February 10, 2011

New communication skills

Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for Life Tapestry Creations.

Feb 09, 2011

Lesson 4 is different from our previous lessons for it includes others. You are going out into the world to explore how working with others is yet another learning experience in your new tool kit. Think of it as a study group!
Find one person that you typically see daily. You do not need to know this person, but you do need easy access. At least once a day, look this person in the eyes and say something like, “Hello, how are you?” Or “What a beautiful day” or “What a lovely activity.” Your words are not as important as the feeling you will share. For as you are looking into that person’s eyes, open your heart.
For those of you having difficulties determining how to open your heart, merely visualize doing so, or sense doing so or think that you are doing so. It does not matter. Just concentrate on opening your heart and loving that person.
What will be the result of connecting with another human being in a loving fashion? That is something we will leave to your imagination for each connection will be as loving and unique as you are. Perhaps that person will respond with love. Perhaps that person will attempt to retreat from your loving gaze. Or perhaps that person will start a lifelong relationship with you. It does not matter. You are merely practicing how to interact with others in a loving fashion. For indeed, the result will be communications with others without words or with fewer words.
Ah. Many of you are now asking if communications is yet another system that will shift dramatically in this New Age transition. Most certainly. You and others will communicate with thoughts and feelings, rather than thousands of words not consistent with your inner being. Let us explain.
For the last few eons, you have communicated via words that may or may not relay what is in your heart and mind. Most have taken you at “your word” and accepted what you have said even though they have sometimes noted that your eyes or your voice are not consistent with your message. Have you ever been in a working situation in which your boss tells you that you are doing a good job, but you have shivers running up and down your spine because you “feel” that he or she does not really mean it? Or have you had a spouse or significant other tell you that they love you and yet you doubt their sincerity? Communications in the future will not contain such inconsistencies.
You will know what people are feeling even before they express what they think they are feeling. And if those two means of communication (yes, indeed feelings are as much a communication tool, if not more so than the spoken word), are not consistent, you will either delve deeper or remove yourself from that person.
The new communication system is about truth – both in words and your inner realms. This thought may be frightening to many. Some of you will feel as if you are nude at first, as if you have no place to hide. In the New Age, there will be no reason to hide. Once you place fear and pain on the “back burner,” you will find a means of communication that speaks from your heart to another’s heart – with or without words.
Let us return to our lesson for just a moment and then we will close. The words you use to engage your new “communication buddy” in lesson 4 need to be positive. It will be much more difficult to learn to speak from your heart if you feel the need to tell someone, “I hate you!” Other than that, the most important piece is to open your heart.
Your communication buddy may or may not open their heart – this is a new lesson for everyone. But we will venture to guess that if you practice this lesson with the same person for at least a week, they will do something that indicates they are opening their heart – even if just a bit.
This inner work is amazing. And much more powerful than you can now imagine. So start practicing. Open your heart to another and note any results you feel or receive.
Some of you may find that your partner is so frightened of the concept that they will start avoiding you. That is fine. Either select another partner or know that not everyone is yet ready for this means of communication. Others of you will find that relationships you thought broken will heal. Or relationships you never thought possible will occur. We will add that this is not about capturing your current “love object” in a mystic snare, it is about you learning how powerful opening your heart to others is.
Have fun with this lesson. Perhaps even write down the results for future reference. It is time to start your new communication skills with this lesson. Open your heart to yourself and the world – and note the results with an open mind and a playful demeanor. It is time to play with your new communication skills. So be it. Amen.

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