February 5, 2011

Arcturian Group

I think this is very important message:


through Marilyn Raffaele, 5 February, 2011


 We are here in this new day to tell you of the changes about to transpire on your planet.  You are in the beginning stages of many changes that will take place throughout the world.  It is a time of what appears to be rebellion, but what  is actually  the awakening of the masses  to their entitled freedom.  Now is the  time when unknown to themselves, people are feeling an opening to their higher energies which is causing them to feel the need and desire for the experience of  freedom.  That is;  freedom from the tyranny of those who would dictate,  freedom of those who would have you believe that you need them, and freedom from those who would condemn you for not believing as they do.  It is a powerful energy dear ones, that is now awakening many  to the realization that they have been kept in bondage by the few.

Be aware of false prophets.  We speak of  those who would speak to you in tongues gentle with what seems to be truth, and yet is simply another way of keeping you in bondage.  Please always trust your intuition and do not be fooled, for the false prophets are "coming out of the woodwork" so to speak at this time on earth.  Many spread fear with revelations of what is about  to take place, and would guide you with tongues of silk while pushing you into fear regarding nuclear war (which will not come as has been decreed by the higher energies) and  earth catastrophes (which are a part of the earth cleansing but which will be done by Gaia as carefully as she can).  Be alert to this by staying centered within yourselves and asking for guidance to know which information is coming from a place of truth and which is not. It is important to be informed, however do not let the awareness move into fear which then feeds the whole picture.  You see, you are creators.  Do not put your energy into those seeming negative events which in turn gives them more power.

Even those who would channel, unless they keep themselves pure and filled with light, will bring forth a false message even though they believe they are bringing a true message. Channeled messages come through a channel and carrying  the energy of the channel.  Many still confuse psychic with spiritual and they are not the same thing.  There are many of a lower resonance   waiting for the opportunity to speak through someone.  With the higher  energies on the planet at this time, many are becoming aware of an ability to hear and see other frequencies and are beginning to channel.  If you choose to channel   ALWAYS KEEP YOUR ENERGY FIELD IN THE LIGHT AND STATE THAT YOU ARE OPEN ONLY TO BEINGS OF LIGHT.  This is very important. There are those who through ignorance  or ego are  opening themselves in  careless ways that are not for their own good or those to whom they give their messages.   The messages of Light Beings  always carry an energy  of love and hope, never  fear or negativity; and always carry an energy  that will help you move into the higher frequencies of truth.  Let that be your yard stick, dear ones.  Be aware of false prophets.

This message is not to trouble you, but to instill in you the need to  take back your power of discernment, for you have been taught and accepted that you needed  others to tell you what was best for you.  This is a big step, but a necessary one in your evolution.  You never need anyone to tell you what to do, let information and guidance  be a free will choice coming from a place of being centered within.   It is fine to ask those who may have more insight on certain issues, certainly that is their gift to the world, but always ask yourself;  "How does this feel within?"  If it does not resonate with you, then do not feel obligated to accept it even though the one you have asked may be considered an expert.

There is much energy pouring forth at this time from your sun.  Many new frequencies that the earth has not experienced before.  This is making changes in your thinking and in your way of doing things. Do not believe that you are going crazy dear ones, as some have believed.  You are simply adjusting to new and higher frequencies of light.  Many of you are experiencing  new aches and pains and rush to see your doctor who tells you he seeing nothing wrong.  Often these aches and pains are the clearing of old energies; old beliefs about disease, deterioration, and  cellular inheritance- energies from past lives as well as this one.  It is the clearing of the energy meridians and the opening of energy portals within your physical bodies.  It is also the clearing of your chakras and the opening of new and higher chakras never utilized before.

Many of you are having problems sleeping.  This too is a part of  energy integration.  Many integrations must take place as you are at rest, but still within the body.  Since most people  are busy all day, night is the only  time  when you can be at rest but still  in the body if not sleeping.  This is actually  a good thing dear ones, not a problem.  You are used to believing that you must sleep a full night or you will be tired the next day.  This is a belief,  things are changing.

Let go of all that is old and open to asking yourselves;  "Is this really true?"  Experts work from the third dimensional energy of what is already known.  Much of what you are experiencing now is not known.  New ideas are coming to many of your more  enlightened scientists, but they are keeping quiet about it for now, pondering these things within themselves.   Let go of your  dependence upon  the so called experts, for this dependence is what  has gotten you into many of the predicaments you find yourselves in now.  This is not a judgement, but an explanation of how the old energy has dictated your lives because you believed you needed something outside yourselves to tell you how to live.

You are beings of light in your true essence.  It is time now to claim your true selves.  In order to do that, you must not be afraid to release from your belief system all that no longer resonates with you.  Experts are simply people  that have devoted themselves to a certain topic.  If that topic has been totally studied in the third dimensional energy of duality and separation, then it is not of the highest level that could be known.  Correct ?  Please ponder this dear ones.

In love we say we are the Arcturian Group.                                                    

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