February 15, 2012

The Criminal Cabal and the Over Extension of Credit

Greg Giles article

I am all for giving credit where credit is due, but there is one organization that I feel a great over extension of credit been offered recently. The criminal Cabal, which covers a lot of ground including the Illuminati, many members of the Freemasons, as well as anyone who supports and takes an active role in the floundering New World Order agenda and the bilking of the American taxpayer, is one such example who are receiving far too much respect in the way of fear then they rightly deserve. There, of course, was a time when this criminal organization, run by a bunch of unaccomplished businessmen (who else would have to turn to crime other than someone who cannot make it any other way?) possessed great power, yet they have never possessed one ounce more than we, the people, have willfully given them.
There are so many today who believe that the Cabal’s dirty fingers are in everything, and that they still call the shots here and everywhere around the world. So many worry so about the chemtrails being sprayed over their towns, they worry about the Cabal watching what they do online, and even worry so that the Cabal has infiltrated so many avenues of channeled information. The Cabal has never had any power that they were not handed to on a silver platter and this is as true today as it has ever been, yet, even as so many are awakened to this truth, still so much power is being handed to this collection of failed thieves and pilferers due to the long lingering smell of fear in the air.
Many today even worry so that the Cabal plans to masquerade as the good guys and trick countless people to climb aboard their spacecrafts to be taken prisoner somewhere. What in the prior history of these criminal incompetents makes any one believe they could pull of such a stunt, especially under the watch of the Galactic Federation of Light and the Ashtar Command? There are even those who fear greatly the fabled project Blue Beam, where the Cabal will use beyond Hollywood special effects beamed into the skies, creating an Armageddon like picture show, even producing a convincing return of Jesus to somehow trick us into, well, I’m not even sure what the point would be to all that, as no one has yet to encapsulate that whole scenario very well. Listen folks, if this much hooplad Project Blue Beam is anything like the amateur hour of cheesy Computer Generated Images and bad acting presented by the cabal on 911, then all we have to fear is stomach cramps from laughing so hard as no longer do the masses remain in a coma- like sleep. 
It appears much of humanity will continue to fear these frail and aging men and women up until the day we witness them doing the ‘perp- walk’ in orange jumpsuits on the six o'clock news, walkers and all. I tell you though friends, that you are free to take back your power today, you do not have to wait. One area where we can take back our power immediately is to stop worrying so that the Cabal has successfully infiltrated the messages of love and light sent from our higher dimensional families. The Cabal is not infiltrating all of our channeled messages or even a significant amount of our channeled information, and even in the rare case that a message may derive from dubious sources, their little ploy is patently obvious when their message attempts to instill fear instead of spread love and light. Is it not? So what power does this message possess if we can see right through it like a goldfish bowl and not let it influence us in any way?
The Cabal has never been an organization well-run by incredibly sharp minds that planned brilliantly intricate schemes, rather this collection of two bit crooks has only gotten away with their bumbling and completely transparent schemes because much of humanity was still sound asleep, but we have awakened. The people are now following a long trail of clues, so obvious a blind man could follow, that lead all the way  directly to the culprits of all these ill-conceived and botched burgles.
I tell you all my dear brothers and sisters that the only power the Cabal holds today is the power that we continue to give them. They are no longer scheming and plotting to enslave humanity, instead they spend much of their days on the phone with their attorneys trying to find a way to cut a deal to get out of paying the debt they owe society because they do not even possess the courage to take their own medicine. Today there are those that read the channeled messages of love and light from our higher dimensional brothers and sisters and believe somehow the bumbling cabalists have been able to successfully infiltrate them in some way, including the messages that are shared through this writer. If anyone can possibly find viable cause to believe there are any parts of the messages I share that have been written by the Cabal, then you are giving these bumbling and stumbling crooks far too much credit than they have ever earned.
What has the Cabal successfully attempted in recent years? They were caught red handed with their hand in the cookie jar when they stole the people’s money and handed it to the criminal Wall Street banksters which served only to awaken millions who were yet alseep, something they feared they may do for decades; their Federal Reserve Board criminal printing press has now been exposed and has already gone bankrupt; the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are now seen clearly for the oil grabs they were and the troops have been ordered home; their toxic vaccines have been exposed and today billions of unused shots line stock room shelves;  Monsanto and their GMO poisons are losing one court battle after another and will soon be out of business; the Cabal’s last desperate attempt to initiate a WW3 has been denied at every turn; they have lost control over their militaries and the Pentagon; their once super secret organization has now become common vernacular; and their decades long agenda to conceal the existence of our extraterrestrial brethren has met with complete and utter failure, which is only par for the course for this collection of bumbling incompetents. What have these two-bit crooks done lately with any level of success?
The Cabal is done, as their life blood was the ability to pay off those, with the money looted from the people, who were willing to sell out their fellow man. Their pipelines of dirty money having been cut off, they no longer possess the means to run the show. There are so many still willing to believe the Cabal is even a fraction of what they once were. Their organization is in tatters, with men and woman who once convinced themselves they were invincible, now bickering and arguing while playing the blame game as they see only prison sentences in their tea leaves. It is only us who continue to stroke their egos and feed their legend, which only survives on life support today. These once seemingly powerful men and women are now scattering like mice at the flip of a light switch, as the light now shines on their dirty deeds. They will soon be paying the piper no matter where they try to run and hide, or how many lies they can concoct and patsies they may offer in sacrifice. Do not empower the powerless any longer my friends, as today it is only we that still believe they are a formidable opponent, as even they themselves now admit that they are finished and all that awaits them is the verdict of the people. 

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