already taking it´s toll on all of you, as you have discovered by now. This massive influx of information in certainly making itself heard in your physical bodies, and at times can be almost debilitating. Let us repeat once again that this is indeed not harmful to your body, the only danger is if your minds go into fear because of all of these strange physical reactions. As always, fear is the most debilitating force there is, and therefore we caution you all once again to try with all of your might to stay out of it. It will only make everything worse, therefore rest assured that you will not only survive these imminent onslaughts, they will actually strenghten you beyond measure.

Let us give you some examples. As we have been saying, yours is a civilization much less evolved than those around you, but the time has come to take in the slack as it were and pull you up amongst the rest of us. This will be done in many ways, and in a manner most unusual from your perspective. In other words, this will be a literal revolution, were you take the step from one level to another one much higher up, but bypassing all of those intermediate levels in between. You can in other words expect something very, very different indeed from the world you are currently living in today to manifest within a very limited space of time. So much of what you take for granted will be left behind, as it is more than outdated indeed. We refer of course primarily to your utilization of carbon based energy, as this is the main thing that not only hampers your evolutionary speed, but also endangers the planet you are living on. As stated previously, you will very soon ”discover” (with more than a little help from your alien friends) a totally new way of literally powering your whole creation, and more: a way of living that will not do any damage whatsoever to your environment. You will, for the first time in eons, be a species living in a sustainable manner, and when this way of living finally sees the light for the first time after the fall as it were, it will certainly be a day to rejoice not only for you but for the rest of us as well. You have not only been living above and beyond your means, you have also done so to the detriment not only of your own planet, but to the whole of creation, so we are all looking forward to having a more palatable neighbour, to call it that.
In order for this change to take place in a not too distant future, much has been set into work already, and even if some of the processes have been visible to the naked eye, much is going on behind the curtain as it were. As you well know, the level of vibration on your planet has already been raised significantly these last few years and months, and there are already many results to show for this raised vibration, both in the esoteric and in the physical world. It is not by chance that dictators are toppled, the financial market collapsing and that the surface of your planet is creaking at it´s seams, they are all connected to this raised vibratory effect. In addition, the awakening of thousands upon thousands of dormant souls are also directly linked to this influx of energies, as they are in so many ways nudging you and steering you to open your eyes and remove the last vestiges of sleep from your brain. Now the wake-up time for the rest of the human population is coming, and it is indeed coming in fast. As we have said earlier, this awakening will be perceived as rather abrupt and none too subtle, as they will have to face the glare of the incoming light without the preparation and motivation the rest of you have had. Remember, that is their choice, just as you had a choice between waking up or staying asleep during these last years, and cudos to all of you who chose the former. It will certainly give you all a leg up in the coming months when everything will be turned on it´s head in more ways than one.

Remember, yours is a society in dire need for change, and this time the change will come at a pace not set by human standard, but by ours, and we certainly adhere to a clock very, very different from yours. We also have a very different way of going about things, in that we are not hampered by a single timeline or dimension, and as such we can create something vastly different from what excisted only a fraction of time ago. In other words, we are free to mould things into shape in a very, very effective way, therefore we will return again and again to remind you that you have to drop all pretenses of knowing just how this planet of yours will evolve in this upcoming period of time. Remember, you can only envisage what you already know, but the tomorrow we are speaking of is something so very different from anything you have experienced, therefore you will have a hard time wrapping your brains around the fact that the world as you know it will indeed cease to exist in the mere blinking of an eye. And no, we do not mean cease to exist as in to be destroyed, but rather to be morphed into something very, very different and so much more wonderful than the worn and weary planet you are all inhabiting at the moment. The remnants of glory you see all around you are but a fraction of what is to come, therefore we would like to give you some time to digest the fact that although much of what you refer to as ”written in stone”, in other words impossible to change, can and will do so within a very short time frame.

