September 13, 2012

When the clock tones midnight

Sometimes you are so engrossed in what you are doing that you lose track of time. Perhaps, you have had a grandfather clock or church bell at least once in your life remind you that it's midnight, or watched a clock move to the next day. Sometimes that can be a signal that it's time to save the rest of whatever you are doing until the morning.
In much the same way, souls are busy taking advantage of every last second left in this age, before it's gone. Most are souls that came here for the transformation and often largely for what comes after but spend some of their lives in the previous age. As a result, they feel intuitively that there isn't much left so they try a little of this, and try a little of that.

There's a lot of wonderful "distractions" from the "reality" of this time and lots of nuances that make up the fabric of what this reality is. It's hard to just sit there and not experience, experience, since our greater selves is that of experiential beings, and we love experiences.

Nor is there anything wrong with it, since that's what you were expected to do. Curiosity is not just a human trait, but it's also in our souls' nature :-)

However, don't feel you need to finish every little thing. And we'll tell you why: After the transformation, things will be much much easier. Therefore, all those things that you didn't finish - if they are meaningful to you - can be done so much more easily after the transformation, believe it or not. You can set up little worlds for yourself to complete them, either sequentially or in parallel - it's up to you. Plus, beyond that you'll be so much more and able to do so much more!

So, enjoy and experience, but when that clock strikes midnight, so-to-speak, and the piscean age is over, be ready to drop what you are doing since you won't miss out on anything. In the meantime, have fun or enjoy the challenge!

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