November 19, 2010

The Benefit of the Wait

Channeler: Rosie

Excerpts from Seraphin 11/18/10

You are getting more and more intolerant of loud noises. Have you noticed that? This is because your soul desires tranquillity and recuperation. It requires stillness to seek out new nuances of sound, new impluses, new directions, to hear the voice of truth and authenticity in the midst of chaos. For chaos is what you are living in, Beloved. You must remain aware of it. Continue to question, to do your research. Do not be deterred by those who consider this a waste of time, who ridicule your forays into the unknown, who clam up fearful of anything which threatens to pull them out of their comfort zone, for this will soon come crashing down around their ears. They are fearful because there is reason for their fear.

What you entertain as concrete possibilities and facts are still – in the minds of many – figments of an “over-active imagination” – but as we in the celestial heirachy have said many times before, the manifestation of the collapse of your concepts of “history”, “politics”, “medicine” and “education” will soon occur in your three dimensional experience. All these terms will have to be redesigned, rewritten in the face of wide-scale revelations of corruption, deceit, disloyalty and depravity. The “sons of satan” will be revealed as such and taken from this earth, and then the GREAT AGE OF REINVENTION AND CREATIVITY WILL BEGIN.

Use this last window to prepare for this. Do not wallow and suffer wanting to see “positive proof” of this manifestation in its global entirety. It is impossible anyway in your experience as one individual to grasp the global consequences. The jigsaw is vast and confusing, with many layers and distractions. One of the major recognitions of the future will be the true nature of this complexity, for it is very deceiving. I say that everything seems to be so complex, and the operative word in this sentence is SEEMS. In fact, it is quite simple in a way. Every aspect of life from birth to death has been contained, has been in the same hands. There may SEEM to be differences (different products on sale, different companies, different nations, different political parties, different religions). But I say to you this is an insidious web spun by one body with evil intent.

To perceive this truth is to be shocked to one’s inner core. For everyone to experience this shock simultaneously is an event beyond imagination with potential for gross eruption of violence and anger worldwide. This is why, in advance, our supporters are attaining this knowledge IN ADVANCE, to lesson the blow, to assume teaching responsibilities when called upon to do so in times of crisis.

Imagine how, when this happens, YOUR FAITH WILL BE ABSOLUTELY UNSHAKEABLE. Then you will realise the importance of the long wait which has enabled you to collect and assess information. The wait has meant that your coming upsurge of trust and conviction and sense of divine purpose will be all the more concentrated. You will be all the more equipped with determination to implement changes in a completely new environment while faced with a multitude of people still lacking much of that trust, still fearful, still far from their divine purpose.

You will be able to inspire, relate the story of your developing faith, relate how hard and how dangerous it was for some to live with the knowledge of darkness while the majority thought they were living in the light. You will be able to communicate all the knowledge you have accumulated over the years – the alternative news, the discoveries, the secrets which have deliberately been kept away from the public eye.

You will be a spreader of new knowledge, a comforter to the bereaved. Rejoice in this now, in the role you already have NOW, in assisting the planet. Take time to evaluate your position, to assess your potential, to appreciate your power, to celebrate your divine choice.

But ponder your attitude carefully, now and in the future. Do not let personal pride enter into the equation. Do not be tempted, when the curtain rises, to shout “I told you so!”. Do not vaunt your convictions loudly Let this be an internal strength, and internal joy. For to enter into this guided by ego and uncontrolled enthusiasm is to strike fear into some members of your audience, thus aggravating their shock on recognition of the delusion. Work with kindness, always consider the effect of your words and the motives which drive them.

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