As we were saying, the changes will come in a way that is almost impossible for a human brain to grasp, as it will occur almost simultaneously on many planes. In other words, a multilevel turnaround that will turn humanity´s life inside out in the manner of a few short seconds. Or, to be more precise, in the manner of a fraction of a perceived time-sequence. You are about to experience timelessness for the first time, and as such it is indeed impossible to give you an exact time frame for the event, as time itself will be suspended. This will enable us to make all the changes we want before connecting you again with time as it were. As we have already told you, this disconnection/reconnection sequence entails a very intense preparation period indeed, and if everything is not carefully planned, much can go awry. We do not foresee any glitches, as we are all very much aware of what hangs in balance, and as such the testing and preparations have been more than rigorous. But now, the signal to start the proceedings have been given, and it will not take long before you see the results from all of the hard work we have done together. Do not expect paradise to appear in front of your eyes just yet, as even if the procedure itself of changing your grid connections will seem to be almost instantaneous, the lead up to it is a bit more time-consuming. We do not say this in order to keep you all in suspense, only to make it clear that this is indeed a very complex situation, and everything needs to be taken care of in the right manner in order to achieve that glorious end-result. But now the show is on the road as it were, so be prepared to be astonished in more ways than one as the barrages of high-energy influxes are already on course for your little planet.
 part 31

The subject we are speaking of today, is a very interesting one indeed, as we would like to give you some information concerning that fragile layer protecting your planet, and how changes in this layer is already affecting you all. We refer of course to the so-called atmosphere, this thin membrane that separates you from the vastness of space as it were, much like the embryonic sac protects an unborn child. Without it, you would not be here, and as such any action that might damage this could create havoc for all of the living beings currently inhabiting your earth. Most of you are aware that this has already been damaged thanks to that infamous cocktail of chemicals you have been spewing out for decades, and as such it seems that you have opened yourselves up to much interference from outside sources, but not all of this will be considered as detrimental to you. Let us explain. Your atmosphere not only keeps all of your vital gaseous substances inside, so that you are literally able to breathe in the oxygen your bodies crave, it is also protecting you from most of all of those not so benign particles floating about in space. In other words, you have a sort of umbrella over your heads protecting you from the worst of these fallouts emanating from all sorts of processes going on out in space. In addition, it acts as a shield that deters most of those free-floating objects you refer to as meteors from entering your space. Most of them burn up before hitting the ground, often times putting up beautiful displays of fireworks as they disintegrate. The earth´s atmosphere is mostly invisible to the naked eye, except when these fireballs enter it, or when it is lit up by the displays created by all of those electromagnetic storms hurled out from your friendly neighbour the sun. They go by the name of auroras, and are a stupendous sight indeed.

Lately, these beautiful displays have increased in magnitude, and they will continue to do so in the upcoming period, as they are indeed the most visible part of this ongoing reprogramming project. The colors washing over the sky is but a tiny part of this accelerated influx of particles however, and we would like to go into some detail concerning those not-so visible, but very, very powerful little missiles coming your way. As we have already told you, those elusive but powerful particles going by the name of neutrinos are only one of the of these new harbingers of change that your scientist have yet to discover, but they have started to see signs of some of their brothers and sisters if we may call it that, and what they are starting to see is very, very interesting. For many years, they have designed a model on how your earth´s atmosphere behaves whenever it is struck by one of those outerwordly blasts of energy that comes mainly from the sun, but now they are starting to see new and disturbing patterns, and they will soon realize that all of their calculations need to be recalibrated. The reason for this is partly because the stream of incoming energy is changing in so many ways, both in frequency and in mass, but also because the set-up of your atmosphere is changing ever so slightly. On the surface, it might not seem to be dramatic, but the effects of this change will be dramatic indeed. As we have told you earlier, many of these particles can penetrate anything, seemingly without effort, and as such they have no problem penetrating that protective layer already. When they do so, they set off a chain reaction that actually engenders a totally new layer of particles, one that will help you to prosper from not only the current influxes, but also all of those coming in at a later date.

