You who are conscious of the expected reality of a new earth find yourselves in a unique position. You have been able to clearly see the claws of anarchy master its grip on the consciousness of the masses who are no longer free will creatures, to the extent that they are largely programmed to do the will of those who have robbed them of all sense of discernment and have scaled their eyes with mirages of power, wealth and beauty, destined to keep them as far removed from their higher selves as possible.
You yearn in the silence of your beings for evacuation and liberation from the density which imprisons your ability to recall that which you consider essential to your ‘mission’ and ‘purpose’. Yet you remain powerless to affect change on a wider level to facilitate that which you long for. You appreciate the macro context for you have been taught to seek higher knowledge and pierce through the limitations of physicality that you may enjoy new dimensions of experience if only through meditative state. You hunger to do your part to introduce the cosmic age into a world devoid of knowing and higher thinking. You are the vanguards of light and emissaries of truth who will be initiators of cosmic rectitude that your world may be put to right in due time.
Many see themselves as suffering in a frequency that no longer caters for their evolution. The wait seems painfully long doesn’t it? Yet the question I ask of you beloveds is how many of you consider that you have mastered yourselves?
The joys of being awake transcends that which you know is wrong with your world and how it should be put right. Being awake demands that each first put right within himself that which he must. No excuse is granted where knowledge exist. You are gifted with life and you who have awakened to your light must stay in the light until the manifested moment presents itself for you to take up the baton of a new role. Every moment spent in waiting for what is to come is a wasted moment. Inaction through expectation is a scourge which breeds discontent and disharmony within one and causes temporary loss of connection with divine source
You may not yet have the power as individuals to change ‘the’ world but you have the power to change your ‘individual’ world. This is a time of greater awakening amongst you who are already awakened. I say this as the extreme energies you have experienced of late could be used to your advantage should you choose to channel it in a positive way. To the extent that you are ready you can access higher information to further assist in the opening of new portals of learning for you. Sustained effort and commitment is required.
The message dear ones is that you must live in the present as difficult and as unsavory as this may seem and sound to you. If each of you were to reflect on your passion and seek to create using that passion as your electricity, you may find your days most enjoyable and less daunting. Will you complete your projects? Perhaps not but your moments will be filled with anticipation of the results of your efforts and not in anticipation of the results of the efforts of the celestials. For their efforts will undoubtedly manifest matter. You shall witness this shortly.
When the energies in your world conspire to detract you, demean your efforts and attack with the net of weariness your physical form, reach up and take that cosmic breath, draw from higher altitudes and you will find that you shall be renewed and refreshed.
Do not allow the sinfulness in the world you inhabit to debilitate your spirit’s strength. Work on living in the ‘present’ and use every opportunity and experience to fine tune your cosmic identity in readiness for your new roles. For it is the strength of your spirit that shall help you to overcome what you may perceive as an impossible, challenging life. Yet in the very near future you will look back and be grateful for your experience. Your challenge at present is to find balance in a world that is out of sync with divine reality. If as many of you as possible can find your fulcrum and live in balance moment by moment through concerted conscious effort, you will be able in future to teach others how to do so. For balance is what your earth desperately cries for. Each must strive for that balance so that the planet can mature in balance. Live in the Present within the Presence of the Infinite spirit that His valiant light may lead you through these days with equanimity and knowing that manifestation is upon you.
Beloved children you stand on the precipice of a new tomorrow. Can you not feel the energy of change? In these final days I exhort most lovingly that you live in the power of YOU. There is higher intelligence looking after other matters to pave the way to the changes you long for. Do your part by living in the present and creating or contributing that which you can. For no effort how small is ever wasted. Use your experiences to hone and acquire to the extent of your input and desire, God mastery; for much in the future will depend on your spiritual maturity. Remember that spiritual maturity is not quantitative in measurement but qualitative. It matters not how any books you have read or messages you have channeled. Spiritual maturity is reflected in your way of life, your ability to align patterns of behavior with God values and intent and to manifest God in all that you are and do. Whatever you create in your new experience (regardless if its nature) must always be predicated on the spiritual YOU.
Live in the Present within the Presence of the One and soon you shall find that your Present is that which you desire. Express gratitude for all you have learnt in this incarnation thus far for it is your foundation for tomorrow.