June 1, 2011

Steps to Navigating Summer 2011’s Celestial Portals

Summer 2011’s celestial portals kick off today with a new moon partial lunar eclipse in Gemini. Today’s celestial portal sets the stage for a sequence of summer openings that include a June 15 total lunar eclipse in Sagittarius/Gemini, the June 21 Summer Solstice and the grand finale of the eclipse series – a partial solar eclipse in Cancer on July 1.
These celestial gateways take us further along the path of transformation initiated in recent years. This summer’s portals in consciousness literally bring us to a crossroads - a turning point for quantum changes in human consciousness. The energy transmissions of these events will provide frequencies that can help each of us move deeper into this new beginning for all of humanity and for planet Earth.
These energies are hastening changes and amping up evolutionary shifts. Were able to download and integrate these new cosmic frequencies to help us move to the next level. The planetary transits and alignments of 2011 are extremely powerful and hold amazing potential, offering each of us enormous opportunity to step into our power.
Expect Chaos, Divine Love, New Endings and Beginnings
Everything now is reorganizing at a higher level. There will be more chaos, distractions, endings and new beginnings. There will be many new opportunities, new manifestations and openings designed to carry us deeper into the heart of Divine Love.
As we remain awake and aware, infinite possibilities in the quantum field come into view during this time. This is a time to take steps to elevate our consciousness (see steps below). From this higher perspective, we are able to perceive the material world as illusion; it is impermanent and constantly in flux. And the rate of these changes is accelerating. Earth changes and personal upheaval are happening with greater frequency.
It is more important than ever during these times to stay spiritually aligned. Prayer and intent are magnified during these special alignments of Earth and Sun. Hold in awareness that our experience of reality is tied to how well we're able to move with these changes. Our experience of these events has everything to do with our attitude and perception. Our personal reality is 10% circumstance and 90% our response to it. We can resist change and attempt to hold onto the way things have been but this will only drive us deeper into scenarios we are resisting. Our best option is to see these changes as exciting opportunities and choose to ride the wave.
We can start riding this wave now by learning to channel the downloads we receive during these cosmic portals and use this information to create a new vision for our life and for the world.
Eclipses are Cosmic Power Points
Eclipses are points of balance and illumination. Higher energies coalesce around these powerful alignments and can be accessed and utilized through awareness, intention and resonance. Eclipses are traditionally considered holy days reserved for prayer, reflection and meditation on behalf of all beings. Our thoughts are amplified exponentially during these celestial portals.
In 2011 the eclipses shift primarily to Gemini/Sagittarius and seed galactic consciousness, allowing us to elevate our awareness to a universal, unified perspective. Through these eclipse portals we reunite in consciousness with our soul family. Our power as co-creators comes to the forefront in this time of spiritual awakening.
The Celestial Portals
June 15, the Sun/Moon opposition of this event aligns with the heart of the Milky Way. Our hearts and minds and souls are realigned with higher truth. Meditating each day on our heart center and placing our consciousness in the heart of the galaxy and beyond that, to the heart of the universe, can manifest miracles during this time.
The June 21 Summer Solstice is the longest day of the year, the day of greatest light. After this day, the light begins to recede. Solstices and Equinoxes are powerful alignments that mark the Earth’s journey around the sun. These alignments hold specific energies that relate to seasons and agriculture, and help carry us forward on our year-long cycle of evolution and growth. Like eclipses, these are important gateways. Ritual, prayer and intent are magnified.
July 1 partial solar eclipse in Cancer with a Cardinal Grand Cross. The effects of this eclipse will be widespread. This heavenly alignment is filled with divine love, creativity and wisdom. It also contains the potential for chaos, upheaval and unexpected changes. It is common during such times to feel unsettled, even agitated and emotional. Feelings of bliss and euphoria may arise as well. There can be accidents and illnesses, and existing illness can become more severe. Current life circumstances can come to an end and new jobs and relationships can begin. Some people may unexpectedly decide to relocate. Psychic openings may happen during this time. Manifestations can happen at a miraculous rate when we learn to download and focus creative energies with our intentions. This is all part of accelerated evolution of consciousness.
We offer here some steps to elevating consciousness during this time. By stepping deeper into our power, we can navigate Summer 2011’s celestial portals with ease.
One) Each day attune to the flow of creation.
Two) Express gratitude for everything and everyone in your life.
Three) Clear clutter and donate unused items to those in need. Cleanse and clear the energies in your body as well. Undertake a full body cleanse, receive colonics and massage and other body work.
Four) Eliminate the frivolous. Simplify by asking yourself what you really need to feed your soul.
Five) Self-love and self-nurturing is of utmost importance as is caring for loved ones.
Six) Grounding and centering is very important at this time. Eat fresh, unprocessed foods, especially root vegetables and dark leafy greens. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables will help ground you to the earth. Spend time outdoors in nature.
Seven) Focus on love and abundance and observe how your experience of it multiplies.
Eight) During this time, the effects of thoughts and intentions and actions go quantum. Meditate and offer simple prayers for loved ones and all the universe.
Nine) Release all resistance to realities you encounter and have no opinions.
Ten) Take 100% responsibility for everything that shows up in your reality.
Eleven) Deepen your spiritual practices and begin new ones.
Twelve) Gain clarity in values and priorities.
Thirteen) Remain focused on your priorities.
Fourteen) Remain positive no matter what happens in physical reality.
Fifteen) Discover and live your purpose. Assess your capabilities, your weaknesses, and the gifts you came here to share.
Sixteen) Practice discernment in all things. Discernment is not the same as judging. It helps us take into account the highest good for all concerned and make decisions based on guidance irregardless of outside opinions or considerations.
Seventeen) Expect miracles and allow them to show up in your life regularly.
Eighteen) Revisit all contracts and agreements on a regular basis and release any that no longer serve your highest good and that of others.
Nineteen) Make regular exercise and good nutrition daily priorities.
Twenty) Meditate daily, allowing your mind to still and focusing your consciousness on unconditional love.
Twenty-one) Become one with the divine. Unify your mind and soul through dream work, journaling, spending time in nature and unifying mind, body and soul through modalities such as yoga.
Twenty-two) Express yourself creatively through art, writing and other forms of creative play.
Twenty-three) Ritualize your life with prayer, shamanic rituals and journeys, and other energy-enhancing practices that lift your vibrational frequency.
Twenty-four) Become self-sufficient. Expand your awareness to see what you will need in the immediate future and provide this for yourself. Do not ask others to do for you what you can do for yourself. Ask yourself what you would need in a time of earth changes. Incorporate energy efficiency, alternative energies such as solar and wind power to lessen your dependency on grid systems.
Twenty-five) Allow your imagination to bring you images from the quantum field and constantly expand the vision of these potentials and act on them.
Twenty-six) Get comfortable with chaos. Be willing to break down old patterns and try new things. This creates new neural pathways in your brain that eventually manifest as new energies, new people and new opportunities in your daily life.
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