August 9, 2013

Your Greatest Tool Is Your Life Experience


Archangel Indriel by Bella Capozzi, August 8, 2013


⁂ Precious Beloveds, once upon a day, so very long ago by way of linear thinking and time, sprung forth from Source the most luminous sparkles of Light.  A breathtaking sight to behold it was, these intricately faceted and complex creations, countless as the number of infinity, grew and multiplied until all of the Heavens were ashimmer.  Designed by Father.  Birthed by Mother.  They wept, they sang, they danced in jubilation, did our Dear Creators.  You, the children of their One Heart, would now embark upon countless journeys and adventures, experiencing everything  in the novel manner by which your Parents had yet to ever experience before.  All that has ever been required of you is a willing heart and an insatiable thirst for knowledge.  And so you went.  The learning, it has been glorious!  The raw physicality of being presented deep, unprecedented intensities of emotion.  Pain and healing, love and dismay, laughter and tears, confusion and clarity, triumph and tragedy…there simply cannot be a price placed upon any of these Sacred things, as each one has been experienced through the life a thoroughly unique aspect of Themself, thereby rendering no two sparks particularly alike.  And so it went…

⁂ Here and now, your greatest tool is your life experience.  You are to think of life this way, henceforth, and draw upon the multitude of lessons you have learned.  It is scarcely important at all that you should consciously remember the details of your past incarnations and why you have this knowing.  It is irrelevant, because you carry this knowing within you as you go along.  It is interwoven in your DNA.  It is alive in every cell, every atom, every nuance of your beingness.  You needn’t exhaust yourself to find it, as it is there regardless of any expenditure of effort to “resurrect” it and put it to good use.  For it is as natural as breathing!  You shall simply and quite easily know.  Trust that as you skip jubilantly through the open doors of the Lion’s Gate, much more of this stored knowledge shall become openly recognizable to you – this by way of your inner sight and clear knowing.  Trust yourselves implicitly, as the days are now upon us where we of the Upper Realms are reliant upon you to take action.  You are the incarnates.  You have chosen to be thus, and to be the forces on the ground.  You walk Gaia’s surface in physicality, and you are in a position to affect change in a way that we of higher  density cannot.

⁂ Praise be.  We are quite awed by your tenacity.  You shall never give up, and it is for this reason you were chosen.  I have remained ever so close to you, and I am first to concur that a lackadaisical journey it is not!   Some of you have designed more challenging programs than others.  There are also those who have deigned to come here as the placeholders, the keepers of the peace, gently and quietly creating harmony wherever the go.  Teachers, warriors, storytellers, healers, the list is as endless and as varied as the vibrant colors of the Universe.  No one is more essential to the cause than the other.  Each snaps neatly into place to form a dazzling tableau!

⁂ The ultimate goal has always been the Now.  Every one of your experiences has led you here.  You chose the lessons, decided who the players would be and what would ultimately be the purpose.  You have studied, have been tested sorely and then passed your exams with flying colors.  But school is over now.  It’s time to take on, fully, your mission of truth.  Shy not away from this.  You are more than qualified.  You have been working towards this for aeons.  The Karmic Wheel is slowing down now and drawing to a standstill.  The audacity of these past several month, oh my, how they have caused you to rail at the Heavens!  One thing after the next, Sweet Dears!  Yet it has had to be this way.  Class is over and graduation day has thus commenced.  Step forward in all your glory.  Stand proud upon the stage and look out at the crowd of smiling faces before you – the faces of your peers, your Guides, your Angels and of Creation itself.  Then walk with confidence as you embark upon this fresh and exciting phase of your existence.

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