Let us give you some details on this, as it might be hard to understand in all of it´s complexity. Human beings are a carbon based creature, or have been up until now. The rapid changes going on at cellular level in your bodies are actually turning you into something else, namely a silica-based crystalline being, one that is perfectly tuned to receive signals from off-planet sources. This will make you all into powerful antennae, much more powerful than you already are, and as such you will be able to join in that universal choir singing the songs of the multiverse. This may sound strange, but this is indeed vital for your further development on this planet, as you can no longer keep living ”offline” as it were from the rest of creation. As we have already stated, everything and everyone in creation is linked together through that all-encompassing network of energy permeating everything, everything that is, except you, but now that you are being reborn as pure crystalline beings, your surrounding needs to be adapted to that way of living in a connected environment. As we have repeated on numerous occasion, your current grid has been put into place in order to hide you from the rest of us – or rather to hide us from you – and as such the reception on your planet has been very feeble indeed compared to where the rest of us lives. It can in fact be compared to living in a very, very remote area, where you have a hard time finding any clear stations on your radio, where most of what you hear is background noise. That is how it has been on your planet, but now that not only you but also your atmosphere is being literally rewired, the reception will be loud and clear indeed. So if you think that these last downloads have been powerful, think again. They will be nothing compared to what you have in store once both you and this ”antennagrid” has been upgraded to the premium. Do not think that your physical body will have an even harder time being at the receiving end of so much energy, because by then you will all be literally so streamlined and pure that this information will go straight through you without much fanfare at all. In other words, the going will be much, much easier once this whole system has been set up, and as such you will be able to evolve at a much more rapid speed than the current, somewhat sluggish pace you are able to withstand. This will be good news indeed, for this will in fact put you at par with the rest of us, and as such a future success is indeed guaranteed. You will in other words finally be free from this shield that has been averting your eyes from the most important discovery you will ever make, namely the fact that you are indeed a full member of the universal family, and as such both your powers and your rights will finally be restored to you. But in order to get there, we must not only modify your physical bodies, but also your physical surroundings, and therefore your atmosphere will go through many changes. Some of them have already occurred, and your scientists have already seen so much hitherto unknown atmospheric phenomena playing out. But stay tuned for more, it will be a great show literally unfolding in front of your very eyes. Look to the sky, it is indeed where all the change is coming from, and now the time has come to fire up the most impressive display ever seen by human eyes.
part 32

Chapter 23
On the effects of the incoming sunstorms and other current influxes into your environment.
This part will go into more details concerning the recent atmospheric happenings, and also a preview into what you have in store in this upcoming period. We are aware that there is much information on this subject in circulation already, but we would like to take this opportunity to clarify some of it. As have been stated already, your little planet is currently in the process of receiving massive amounts of energy and information, and all of this comes from a source considerably distant from your own planet. Some of it emanates from your friendly neighbour the sun, but much of it has a totally different origin altogether. Some of it will come in short bursts, while other emissions will be transmitted to you over a prolonged period. The combined effect of all of these emissions is a very profound one indeed, and nothing on this planet of yours will go unmarked by all of this heavy inoculation of information. Those of you that are of the sensitive kind will have felt the effects from all of these bombardments already, as these inserts will certainly make a loud impact on your physical bodies in more ways than one. Let us explain. As you might already be aware of, the deprogramming and reconstruction of your physical vehicle has been going on for a quite some time already, much to the consternation of that aforementioned vehicle. At times it will be in uproar, because it cannot fathom the altered energy patterns it is imbued with, and therefore reacts by sounding off one alarm after the other. Hence, the multitude of physical symptoms masquerading as all sorts of ailments, aches and pains. We hasten to add that this is of course mainly false alarms, although there are those out there currently struggling with real symptoms of physical illness, and in some cases these have been triggered by these influxes. To be explicit, they are not caused by these energywaves, only triggered by them, as in these cases the body had a previous but dormant frailty in it´s set up, and this imbalance has been brought into the open to be addressed once and for all. This is because in order to remake you all in the much stronger mould of a crystal body, all hidden flaws must and will be addressed before your structure can be reset as it were. For some, this will entail some drastic measures, but for the larger majority there will only be various degrees of discomfort associated with this process.

As we have touched upon earlier, all of the signals for this ”rebuilding process” comes from an external source, and although you have been through much of these alterations already, there are still tweaks and adjustments that needs to be completed over the next few days and weeks. We could almost refer to it as cramming before an exam, because there is still a whole host of information that needs to be programmed into your system in order for it to be ready by the time that the whole turnaround of your globe will be put into effect. This day is not far off now, therefore we have come to prepare you for some very intense proceedures in the very near future. As you are all individually set up in order to be able to perform at the highest level whatever your function in this plan is, you will all experience these new downloads in a myriad of ways, so we will not go into details as this will only serve to confuse you. Remember, this is a process carefully tailored to serve the needs of each and every one of you, therefore it will be futile to compare your own process to that of another going through the same upgrading. Do not think that you are failing in any way if you do not experience anything that others might refer to. You are all unique in one way or the other, therefore you will all have your own unique journey on this, your last stage of the ascension process. We stress this because there are so many of you out there in need of this sort of reassurance, and understandably so. Again, this is a process never before taken on by anyone trapped inside a physical body such as yours, so you are all on a solitary journey into the unknown, but again, rest assured that this is indeed a very, very safe and protected journey, and you are all closely monitored throughout it so that no harm shall befall you from these energies.

