February 2, 2013

The cycles

Brian, the dragon February 2, 2013

Hi everyone,

Leading up to 2013, there was one major cycle starting in approximately 1980 and then three other major cycles starting in each of 1987, 2000, and 2009. These cycles can be seen as waves of energy that reach influential levels on those dates, crest in the middle, then decrease to only subtle levels at the start of the next wave. They all truly started in approximately 1980 and ended in 2013 however their influential periods were much shorter. Of course, throughout history there were also cycles which were typically much longer, however leading up to 2013 cycles became compressed. There were also subtle subcycles that typically lasted three to four years before 2000 and then typically two sets of subcycles that lasted both approximately four and one years after 2000. The last subcycle and major cycle coincided to become even more pronounced.

Keep in mind that time is an illusion so the dates are not exact but approximations. That we are talking about communal effects, so individuals can be influenced differently. Some individuals will become multidimensional very early and the time is pointless to discuss for many of them. But when we're talking communal, we're talking about what's grounded more in the corporeal.

For the second part of the channeling, we're going to discuss a little of the cycles coming and even name them. Please for this part keep in mind that you all have the power to rewrite your story as it is created. So, all that we are discussing can change. We're only talking about the potentials we're seeing right now. Now that you are through the portal, potentials are reliable enough to make some high-level predictions.
Also, keep in mind that the effects will also impact different parts of the world in different ways, though they will be of a similar kind of nature, just more intense in some areas and less intense in others.

2013-2017 will be the cycle of clearing and reformation. This is the only cycle that actually has an identical cycle from 2009-2013 in terms of the kind of energy that is prominent during this cycle. However, in the 2013-2017 period, the energy is on a much higher vibrational level even if it is a similar kind of energy. The focus of this is breaking down old systems, clearing old energy, and starting to make space for new systems and energy. In some parts of the world, this will be very intense, much a continuation of the kind of uprisings seen in many countries but in new ones. In other parts of the world, such as many Western countries, it will be more of a peaceful grass-roots push for reformations of systems. In the years of 2009-2013 those needs for reformation were brought to light but only band-aided in some cases and outright ignored in others. In the upcoming years, there will be focus on reform with real teeth. The suffering of the average person having gotten out of hand and this being reflected as discord in the systems that had forgotten the importance of the average person.

For the years 2017-2026 (2013-2026) we'll call it the years of expansion/discovery. We provided two date ranges because you can see it as a wave that starts to build strength in 2013 but really doesn't take hold until around 2017 when some things have been cleared and reformed. There will be a bit of an "I can do it" exuberance starting to form and less of a fear of doing things in out-of-the-box ways than ever before. Seeds will be planted in both science and the individual spiritual/psychic experience and you'll see some fledgling breakthroughs start to form. However, they will be like babies and need to be nurtured and will appear independently and only be starting to come together. So there will be a lot of isolated discovery, but not a lot of ideas of how to practically use it yet. However, it will be a very exciting time. You will also see your own lives begin to really blossom during this period.
We have some advice: During this time, take all your dreams and make them manifest. You owe it to yourselves. It will make you so happy, you'll cry (and laugh) tears of joy. Play with it for a while, really relish the things you have always been dreaming of. Keep making space for this all the way to 2200 and beyond, as things become easier. Some of these things will become passion and allow you to create new experiences. That's part of why you visit the corporeal in the first place, to find fun things to explore.

For the years 2026-2037 (2013-2037), we'll call it the birth of the collective. Humanity has always had a collective and it is highly conscious but you have had trouble bringing that consciousness into your everyday experience. So at the soul level you seemed to have harmony, and at the corporeal level, you had discord and disharmony. It could leave anyone scratching their heads. Towards the later parts of this period, you'll really start to pull things together as a collective. You'll start really figuring out how to make use of the discoveries in the earlier cycle, and massive paradigm shifts will ensue. Though many will have done it sooner, most people will start to become multidimensional and psychic during this period. Science will have a new renaissance. However, the biggest thing is the forming of the collective going into high gear. Deep feeling or contact of individuals, where the people are linked and know each other intensely, really picks up during this time. You'll be both in and out of the collective at this period because you'll just be getting used to carrying that collective around as you go about "everyday life". You'll get better and better at the balancing act.

2037-2050 Period of reflection. At this point, you'll really realize what you've accomplished and almost everyone has immensely evolved. Almost everyone will know you have hit the point of no return and almost everyone will be extremely ecstatic about it. By almost, we acknowledge there will still be a few oscar the grouches that are nostalgic for the old ways but you will love them nonetheless just like you have to love a feral cat you have taken into the home even if it claws at you when you try to pet it :-)

2050-2200 Period of maturity and galactic contact. At this point, the veil is so thin that you will have already been collectively in contact with galactic consciousness, free spirits and other beings. For the love of creation, you'll have some "projects" to finish up which will occur in parallel realities, all of which will come very easy. They will be things such as creating multi-dimensional "motherships" (flyable worlds) for interstellar travel (even though many can just teleport) an enhanced akash that has some advanced tricks to help people access not just things that have occurred, but easily explore potentials that haven't occurred yet. Also, many other things. At the same time, beings and humans will be freely coming and going out of corporeal existence without birth and death. So while the fun projects are going on for the love of it, some will be busy getting a head-start on experiencing (or remembering) everything multi-dimensional existence has to offer (often, it is more familiar to you anyway). It can be lots of fun either way, focusing on mult-dimensional fun or focusing on fun earth projects fun. Many will do both. Many will have their lightbodies firmly established by now. For the first time, during this period, we'll be able to take form (lightbodies) and come visit you without doing anything special since you'll be at a high enough vibration to interact with us in form. We don't take form a lot, but we do it from time to time. You will have a lot of other "friends" come visit you.

2200+ The aquarian age. It started in 2013, but by 2200 you are well out of the cusp and firmly settled into the new age. Some of you will still be alive. By that point, you'll never die not because death is a "bad thing" but because it's just not necessary anymore. Some of you will have lived through to that time, and others will have come back as children. Welcome all, you are home in what you call the aquarian age. You are a galactic race. In linear time, it's approxinately 26,000 years of enlightenment. In non-linear experience, it's as long in paradise as you want it to be. Believe it or not, you have been here all along. But for your current ego, it'll be all new until it's all familiar again. Enjoy.


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