June 23, 2011

High Council of Orion, June 23, 2011

Welcome beloveds, we come to share our guidance and support with you. Many of you will be wondering when all these changes are going to settle down, many of you will by this point perhaps wonder if life will ever return to “normality”. We are here to guide you with this and to help to settle your fears about the changes and what it means for you as humans on planet earth.

The increase in energies has caused massive changes but these changes are only now beginning to filter through to those who are awake. Many of you are beginning to see what is about to change, what is about to fall and are beginning to hold the space for those around you whilst all this happens. Money dear ones is the foundation that has to go. Whilst you build your societies around money you will have power struggles as money is the key weapon for illusion. Many of societies ills are perpetuated by those seeking money. It is seen as some sort of saviour across the planet earth and we guide you not to fall into illusion.

Money was created to divide the human race. The divisions are now so wide that all can see those who have and those have not. Money in itself is nothing, it is but pieces of paper or numbers on a page but the emotion behind money is huge. Many humans place a lot of emotion into the object named money. Many live their lives conditioned to have as much of this commodity as they possibly can, this has led to people acting in ways that are outwith the human condition. Humans are not programmed for greed or deception despite what the illusion will tell you. Humans who have money as their god have shut their hearts down. Whilst this happens the mind goes into overdrive with the illusion pulling them further and further away from their heart. All is justified in their lives as their minds seek to justify their actions based on fear of survival and safety.
Many humans across the planet have forgotten the true meaning of life. They see only consumables, money and greed. This is not a natural state of being for humankind and from this springs more of illusions fantasies. Many on the planet believe that the more money they can amass the happier they will be. Unfortunately to amass considerable amounts of money a human must to some extent close down their hearts to get to the “top of the pile”. We are not guiding for one moment that every human who is well off lives by these rules but the majority of them do. Your banking system is out of balance in a huge way. Paying those who run it a vast profit whilst those who try to save what little they have are left with nothing.

We guide you strongly that these systems cannot last in the “new” world. Systems build on fear and disempowerment will fall. The banking system across the world does not support humans it enslaves them and will fall in due course. We cannot guide how this will happen to the exact detail but be prepared for ALL to change dear ones. We guide this not to plunge you into fear, the exact opposite is our wish. To allow you to understand that all is changing, many of the changes will be months in the revealing but change they will. It took the human race eons to reach this point in their evolution, the changes will not happen instantly overnight but these changes are on their way.
The chaos and confusion that is being spread in your media is to further pull you into the illusion of trying to keep things as they are, we guide you strongly to detach from the words and the pictures. Process all the changes through your hearts dear ones. Many of you can FEEL the changes on the way and will recognise how differently they FEEL to the way life has been lived. All must fall before it can be rebuilt once more. We do not guide that the changes will be repeated for what was once there, for how can a society rebuild again what didn’t work, it would make not sense at all.
Food production will be shown for what it is with many humans now being completely unaware of just how their food is produced. As it is revealed what goes into a lot of the processed “unnatural” foods then the way that humans fuel themselves will change. Again we guide that we do not have a timescale for when this will happen but know this will change.
Many humans across the planet are already beginning to adapt to the new energies and we applaud the strength and courage that many of you have in standing in your truth. This will become easier and easier as more humans begin living their truth.

We guide you around illusion and those that fall to help you understand how the illusion works to guide you back in. Many “leaders” will fall, the veils of illusion pulled back to enable the human race to see what is actually going on. Many will react with disgust and feel extreme negativity for being “deceived”, we guide you strongly against pouring energy into these reactions. Illusion NEEDS the negativity to continue spinning its fantasy. Be aware that illusion may fuel some of the falling to enable it to refuel on your negative emotions. Those that fall need your support, they are human as you are, they have been surrounded by and engulfed by the very illusion that you seek to escape from. WE ARE ONE, therefore those that fall are in effect a part of you. Be gentle with them dear ones, hold them in love and compassion and see them for the fearful humans that they truly are.
Many who “lead” are consumed with fears, that is the reason for the fall dear one, it is not part of the next level of human consciousness to hold such fears in your very BEing. Many choose not to look at shadow and continue oblivious to the consequences. This is a major cleansing of the human race, no one is exempt from looking at shadow and from releasing fears, no one. We guide you to be wary of those who seek to persuade you otherwise.

As you cleanse your fears and hold more light many of you will realise the wonder of the planet you live on. Many will naturally fall away from the illusion of consuming. Many will look at how they used to live and not recognise themselves. Allow the “new you” to take hold, allow time to adjust, this is not about dismissing everything that you used to do, it is about coming into BEing. For many this will be a long process as they begin to recheck how they feel about everything, for others it will be more straightforward. For ALL it is a process. You will naturally go at your own speed for all these changes.
Many will begin to digest the enormity of the change to the human race and the lives lived across the planet very easily, many will take longer. It makes no difference as each will find their own balance. Seek not to compete with your fellow humans dear ones, it does not make you more of an enlightened human to be able to digest the information more quickly than another human. Each goes at the speed that is comfortable for them and this is rightly so.
We guide most strongly to all of you to detach as much as you can from the dramas that are surrounding you just now, all are engineered to breed the seeds of fear, to have you trying to hold on to that which must fall. The “new” world FEELS different. Many of you have begun to FEEL it even though the SEEING of it is only just beginning. This is what it means to live freely dear ones, to be in control of your OWN life and living the way that you wish to live. As you get used to creating and to living you will expand further and further dear ones. Expansion is the next level of human consciousness and you move towards this at all times.

Hold everything that collapses in love and compassion, see it for the fear that it contained, the fear of survival, the fear of being alone, see it for the frightened child that it truly is. Smoke and mirrors dear ones can make a situation look like another, be aware of this. The way forward is to live from your hearts, to join together as one race , united with the rest of the cosmos. The way forward is to live in and surrounded by LOVE. That emotion is only found in your hearts. When the pain arises within you, look inward, look for the reason for that pain and pour love through it, do not be tempted to look outwards and try to numb the pain by consuming and buying into the illusion, for the illusion is not where you will find love and compassion dear ones, that is within each and every one of you.
We are the high council of orion. We are your star brothers and sisters. We look on in wonder at the changes and the unfolding of the “new” world and send much love and blessings to you dear ones. You are safe and loved in the universe, let none tell you any different. Once more we guide you to process all of our guidance through your hearts. For those that have difficulty with our words we guide you to leave them and perhaps come back to them in due course. Each human travels at the speed comfortable to them. This is not a race to the finish dear ones, this is your human life expanding and unfolding before your very eyes. We will guide more in due course.

Once more we guide that each and every one of you is able to connect to us if you wish. Ask for the connection and we will respond. This is not just one channels guidance dear ones, you all have access to guidance from all realms. Trust and faith in your abilities dear ones , for you have travelled far and worked hard. The reward for your trust and faith will begin to appear before your very eyes. We love you, we have always loved you, we are ONE.

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