As we were saying, this upcoming period will be intense indeed, as the array of unusual particles penetrating your atmosphere will multiply manyfold. This will not only herald the final stage of your metamorphosis, but also the end of the current world order you are surrounded by on all sides. Remember, out of the ashes a new world will be born, one that will make the hearts sing in anyone left standing after this intense rebirthing process. We see you now, safely ensconced inside your cocoons, wriggling in anticipation to get out, but at the same time trying to stop the inevitable. That is not hard to understand, as this metamorphosis process heralds the death of everything you have taken for granted, not only in your personal life, but also to the rest of the illusion you are currently immersed in. There is nothing the human species fears more than change, even when the change will be for the better, and that is because you have been programmed this way. Remember, from the outset you were a glorious species, all set up to evolve in any way you could, rejoicing in every step you took into a new and unknown territory. But after the fall, in order to ensure your obedience, you were programmed to be a meek flock, one that would avoid at any cost to stray outside the defined boundaries. Suck a flock is very, very easy to control, you only have to instill in them the certainty that outside the fences, danger is all around, and this fear of the unknown have kept you in check for thousands of years. Now, a few brave souls have picked up their courage and scurried under the fence, and to their amazement the world outside is anything but fearfilled. Rather, it is a space in which love and joy pervades, and where you are all received with open arms by those invisible, friendly neighbours you were told were lurking menacingly in the shadows waiting to strike you down. Those few pioneers have been joined by thousands upon thousands of other brave souls like you, and now the number of people walking in the bright daylight far removed from those eternal shadows whence they came from have multiplied beyond control. Soon the fences will be torn down once and for all, and the rest of humanity will have the chance to go out into the open as well. Many will choose not to, as their fear of the unknown is so strong they will scurry away trying to find a small, dark spot to hide in. That is their choice, and they will get exactly what they want. The rest of you will rejoice in the fact that darkness will be abolished once and for all from the green pastures you will continue to frolick on, and never fear for the lack of others to share this joyful new life with. They will be many, and not only other fellow human beings. Now, you will finally be part of that colorful flock that compose the rest of creation, and as such your new world will be a totally new one from the old one left to wither and die in the darkest corner of the multiverse. So remember, as the temperature rises considerably in these next few weeks, and the flurry of activities seems almost too much to bear, rest your heart in the knowledge that you are heading for this wonderful paradise, where happiness will once more be your birthright, and fear and sorrow will only be fading memories of your past existence.


