January 6, 2012

Preparing for changes

 Manuscript of Survival 69, channeler Aisha North, 1/6/12

Sometimes, mankind makes a leap into the unknown, and this year, the time has come to do just such a leap of faith. To many, these next few months will be more than daunting, and rightly so, as they will entail so much change in such a short amount of time. You have in many ways been very well prepared for this, but as soon as this show gets on the road for real, many will regress and turn back into fear. We do not condemn any of you if you should be so inclined, we just state the fact that this journey is indeed not for the faint of heart, and this will be very obvious in the next few weeks. So much has already been swept away in the increasing currents, but now you stand before a veritable storm of change, and this will make many a solid-looking individual lose their footing. As oft repeated, this is not a warning, take it more as good advice, and be prepared for absolutely anything to happen in this upcoming period. Many have already shared their thoughts on what you have ahead of you, but so much has missed it´s mark. That is easy to understand, as you are in so many ways travelling into unchartered terrain. To make any sort of an educated guess as to what lies ahead is near to impossible for a mere mortal, as your brain is well conditioned to only take into fact parables you know already. In other words, you cannot even begin to fathom something so monumentally different from the way of living you currently have, therefore you will have a very, very hard time trying to second-guess what it will change into.

This may sound very omnious, but the fact is that your lives are about to be turned upside down in every sense of the word, and the outcome of all of this change will be very positive indeed. And the changes we refer to are not some superficial brush-up work being done to make this planet of yours into some semblance of a better place, no, it is indeed a total makeover, to use a phrase you might be familiar with from one of your tv-shows. In other words, expect wonderful, as wonderful is what you will get, but not before so much of the old debris will have to be swept away in a veritable flood of incoming light. We have said so before, but it needs repeating: this cleansing process will be thorough indeed, and painfully so for many, but it is indeed inevitable, and it is important that you prepare yourselves in the best way you can.

We have already gone into some details concerning the parallel timelines that have been placed upon your planet, and during this cleanup process, they will really come into play in more ways than one. As you know so well by now, the time has come to make a definitive choice as to which timeline you will set your future on, and we counsel you to choose wisely. Remember, mere words does not entail that you have made a choice, it is the voice inside of you that will decide if you will continue to stick around in the old timeline, or if you are willing to take this leap of faith and connect your essence with the new. It might sound as an easy thing to do, but remember that your soul and your ego might not have battled it out just yet, and you might have to take that final stand sooner than you thought. In other words, this is not like choosing a new car or a new job, this is about choosing to listen to your soul, or forever stay trapped inside the world dictated by your ego. And never forget, the ego fears nothing so much as being obliterated by a strong soul, therefore it will do anything to make you think it has given up. So many have been tricked into thinking that they have finally been able to remove any last vestiges of that old and insistent voice inside, only to find themselves still trapped in old patterns of behavior, set up to inhibit them from finding their own powers. Trust yourself, because if you go deep inside, you will find the truth in this, and if necessary, you will find the strength to sever the connection to the old once and for all. This might sound like old advice, but believe us when we say that never has it been more appropriate, because now the time has finally come for boarding the train for those of you brave enough to step into the new.

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