 Part 33

This next installment will go into closer details concerning the changes that are about to occur, and also how they will occur. You are about to go through such a profound turnaround in your world, and as we have already said on numerous occasions, there will not be much left of what you today take for granted. Many have a hard time understanding just how these radical changes can come about, and the recurring question on everyone´s mind is how long will it take. You are by now well informed that your concept of time is something you need to start letting go of, as this is only hampering your welcome into the new tomorrow. You have it so ingrained into your system, therefore you have a hard time believing that pulling your so very skewed world into a completely new direction is too much to even think about accomplishing in your lifetime, maybe even that of your children. Again, this is something that needs to be accomplished in a much, much shorter timespan than that, as you as a species will not be capable of surviving in the world you are currently creating. You are too self-destructive for that, and as such time is indeed more than short. But on the other hand, as we have a totally different way of approaching the question of time altogether, we are not overly concerned about any lack of time. Far from it. We know that we have all the time in the world to accomplish this, as we have the ability to free us from the restrictions of a timeline altogether. You, on the other hand, need to be aware that you are in fact running out of time, because if you want to join this salvage-operation, you do not have any time left to dither. In other words, no stragglers will be allowed, and we do not take on those arriving after the gate has been closed so to speak. However, we are more than confident that those of you reading this have already made much of your preparations, and you are already sitting with your boarding cards ready, eager to embark upon the journey of your lives. Yes, we do intend to use the plural here, as everything you have ever done in your previous incarnations on this planet has had this as the end goal. No second has been wasted, even if you feel that you have spent much of this and what you may remember from previous lives struggling to get by. Now the time has come to look back for one final time, before you step aboard that express heading for tomorrow. And what a tomorrow it will be! Believe us when we say that everything that have been grating on you will finally disappear, and you will all finally be able to take that first breath of clean air. Not only that, you will also see that everyone around you are crying tears of joy as they behold the miracle lying before them. We do not speak in idle words here, as the aftermath of this mayhaps rather dramatic rebirthing will be more than wondrous indeed. Remember, you have been bred to expect less from life than anyone else living in this multiverse, and so things we take for granted will take you by storm as it were. In other words, no more tears of sorrow, as fear, lack, brutality and poverty will all be left behind as soon as you enter you new world. Do not take this lightly, as we are indeed talking about the new reality you are about to experience, and if it at times seems like nothing more than a pipedream, this is the reality everyone else but you are facing each and every morning. There is nothing we are looking more forward to than welcoming you to our reality, or rather, welcoming you back to the reality you once came from, as this is the only way to live. You have lived far too long under that burden the dark ones put upon you, but now the time has come to let it go once and for all.
Let us give you some details on this upcoming period. As you might be aware, there are heavenly fragments coming your way, that is, a fragment of something far, far larger is currently heading in your direction. This fragment has been given the name of Elenin, and although much has been heralded about this seemingly infinitesimal rock, not much about it has been true. Do not for a second believe those that say that this heralds the apocalypse or that it will herald the advent of stupendous destruction on this planet. Far from it. That is not what this little scout is heralding. Rather, this is only a small precursor of what is to come, but it will not come and go unnoticed in your neighbourhood. On the surface, it might not look as much, but do not get fooled by the cover as it were. For this is indeed something so foreign to you, and nothing like it has ever graced your skies. What you are about to witness, is the arrival of something so momentous it would make you all stop in your tracks if you could see it from our perspective. As we have already stated, this multiverse is comprised of a matter your scientists refer to as ”dark matter”, or in other words a form of energy they cannot detect. What this little piece of seemingly crumbling substance is, is something that will help them see for themselves just what all of this so-called dark matter really is. Dark matter is nothing more than information, and not only that, it is a living sort of information, not just cold, hard numbers like the ones you have stored on your computers. No, this is something much, much more advanced, and now the time has come for you to start communicating with this dark matter. We predict that your scientists will be very, very baffled by the results they will be starting to see on their screens, as this little harbinger of change will make it´s voice heard in so many ways on your little planet. And not only the scientists, those of you alert enough will certainly pick up the signals this little beacon of hope will start to transmit, and what you hear will certainly make your heart sing in more ways than one. In addition, it will serve as a final wake-up call to those still fighting to come awake, and as such you will see many interesting results from this tiny fly-by. Just do not expect the mountains to crumble and fall into the sea, even if there might be a slight rumble and crunch emanating from mother earth herself as she welcomes this visitor from afar.

Never forget, something seemingly insignificant and unobtrusive sometimes carry a large punch, no matter how hard those at the top try to downplay the importance of any such event. We are aware of that small gathering of people, calling themselves the 99%. Watch how the media are trying to ridicule their movement, it is indeed a well proven way of trying to stop anyone bold enough to open their mouth and trying to get their voice heard above the din of blatant disinformation carried out all around you. Remember, these are only a few of the large mass of downtrodden peoples all over the globe, and just as they did in the Arabic states, these downtrodden and seemingly meek spirits suddenly find their voices and start to shout out in encouragement to the rest of you. They are not many, but they are indeed very, very important, as they will soon manifest into something so much larger. Never forget, those sitting complacently at the top, skimming off whatever they want from that mass of humanity are the minority, and as such their power over you is only an illusion. And now, that illusion is starting to crack as more and more of your fellow human beings are starting to see clearly through the haze and smoke generated by these oppressors of yours. Remember, an oppressor comes in many shapes and sizes, and not all of them carry a uniform. In fact, most of them look very civilized indeed, in their clean cut costumes of shirts, ties and jackets. But never forget, something sinister is indeed lurking behind that well-manicured facade, and now the beast will come out as they see for themselves just how slippery their hold on humanity really is. As we mentioned earlier, that small and almost insignificant visitor in your skies is indeed a harbinger of enormous proportions, but as the actual size of it seems to have diminished considerably, so has your scientists interest waned in it as well, and as such it will be able to go under the radar as it were and deliver it´s cargo unhindered. By that, we mean that the harmonics embedded in this tiny little roaming spirit is of such a magnitude, it will be able to blast through any kind of noise trying to shield it out, but as your self-appointed guards have redirected their interest, the effects from this broadcast will be even better than we had planned. It might not look much on the outside, but we defy anyone who thinks that this tiny ball of spacedust is without any effect on your small planet at all. Think again, as it is indeed ready to let it´s voice be heard in a many an unsuspecting ear in the days ahead. Be still, and you will be amongst those fortunate enough to detect it´s message through the statics of the ever-present noise generated by those trying to keep you down.

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